The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



My thoughts exactly.

I guess the good knews is that the rest of the series should theoretically have a more positive reception since people know what to expect, now. Not that all three books are as relaxed as TMB is, but Volumes 2 and 3 are to a lesser degree.


It’s going to be awesome darkness, sex, violence, sex, demons, sex, rising up against the odds

Violet: our mistress and badass demon huntress
Maybe it’s mabelin: she might stay in town so I assume we have to leave on a journey and therefore might not come with us.
Us: a slave light mage to Violet
Percy: our aspiring destructive Magic sorcerer once he begins studying the dark arts to get revenge for Mowbow
Chompers: Our Sabertoothed tiger Percy befriends

I don’t personally hang out with keano but him and rigel could come too.


Yuuup. :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops: Haha. There will tons of flirting, kissing, and general romance, plus a sex scene and date scene for each RO in each volume they’re in.


Oh, by the way, thanks for all your enthusiasm here on the forum. TMB’s rating on Google Play is actually getting dangerously low, though, so if you haven’t left a review yet, please considering leaving one. :slight_smile:


4.2 out of 5.0 is actually pretty good just checked. It is a 5 point system right?.


@Samuel_H_Young I don’t have access to Google Play, and I haven’t had a chance to play the game yet, but I noticed on Steam at least that the only complaints in the reviews is that the ending was “too open-ended” or “there wasn’t an ending” — but none of them seem aware that there’s a sequel to follow! (User error plays such a big part in reviews.) Would it help for you to put in the next update “the magician’s journey will continue in…” at the end of the story so people will realize it’s not just the end?


I put “To be continued in The Magician’s Enigma” at the end.

Yeah, 4.2 is much better than my three previous duds and still a decent score, but it’s a bit worrying at the same time, especially as there only seems to be negative reviews trickling in, now.

Oh, I also don’t get the reviews calling TMB too expensive. :confused: It’s $5 for 230k words which is very cheap. Life as a God is 60k but $3, and Heroes Rise is $6 for 100k. :man_shrugging:


I’m really so glad you’re back Sir!
The world needs talented writers like you. We need you.

I really tried going back twice as you said. But still I haven’t achieved those achievements like 1. bibliophile; 2. Chessire; 3. nature lover and 4. Necromancer’s cave.

It’s alright though if there isn’t. It doesn’t diminish the game’s being wonderful, exciting and thought provoking. Again, i salute you for an amazing work Sir!!!


Thanks so much!

I’ll fix those achievements and send an update in.


Thanks Sir!
Keep on doing your good work. Hope you’ll make more games like this.
Again, your work is excellent – objectively and subjectively.

so excited for the next installment!


That means a lot! I’ll certainly do my best.

Ughhh, there are sooo many racist and misogynist reviews for TMB :mask::mask::mask:


Trolls like to screw with things that people like.


You cannot please everyone. That’s impossible. Never mind them who try to put you down.

I’d rather focus on the strengths of your game which I believe are as follows:

  1. It’s very challenging. Most especially this: how do i deal with each character in the game and yet maintain who i am (or who i chose i will be)?
  2. The fact that it can incredibly be played over and over with different outcomes;
  3. To me, it’s quite realistic and relevant. It reminds me of those days when i pursued romantic relationships;
  4. Overall, it has a high entertainment value. I really had fun playing this and i am looking forward to the sequel.


Thanks :smiley: all of that is good to hear.

I suppose making 3/4 of the ROs black and making both of the females domineering and powerful was a “bad” decision commercially, but I’m definitely not gonna let those reviewers bully me into making my story less inclusive and more stereotypical.


Amen to that!
No to the bullies!


Okay, I’ve figured out why some of the achievements weren’t working and I sent HG an update. So hopefully an update will be going out to the markets soon that will include bug fixes, typo fixes, fixed achievements, and an extended demo.


I guess I’m doing something right. :man_shrugging:



I bet he’s a redneck


Just that I’m from Texas and no one named their son Dennis that wasnt at least a bit country. That with hunter, Dalton, Hayden, Colton, John, plus others.


I mean…one of the villains from my WIP, Winter of the Bovine, is named Dennis. :stuck_out_tongue: