The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



Just bought a car with my royalties from The Magician’s Burden. :+1:


Damn… congrats


Congrats! That’s a nice ride.


Very cool! What is it?


A 2004 Mazda 6.


Good sturdy vehicle. I roll a ‘04 myself, but it’s a Santa Fe.


Holy crap…I am a HUGE Magician’s Burden fan…and a fan of yours for life! I have/am battling anxiety and depression, if you need someone unbiased to talk to -!


Hey Jender, thanks so much! Right back at you. :hugs:


So, I’ve noticed several (positive) reviews on Steam and Android where readers were hoping for or asking if there was a sequel coming. Considering the cliff hanger and the “To be continued in The Magician’s Enigma” I thought I made it clear that this was the beginning of a series.

Was it apparent to you all, or should I just chock this up as readers skimming over the end?


Yes it was! I think all books with sequels appear in more or less the same way, so I don’t think clarity is an issue :slight_smile: I guess some skim over the end perhaps, or love the book so much that they want to know if the sequel is being in production now!