The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



Gotta be good. Gotta be good. Gotta be good.


And TMB is back up to 4.3 again. Let’s hope it lasts longer than 2 days this time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey everyone, CoG has recently implemented a review system inside the HG Omnibus on Apple. I don’t have an Apple device, though, so I’m not able to look at any of TMB’s reviews on there. Would anyone be able to post a screenshot of TMB’s Omnibus rating here for me? Thanks in advance! :hugs:


Here you go! :grin:


Not bad at all. Thanks!


Lol, I wonder how bad the reviews of my game are on Apple. I don’t have an Apple device either.


What I like about the Omnibus is that people are only able to leave reviews if they finish the entire game. I think that’s how it should be on every platform.


(Quietly wonders if anyone has finished his game, except for the bad ending…)


Aw don’t say that! I can gladly check for you if you’d like friend. I will post it under your game’s thread. :grinning:


An update on TMB:

As of October, it has sold 3,500 copies. It also has pretty darn good ratings over all.

  • 5.0 on Amazon
  • 4.4 on Apple
  • 4.3 on Android
  • Mixed reviews on Steam

Thanks to my fans!


Hey guys, looks like TMB is on sale on Steam for $3, which means you’d be saving $2 until the 11th. If you do happen to purchase it during the sale, please consider leaving a review, too. This platform is the only one where my rating is negative. :slight_smile:


How much of that money do you keep?


HG authors get about 18% of the gross profits.