The Magician's Burden [231k words]



Aw can’t I share a bed with maebelin?


Not til chapter 6 :joy:


Alright. I’m nothing if not a patient man.



Found four things(not sure is this already reported or not)



I think this should be Keano says.

need be, the space.


And I not sure if this already asked or not, what is the down side of having low relationship with Zaleth?:thinking:


Thanks! I’ll fix those tonight.

Zaleth can’t really harm you, aside from verbally, so there won’t be many direct downsides of having a low relationship with him, aside from that he won’t choose to help you in certain situations.


As well as fixing the typos that all of you pointed out, I also added in some varying reactions for if you kiss Mabelin at the chess club or arena when you had already kissed her before earlier in the chapter; another option for how to react to Percy; another option for how to react to your parents; and another option for how to react to Violet when she bribes you in the necromancer’s cave. This all amounted to about 1k so now the total word count of the demo is currently 104k.


Leave it to the Iron Bull to have his priorities straight. :laughing:

Still not sure who I might have Leto enter a relationship with myself, though it’s definitely a tie between Keano and Rigel. But do I have Leto get drawn in by the confident Keano’s easy charms and forward affections, or do I have Leto sweep the sweet, bashful Rigel’s off his feet with a surprising display of charisma and hidden passion?

Decisions, Decisions. :thinking:




I’m a forward thinker. I see something or someone I like, I go after it. I’m not subtle by any stretch of the imagination if my size couldn’t tell you that.


Luckily for you, Mabelin likes that sort of attitude. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the ROs even open to polyamory? How does your world even view such relationships? :sweat_smile:

Unless you just suggested that Leto should have a affair with one of them while being in a official relationship with the other. Then that would be a firm resounding “NO” from Leto; they’re a deeply loyal lover who wouldn’t even joke about having a fling with another while in a relationship with someone. Even if polyamory was a option, they’d still likely prefer to have only one partner (one person is enough of a handful for Leto :laughing:).

Sounds like the perfect match for Mabelin. :grin: I’m sure she’ll greatly enjoy riding the Bull. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m actually not quite sure how I’ll be handling all of the romances in TMT and TME. Since there 8 ROs total, it could get really difficult to track what is going on with everyone and at what times and all that…but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to grey out choices to romance one person if you’re already romancing another. So I might just make it possible to romance multiple people at the same time without it creating conflicts and issues. I think that’s what @AllenGies did in Tin Star to avoid huge amounts of extra, complicated coding and writing.


@Samuel_H_Young - 8 RO’s? Wow. That’s impressive. I felt I was laboring hard when I tried 5…

And you are right about it being easier to just allow multiple romances. It feels wrong to do an exclusion. Players want to play how they want to play.

Of course, that many choices adds some complexity later on if the NPC’s learn of the separate romances and with 8…

Maybe you’ll need to cap things. Create a variable called ‘Romances’ and add one each time a player starts to romance a new NPC. When it is, say, more than four, just have the NPC deny the advance by saying something along the lines of ‘I know you’re already busy’, or even ‘Where are you going to find the time for me?’

In Tin Star, despite the vastness of the state, stretches of the story took place near a small town and word got around eventually. The romantic showdowns were fun to craft, but there were also a lot of them.

Regardless of how you proceed, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Great idea. With your permission, I’d like to use this in my projects. I’ve been making things too complicated for myself - something I do time to time.

@Samuel_H_Young - sorry for the off-topic post.


You don’t need his permission, you can just do it. :stuck_out_tongue:


:love_you_gesture: :two_hearts:


First, I would like to say that I am 100% against cheating on your significant other. Period. No “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” about it! Now, with that said, I am also big on “free will”.

So with those two statements out of the way, an option you could try doing is have it possible to cheat on your RO with another RO, but only if the Stealth and Charisma stats are high enough. And at that, make it nearly impossible to get them high enough. And have that the player have to keep both stats high enough so that they are successful, but the moment one of the stats goes down (even by one point), then they fail and lose both ROs. Or something along those lines.

Now, I’m not saying don’t include the polyamory relationship. I’m just saying that, if you can, also include the “cheating” option.

If the coding is too complicated for that, then never mind :grin:


And the deception stat would factor in, too. I think I would do that if there were 3 ROs, but with 8, it would get way too complicated.


Just one small thing I picked up on, when you go to see Violet and she does the ritual (I can’t remember which chapter, 3 or 4), and she offers to make out with you if you do what she asks, there’s an option to say you’re not attracted to women, but afterwards the only option you can pick leads to you trying to kiss her.


Okay, that bug should be fixed now!


@Eiwynn @Samuel_H_Young - Yep. No need to ask permission. No one owns that kind of code.

I do appreciate you asking though.

For Tin Star there were five RO’s and that meant five separate romance tracks. There were therefore also ten scenes involving one RO confronting the other. Anything game involving more than two RO’s was shunted to a single confrontational scene where the player had to pick one RO… or theoretically none.

A lot of work, but worth it.