The Magician's Burden [231k words]



Don’t get me wrong, I love it! Cats deserve some recognition. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good news for eager TMT fans:

I believe I’ve finally smashed my writer’s block for Chapter 5, so I’m going to resume that one tonight. I have 3k for it so far and I anticipate it being around 40k, so expect it to be done in the next 40 days or so.

I also made good progress on the other chapters, with 26/ ~50k for chapter 6, and the complete 15k for chapter 7.


So I’ve been brainstorming for the characters in The Magician’s Enigma and I’ve decided to change some names. The fairy (RO) will now be named Alice, and the name Blossom will be given to a boxer dog that you meet on the road to Githrad.

On a side note, Mowbow takes sole lead again. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Chapter 5 is going along quite well, though a bit slower than the 1k per day I’m aiming for, mostly due to being swamped with work and plagued with insomnia. So far I have about 12k for it, and it might actually end up being shorter than the 40k words I had anticipated. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted any snippets here, but I thought you all might find this one amusing:

“Password?” Saza says simply.

“The abyss dreams of nothing but darkness, for it has never seen the light,” you murmur back.


The door swings open, and you enter quickly, shutting it quietly behind you. Like before, you see Saza and Violet standing there, waiting for you, with only a small, half-melted candle illuminating the cramped room. “Remind me why the password had to be so morbid and long again?” you say.

The demon huntress snickers, but the thief master doesn’t seem to find your wit so amusing. “Spare me your questions, ${boy},” she hisses, and although you stand at least two feet taller than her, it feels for all the world like she’s looking down at you with her mousy eyes.


Can we prove to thief master that we are better than her because I just can’t hold back the urge to rub it to her face.


You won’t be able to surpass her in the thieving department, but if you’re very successful with the two jobs she gives you, I’ll definitely give you some different options for how to address her. (One of which, of course, will be to rub it in her face.)


I just finished several playthroughs and I have to express my joy at your carefully constructed dialogue! I love your ability to add humor without detracting from the “realism” of the story and without cheapening the characters. Keep up the excellent work. I can’t wait for more!


Thanks so much :slight_smile: that’s exactly what I was trying for so it’s great to hear that it worked out. I plan on posting Chapter 5 in late December.


Long live Mowbow! :heart_eyes_cat:

Haven’t played this in far too long, love the new stuff. :relaxed:


Mowbow gives a scratchy mow of approval. :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:


The Mowbow fan club is real :joy:


Seriously! Considering she has the least amount of screen time out of all the major characters, but is still bouncing between the 1st and 2nd most popular is quite impressive.


And that, ladies and gentlemen and elsewise, is a travesty.



Don’t worry, she’ll have more appearances in the next three chapters. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is still hope for this world, folks. You heard it here first, from the lips fingertips of @Samuel_H_Young! :crazy_face:



I was worried there for a sec


Hmm… actually, due to my implacable desire to add more options and mini-scenes, it’s looking like Chapters 5 and 6 will end up being around 100k total. :sweat::sweat::sweat:


So your total will be over 200,000 … that’s great! A lot of work.


Thanks! It’s looking like it’ll be 220k at minimum, meaning it’d be 80k longer than my previous largest title. It’s very, very worth it, though. Still, it’s looking less and less likely that I’ll finish in time for the contest. I’d have to average 1k per day at minimum but I’ve been falling behind that quota due to working like 50hrs per week at all my “real” jobs.

Minor Update:

I’ve added just a bit of content to the end of the Saza and Violet thieving mission. This amounted to about 1k, which brings the total word count of the demo to 105k.

In the meantime, I also did some writing and tons of brainstorming on Chapter 5 today.


So…I’ve been doing quite a bit of brainstorming for this series, and I’m considering changing this first installment’s title, and making the series into a trilogy. It would go as follows:

THE MAGICIAN’S BURDEN: What you all see now on the demo, plus about another 120k words. The last chapter will consist of a demon horde attacking your village and killing several main characters.

THE MAGICIAN’S ENIGMA: One chapter devoted to recovering after the battle and having funerals for the characters who died. Then at least two chapters where you train with Melithar the wizard. You’ll study in his extensive library, train physically, and learn to enhance your magical abilities.

You’ll also have to deal with drama among the other villagers and trauma among your own family. Of course, there will be a big emphasis romance throughout the trilogy.

Then there will be one chapter where you recruit a werewolf, Jonaug, on your way to the kingdom of Githrad to help fight the demon war. You also find an abused dog, Blossom, and can choose to be her guardian or let someone else watch over her. Then there will be another chapter where you recruit a fairy and RO, Alice, to your team as well. After that, there will be one or two chapters where your group fights against an immensely powerful witch, Baga, who has allied with the demons.

When you finally defeat Baga and arrive at the castle of Githrad, the installment will end.

THE MAGICIAN’S ENEMY: At Githrad, you will meet several new characters, including King Gellert and three ROs: Kidas the knight, Izzy the royal advisor, and Jude the servant. Once there, you will have a year to help them prepare for the impending demon army’s arrival. You will be able to do things like help prepare the kingdom’s army, help rally more troops from surrounding villages, help plant better and more crops, help barter for new weapons, etc. Naturally, all of this will span a few chapters.

Then, finally, the army of demons break through a portal from the Netherworld and into Lume. There will be a massive battle that spans at least three chapters, and it will consist of a skirmish, a nightraid, and then a final battle where either the demons or Githrad come out the victor. Then, I plan on having one last chapter as a big epilogue.

So, the more I think about this, I more I’m planning on sticking with this idea, or something like it. I think a trilogy of this nature would be much more balanced than the duology I had in mind. Each installment will be roughly 250k words. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Are the titles good? Does the trilogy’s outline seem appropriate? Thanks in advance for feedback!