The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



Hey, @57Faults! I’m really glad you liked the organic approach I tried to take with the plot and character relationships.

Violet always has a panic attack in the bedroom scene, but this will only be explained why in Enigma. The “sex” choice leads to her telling you to choke her, whereas the “foreplay” one doesn’t.

Woohoo, thanks.

Hey, don’t feel too bad about that. Yesterday, I beat a Master in a really solid game but then preceded to drop all my pieces like flies against a much weaker opponent in the next game. :man_shrugging:

That’s the plan. :grinning:

Thanks, that means a lot. It’s pretty hard to tell how TMB is doing right now, haha. It has decent reviews, and enthusiastic fans, but then lots of readers who think it’s garbage.

It’s also clear that it doesn’t appeal as much to the general CoG fanbase because of the decidedly “non power fantasy genre”, the relaxed plot, and the female ROs who are black and powerful. (Yes, I’ve had vicious reviews for both of those reasons.) So it might just be like a “cult classic” type of thing. We’ll have to see when I get my next royalty statement.


Is Enigma the next game, or the third, or the fourth?


My bad. The Magician’s Enigma is V2, The Magician’s Enemy is V3, and V4 is currently unnamed. It was going to be called The Magician’s Misery, but then The Enchanter’s Misery happened. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like some people are being sexist and racist those kinds of people disgust me​:grimacing:. :pray::heartpulse:Let us commence the worshipping of our brown skinned goddesses. :pray::heartpulse:


@Samuel_H_Young I can understand why most people have hard time whith slow pacing but it’s serve the story we have time to know more about the RO’s and how the city works


Yeah, I genuinely get why some people don’t like the slow pacing. But, I also made a conscious decision to make it that way, and I know that many of my readers appreciate that element of the story, you included, it seems. :slight_smile:


My dad as a said. That only a man who is not sure of who really is feels scared about a woman who is assertive and strong. I mean I could understand that some people could prefer x physical traits… But discarded characters because aren’t barbie doesn’t sound very right.

But I maybe aren’t a normal case. I am straight but I don’t limit my characters to be what i am so forme is more the character personality that other thing.


I personally had no problem whatsoever with the weak MC. It never really occurred to me that they were underpowered and it really flowed well.


@Sovereign I wouldn’t go as far as worship her but I like the romance she’s nice, intelligent and despite her sword skills she prefer diplomacy
@Samuel_H_Young I must admit I like slow pacing it let the author show the world he created and how its works and what it looks like


Oh, I should mention that although the MC and the ROs will all become much more powerful in V2, and they’ll also get powerful allies as well, that doesn’t mean that the story will be any less difficult.

The villains will be much stronger, too: the main antagonist in V2 is Baga, the most powerful witch in Lume, who could destroy Kihbok without breaking a sweat.

So, :man_shrugging:


This probably isnt as important but will the characterz look different too? i.e the mc has more scars, violet looks more rugged etc.


Ohh that’s sound promising just after we get to Khibhok level and think we achieve something we found someone we true insane power for a mere human


For sure. Keano will get buffer and grow a fuller beard, Violet loses her eye after battling Kihbok, etc.


Could if we romance them have a said in their appearance. Or even break with them I can stand beards is a no no. So romantic option will stop having a banging parner if gets hairy .


Yeah, I’ll give options for the MC react to the ROs’ changes. Keano already has a beard anyways, just a little one. :stuck_out_tongue:


See I knew there was reasons why i had a instant hate for him… Apart because is a hippie asshole.


Will Mabelin go through any significant changes too? Please don’t let anything happen to that glorious mohawk.


If anything, she’ll make it more glorious. :joy: but I haven’t decided yet!


She applies dyes to her moehawk


I like that idea, but I’m already gonna have Percy dye his hair.

Uhhh, this forum is being stingy AF when it comes to Likes. I’ve given like 10 and it’s already saying I’m almost out. -_-