The Magician's Burden [231k words]



A little update on my progress with TMT:

Things have been chugging along smoothly at a pretty decent pace. I’ve been writing 1k a day consistently, but oddly enough, I’ve skipped chapters 5 and 6 for the time being and gone straight on to Chapter 7. Currently it’s clocking in at over 12k, and I anticipate it being anywhere from 15-20k when it’s done, so I’ll likely be finishing it within the next week or so.

So, that brings me to a weird question for you all: When I finish Chapter 7, would you like me to post it right away, or go back to writing Chapters 5 and 6 and then only post 7 once those are done? 5 and 6 will likely be about 40k long each, so writing those would take a couple months.

The final chapter is by far the most dramatic and thrilling one yet. In it, you meet two new major characters: Melithar the wizard and Kihbok the demon. Several major characters end up dying, as well. Out of curiosity, I’m posting a poll below so I can see what you all think: would you rather me post Chapter 7 when it’s finished in a few days, or just be a normal person and post it only after 5 and 6 have been completed?

  • Post Chapter 7 now: it sounds exciting and I don’t want to wait 2 months to see it!
  • Post the final chapter in chronological order: it just makes sense that way, and I don’t want the end spoiled when I haven’t seen 80k of content that comes before it.

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Huh we got out voted oh well that’s fair hope to see more options on getting the demon angry;)


As I suspected, the verdict ended up being very clear. After I finish Chapter 7, I’ll start on 5 again and resume posting the demo like I’ve been doing. Thanks, guys!


So, I’m mostly done with Chapter 7, and it’s currently at 15k words. I’ve decided to move on to the other previous two chapters. For some reason I’m having a bit of writer’s block on chapter 5 so for now, I’m going to to start on Chapter 6. This means that it will probably take a lot longer than it usually would for there to be an update on the demo, but the update will be substantially larger since the three chapters are likely to come out at the same time.


So will I be able to sleep with Keano?:wink: And if so, what chapter? Just curious.


Yes you will! You will be able to in Chapter 6 and then at least one or two more times in The Magician’s Enigma. (The same goes for Violet, Rigel, Mabelin, Blossom, Jude, Kidas, and Izzy.)


Oh sweet Christmas the prophecy is going to be fulfilled!!!


Yeah, that 's a good suggestion. I’ll go ahead and that in the future, but right now I’m gonna focus on finishing Chapters 5 and 6.


Well, I got to chapter 6, At the point where I went to stay over at Keano’s because my parents were going to talk with the little bro about stealing stuff,:unamused: and was sad to see that the most I got out of the night was a kiss :kiss: that ‘did not last an eternity long enough’, and was a bit disappointed that the 'sexy stuff’:wink: did not happen. I was just wondering, (since I’m kinda busy at the moment, and don’t have the time to look through) if that scene was already in the story for some/one of the characters?


That’s actually just chapter 4! I’ve completed Chapter 7 and I’m working on 5 and 6 right now. At the end of Chapter 6, you’ll have a chance to sleep with the ROs, and it will actually be detailed. Not graphic, but definitely more than “you kiss and then it fades to black.”


Oh, my bad.:sweat_smile: I’ve just gotten so caught up in the story I didn’t realize.:joy: That’s one of the reasons I love this site! When I read the stories of amazing writers, I feel like I really AM part of the story, you know? And YOU Sam, are an amazing writer who is very good at that!:smile: I’ve been reading this story since chapter one, and since then, I’ve been dying to read the next chapter, and what happens/is added in the next update. I really feel like a part of the build and effort of this story, and hope to get to read it before the story becomes an actual game. I say that because I KNOW that it will win the contest, because it is SO GOOD and you are such a GOOD, no, GREAT writer! I hope to really see more, and will help as much as I can with…typos…I guess.:joy: I am actually making my own story, (a personal one) and got the idea of making it from YOU and YOUR STORY! I mean, it may or may not be that good because I’m a bit younger than everyone may think I am, but the point is, because of YOU, I am creating my own story, (actually for school) from inspiration of your story! So I thank you for that.:blush: If you have a case of writers block, I’m always open with suggestions and help. So good luck, and keep writing.:v:


Thanks so much! I’m really flattered and I appreciate all the feedback you’ve given. I’m excited to release Chapters 5-7 in the next couple months and I can’t wait to see what you all think. I’m going to try my best and I hope I do well in the contest but I’m not holding my breath. There are tons of very talented authors participating and the competition will be very tough, after all. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your story! Don’t worry about being so young. I started writing Trail of the Demon Hunter when I was 17, and although the three HGs that I’ve completed aren’t nearly as high in quality as TMT is, I wouldn’t have been able to improve on my fourth story so much without all those years of experience.

Thanks again! I did have some writer’s block for chapter 5, but instead of struggling with that and going at a snail’s pace, I decided to skip it for the time being and move on to the other chapters, which I was able to write without writer’s block at all. Hence why I finished Chapter 7 without doing 5 and 6 first, haha.


Haha, :joy::blush: I feel ya man. I’m just going on along at one part of my choices and endings at the moment. It’s kind of (I lied, it’s incredibly) complicated, because I’m using a different website, and I have different endings for EVERY SINGLE CHOICE!:fearful: Blergh.:disappointed: Here’s the summary.
You’re playing, and acting like complete children with your best friend, when they charge at you out of playfulness or of anger, and you throw your hands up as a defensive action, and you either throw them against a wall with some sort of force, against a tree with lightning, (not to mention electrocuting him), or setting them on fire from a fireball. All of which put your best friend in the hospital. That’s the beginning, pretty much.:joy: I feel like sharing the link with you so you can give me some tips on what to add, and things I should fix. Stuff like that.:sweat_smile: But this thing is due in 4 weeks, so I’m trying not to go too crazy.:joy: But if it’s okay, (and only if it’s not too much work for you), since you already have your hands full with ONE story. (And I know how hard that is.:joy:) Anyways, I hope you can help me, and I can help you.:v:
P.S. What do you think I should name it just from hearing the intro?


That does sound interesting. PM me and I can take a quick look. Like you said, though, I am busy with my own writing. :slight_smile:


I think I found a bug in Chapter 2, during the scene with your father right after returning home.

Strangely enough, choosing to be non-binary doesn’t trigger said error even though I’m pretty sure it uses the same variable.


Thanks, I’ll fix that shortly. I changed that variable to “other” so that’s probably what’s causing the bug.


In the fist fight with May, there is a high speed option, and a high strength option, but it is possible to qualify for both.

That being the case, there really ought to be options for a high strength and speed character, OK like high speed attacks til there is an opening for a power attack


In an ideal world, I would add options for people with a high combination of stats, but that would take forever and wouldn’t be worth it, in my opinion. To balance everything out, I’d have to add in an option for high strength and melee, then high strength and speed, then high speed and melee, etc.


“I like being choked and being on bottom.”

this line alone is enough to make this one of my favorite WIPs ever


Mission accomplished. :joy: