The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



I appreciate that. I wish I hadn’t seen it, to be honest.


I swear every person on that site has the IQ about as sharp as a bowling ball.


Pretty sure the only rule there is that you can’t steal their mods.
Hacking: Encouraged. Flame wars: Why not? Death threats: Go for it! Steal our mods though… :roll_eyes:

(Seriously @Samuel_H_Young, don’t read the comments. I went over there a while back when I found out another of my games had made it onto the hacking list and they’re not worth your time if they’re saying things like that.)


“I can really imagine the amount of time and efforts he must have spent on making this!”

Oh, suuuuure. He must have surely spent so much time on it. So much more time than the real author who had to conceptualise, write, code, market AND edit the book. :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately, echoing what everyone else has said… the only thing that can be done is just to ignore them. :disappointed:



Though I will say that the illustrations were done by Werner Mueck and Anthea Zammit.


Woops, my bad! :sweat_smile:


We care about you, bro.
Don’t doubt that for a second.

Also, some interesting points from the site I linked:

Two main FBI divisions investigate intellectual property crimes:

1. Cyber Division
-investigates intellectual property crimes involving all digital and electronic works (including Internet, CDs, DVDs, etc)
2. Financial Institution Fraud Unit
-all other intellectual property crimes


Well…alright. :man_shrugging:


Wha…why? Is he doing it to show people the full game? I’m a little confused. :man_shrugging:


Is that a lets play with no talking or did my sound play up?


Basically. :thinking:


Why wait for a Zombie Apocalypse, there are already people out there without functioning brains, who feed from others^^

Ignore them, darwin is just not working fast enough :joy:


no what you want is a chosen one who has max stats at the start of the game


so im kinda late for this one but im reading through what i have missed and thought i would give my opinion alos @Samuel_H_Young or anyone for that matter do correct me if im wrong about details i havent played it in a while. but i hade fun the hole game the only thing i would have wanted diffrent is the end boss and the demon that killed our family i would have wanted us to be able to kill the demon and not win agains the boss but atleast injure him like lets say to kill the demon that killed your family you needed 2-3 combat stats high enough to beat what the stats would need to be would be up to you but at the final boss i would like to be able in hurt him at least like im high in magic well then i bruned his arm he gets mad i get a beat down im high on strength i break his finger he gets mad i get a beat down and on and on just so we feel that we have improved because in my opinion it’s when you get to the boss all the choices and your stats should matter most but as said in the end we would still lose and get saved and thus we would have failed and need to grown but we would also have seen that our choices did have an impact in the end not that big of an impact but still an impact. but as i said if i have forgotten something that i could do in the game do reminded me im playing of my memory here. and dont belive i dident like the game i did and i cant wait for the next one but thats the only thing i would have done different so in short make us see that our choices matter. now this only applies if i actually remember stuff correctly if i dont just ignore the complaint if it holds no ground.


Sykox is the Kool-Aid drinker who modded my own story for this motley crew. Been researching him a bit, which is a fun reminder of the old days working fraud. For starters, he has an account here under the same name. Barely posted, said he was trying to write his own story. Not sure if that’s true or he just was using us for help figuring out coding in order to better mod titles.

However, he does have some works of his own. Behold the poorly written Harry Potter fanfiction!

I have no doubt reading it would show off all sorts of interesting character traits, but I haven’t the time or the inclination. Might post it as my own and just change a few words though.

I mock, but I do feel a little bad for him, and likely the others of his ilk as well. He clearly wants to create, but lacks the aptitude, intelligence and constitution to do so. So he stands on the shoulders of others and calls himself a giant.


Welp, TMB took a truly bigly nosedive in sales in September. Either way, thanks to everyone for your support.


I’m sorry, man. But you had said it was doing tons better than your other releases, so I guess it was going to fall farther as well once the release buzz faded, right?


You know what you don’t need all those haters though what you should be doing instead is b9339c7a2b9126df9d6d1040ca2c326b cause you are a living legend and your fan base here knows it and we will continue to support you no matter how shitty those haters reviews are. (I’m assuming that’s why it took a nosedive in sales not to mention that dickwad you posted about ya know the one that
:poop::pray::poop:our :poop: lord :poop:and :poop: God :poop: Axiom :poop:”) what a load of shit :joy: :joy: not sorry had to :joy: I defiled their “god” what are they gonna do about it? NOTHING thats what.


After over two months of being at 4.2, TMB just clawed its way back up to 4.3 on Android. :+1:


For whatever reason, all four of my games have drastically lower ratings on Steam than on Android or Apple. For example, TMB has a respectable 4.3 on Android vs a mediocre 4/7 positive reviews on Steam. If anyone here has TMB on Steam and hasn’t left a review yet, please consider doing so. :hugs: