The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



Oh dear. :face_with_monocle: Slightly worried about the future of the human race if people see it like that.


Yeah, apparently today is my 5th anniversary of being on the CoG forum. :slight_smile:


There was a research who claim that in future, human’s limbs may shrink because we don’t use them too often but the head/brain will become bigger …something like Jabba the Hut ? :-):rofl:




That’s stupid due it with need millions of years and at that point if humanity keeps existing we will be far far away in technology to stop natural evolution and go with the cybrpunk premise of transhumanism. That of we become all a wasteland and humanity have to walk and use their physical a lot more so that would turn out impossible to happen


Well… perhaps technology manage to unlock the full potential of human brain, where we can apply telekinesis and levitate ourselves without the need to walk or the use of hands to pick thing up :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Impossible the quantity of energy that need is impossible to be created by a human being lol and is fairly stupid and not practical when you create machinery and cyber implants to become faster and stronger.


Telekinetics, evolution to hutts, cyborgs like Deus Ex, Androids like DBZ, transferring our mind into machines.

These are some great theories.

But we’ll all be dead centuries before any of those happen. :ghost:


Plus, that’s all science fiction. :roll_eyes:


Science fiction is a kind of magic nowadays as most ofit is not based in science or logic. You should add a Easter egg about a guy talking about aeroplanes and technology and people laughing about him and their iron carts that move by themselves without magic …


Sam: quick note to say I really enjoyed Magician’s Burden. Played it three times and will probably try another. Great to have another fantasy that’s not a power fantasy, and I expect the time spent in establishing relationships with people and places will pay off even more in the sequels.

The contemporary American language can sometimes be a little jarring, with its “general store,” “toned” bodies, and bullies calling you “pervert.” But that’s hard to avoid (almost impossible to do so consistently) and easy to excuse; fantasy doesn’t have to keep its culture/ language fixed to a specific Earth century or country.

Keep it up!


Thanks, Havenstone! That means a lot. :slight_smile:


I have to say, cyborgs does exist in a way, just what you probably never thought of. For example, I’m sure some of you knows that I’m deaf but the thing about me is that I had a cochlear implant which is a technology that helps sends signals to my brain allowing me to hear. Blind people apparently can have a surgery to have some sort of technology to help them see.


Will you be adding the ability to save game in order to load it into the next installment? @Samuel_H_Young


Yes, CoG will be implementing that when I’ve submitted the sequel.


No, they totally are, man.


Yaasssss!! Let me take the time to say this is one of your best works in my opinion!! I loved it all the way through! The daily jobs made me feel as though I was truly living in that era! Loved it!! :heart:


Thanks, guys. :hugs:


Could I say your catbis really handsome… lol about you I only can say I hate facial hair but You seem a nice gentleman too. :wink:

Also you are a good writer, You are creating a interesting universe by yourself. Maybe it needs like a big city or something like a wizard teen highschool to be more popular?


The Enchanter’s Misery and MMM are both set in small, poor villages and they seem to be doing well enough. :stuck_out_tongue: