The Magician's Enigma (1 Chapter, 14k words)

Hi, everyone. Samuel here. It has been 14 months since the release of my Hosted Game, The Magician’s Burden. If you liked TMB, please consider leaving a review; it helps keep me motivated while chipping away at this 1,000,000 word series. :fist:

Many of you have undoubtedly noticed that I’ve been busy with a handful of other WIPs. Although I will still be focusing a lot of my time on Mass Mother Murderer and Nascent Narcissistic Necromancer in particular, I also think it’s high time I finally start working on The Magician’s Enigma in earnest.

Although I don’t have a demo available just yet, I’m posting this here so my fans can keep me honest, and I’ll be less likely to continue to procrastinate on this. All that said, you can expect a teaser to come soon, with semi-regular updates after that.


Your father and your childhood cat are dead. Your village is still reeling from the devastating demon invasion. For better or worse, Zaleth has all but vanished from your mind, leaving you feeling strangely incomplete. Kihbok is still out there somewhere.

And yet, there are even more pressing matters looming. An army of demons is planning to break into your world and overthrow the kingdom of Githrad in a single, crushing battle. Melithar the Enigmatic, the most powerful wizard in the world, wants to train you and your fellow villagers to help stop them. But you quickly learn that the greater your allies, the greater your enemies.

Darker Atmosphere:

So, you guys are going to see a gradual change in the MC’s overall demeanor as the series goes on. Because of all the things that have happened to them in their life, such as being hijacked by a demon since they were a baby; relentlessly bullied by Killian and company; watching their father and Mowbow get murdered; and nearly being killed by multiple demons, they will slowly start to become more cynical and start to exhibit some of the traits you’ve seen in Nascent Narcissistic Necromancer’s MC.

To be clear, this will not be another villain game, and there will be more nuance and character agency in regards to dark thoughts and intentions than in NNN, but it will nonetheless be a growing theme as the series goes on. Not only do I think it makes sense narrative wise, but that kind of element is just something I’ve been unable and unwilling to pull away from since like 2018 on.

Essentially, you as readers will just have the choices of whether to embrace those burgeoning changes in the MC’s outlook and behavior, or try to wrestle with them. This will start to be evident in Chapter Two, which I plan on releasing in around a week, so you all will be able to see what I mean then.

Projected Features:

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; romance males, females, both, or no one at all
  • 6 Romance Options: Violet, Mabelin, Keano, Rigel, Alice, and Melithar
  • Hone your magic, combat abilities, and knowledge, and become five times more powerful than you were before
  • Take revenge on your childhood bully, or forgive him and learn to heal
  • ~ 250k words total


Like TMB, The Magician’s Enigma will contain profanity, violence, and sexual content. It will also be generally darker in tone and events than its predecessor. However, it’s still aimed at, and should be suitable for, young adults.

Who are your favorite characters?

Which types of magic did you choose to have?

Word Count:
Chapter One: 14k

If you’re a fan of this series, please consider “liking” this thread so others will check it out too. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Demo Link:


Can’t wait



This full on made my day :tada: Best of luck with it all


I actually found the original very intriguing, though didn’t feel at all that my decisions mattered in the end. It’s difficult to describe, because this story was excellent emotionally, and also interesting as an adventure, but the final scene(s) felt scripted.


Yeah, that’s one of the dilemmas us authors face when writing series. There are three sequels to TMB, each of which will be roughly 250k words. That means the whole series will be a whopping one million words, or the equivalent of around 3,000 pages.

So if I start making big branches or big latent branches early, things could become unmanageable very quickly.

So while the journey through the first installment could be different for different readers, the outcome was largely the same, with Mowbow, Theyo, etc dying no matter what and the MC losing to Kihbok no matter what.

However, with Enigma, it’s my goal to make the MC have more player agency, and to have the MC be more of a powerful character than before, which I think a lot of people will appreciate.


Will you lead armies or at least fight in a battle?


Most of Volume Three will consist of the battle, yes. Though you won’t be leading more than maybe a small segment.

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ohana I am looking forward to this game so much!


I’m looking forward to this as I really enjoyed the Magician’s Burden as a matter of fact I just started playing it again.

  • The Magician’s Burden is released through Hosted Games.

  • I stated in very clear terms multiple times that I was not gone.

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Just wanna say that in my opinion, you nailed the two things I expect from a sequel. More choices, and for my improvements to carry over. I don’t think it needs to be a big “jump” in power, leave plenty of room to grow.


NOOOOOO! Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing the sequel of Magician’s Burden!


By request of author.

So, I’m going to try this again because I’m confident that the trolls will find someone or something else to obsess over eventually. In the meantime, I know there are many of you who are actually interested in this thread for its intended purpose: beta testing my Magician’s series.

Progress on Chapter One of Enigma is going along steadily, and I anticipate posting the demo within the next week or so. It has a tone that hasn’t really been seen in the series yet: one that’s dark and depressing. It will mostly have to do with the funerals for Theyo and Mowbow, and it will also start to touch on some of the things to come, such as Zaleth hibernating, Kihbok still being at large, and the large role that Melithar will have to play in the subsequent chapters.

Although Enigma will still not have nearly as urgent of a plot as some of my other works, like MMM or NNN, it will have a significantly different feel than TMB. Whereas the first installment was primarily a slice of life, this sequel will deal with recovering after the demon attack; training extensively with Melithar, and finally journeying to the king’s castle and recruiting powerful allies along the way.

There will be more romance, new villains, and new dynamics with the characters you’ve already met so far. I’m pretty excited to get back into this series after only picking away at it here and there since I submitted TMB for the CoG contest. My biggest goal with Enigma is to address many of the issues people had with the first installment, and bring the quality of the story up to the standard that I’ve created with many of my WIPs.


Stupid question, but will the mc be able to get a pet or befriend an animal that will actually stay alive? :pray:

And can I say that I am really glad you’re working on it? I know you have other projects and a personal life -and dude I hope you’re taking care of yourself- so I’m really impressed.

Good luck, keep it up and take care of yourself~


Thanks a lot, @Ninja1. Yes, you’ll be able to adopt a stray dog while traveling towards the end of the story.


Looking forward to this one and love tmb
Good luck




Super excited, don’t let the trolls distract you from your fans :slight_smile: