The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



Well, that’s in forum . We are more educated in fiction. My fear is The app stores They are weird and scary. But I hope you lots of success. I am your friend even id sometimes we fight and that. I will still being sincere s always :wink: Still group hug :hugs:.
Edit Sorry my phone sent the post to other person lol. Is for @Samuel_H_Young


So design question, what made you decide to have saber swords in tmb instead of the normal long sword or broadswords?


Off the top of my head, I don’t recall having any sabres in TMB.


“You draw a sword from the bracket. A good old fashioned saber combines the need for raw skill and finesse, which is perfect for you. In theory, at least.”

From the sparring arena
Also almost every time a sword is used in the guard job


Well shit, haha. That was probably just something automatic but I didn’t really intend for there to be cavalry swords. I can go back and change those.


So, I just got my royalty statement for August and TMB was actually mildly successful. It has:

  • a 5.0 rating on Amazon out of 3 reviews
  • 4/5 positive reviews on Steam
  • a 4.2 rating on Android out of 127 reviews

In its first two weeks, TMB sold 2,400 copies. Compare that to Trial of the Demon Hunter, which only sold about 750 copies in that time, and at a much lower price. That means it was 6 times as successful as my first HG!

Thanks for your support, guys!


Told you it was an awesome story ! :slight_smile:


Buy you a coffee with my royalty part lol. You deserve it. But please don’t kill more pets of mine


Absolutely knew it would work out! Just because the few bad reviewers who don’t understand “not a power fantasy” or “slice of life” are more vocal than the many people who love your game.




Congrats, man! :star_struck:


Oh, I got $4.19 from ad money this month so I guess you could say I can quit my day job. :sunglasses::smirk:


My friend Gene says even though he’s banned he’s wishing you good luck Ohana.


Thanks, Gene. :hugs:


Taking a look at how people are pirating TMB wasn’t a good idea for my sanity. :roll_eyes:


Holy SHIT they wished death on you?! Surely that’s against that scummy website’s policies?!


How DARE you request a small amount of money for the products you spent hours and hours working on? Despicable! You deserve death!


Yeah, these people are literally just a cult. Calling a pirate a god and groveling at his feet, saying how much of a tireless public servant he is, and then wishing death upon the real author. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

I don’t want to get too worked up about it because I know literally every digital thing ever is pirated, but I just thought it was nauseatingly comical how ironic these people are. You can’t make this shit up.


I saw that a while back and decided it was better if you didn’t know :zipper_mouth_face: . Ignore them. anyone thanking Axiom for the great game and then abusing the person who actually wrote it… I don’t really know what you can say about that.


I was always wondering why in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons, there are followers and disciples of Bhaal, Cyric and Mask … :frowning:

It is disturbing why they want a nice person like @Samuel_H_Young any harms :-(:rage: