The Magician's Burden [230k words] [Published]



How can I choose between him, Mabelin and Rigel now :sob: ?


I mean if he doesn’t get himself killed maybe he can make amends. Join the guard or become an Antibandit. Traveling the roads killing and robbing bandits to protect innocents. I probably even would have forgiven him if our 17th birthday beating had been…“special” for female MC but that would have been harder.


What happened as a female MC? I was dick to everyone except my family and Zaleth so I probably missed alot of stuff.


Nothing I’m just saying if Killian had decided to do something worse i probably could have forgiven him but it would not have been easy.


You mean if he did something worse you would forgive him?


Yes but sex crimes are a lot harder for me to forgive. It’s kind of my beserk button. But maybe.


I never physically hurt Killian. I always thought he was not being a bully just for the sake of it, and it proved true. I handed him over to the guards, and went to talk to him in prison where he told me about his father. I do want him to become a better person over the games and I’m willing to help him through it, though I have no intentions of romancing him. I also have a feeling Killian can actually become a loyal friend to my MC eventually, once he sees the error of his ways. As far as I remember, if that happens, my MC will be the first real ‘friend’ Killian ever had.


Sounds fair to me! :man_shrugging:

And he will definitely appreciate that!

You could always romance all three. :relaxed:

Good guesses! He’ll actually be joining the Orilon guard so he can fight against the demon army. That way he’ll have finally done something noble.

Very admirable indeed! Yes, Petre and Verim were his friends, but not true friends.


Petre just really wanted to find someone as perverted as he was.




I played the demo and I wasn’t impressed by it, the MC is just pathetic, he is pushed around by everyone and can’t win at anything. Does it get better or is the MC always the punching bag of the village?




I second this!! I would love it if we can guide Percy to stop his thieving ways too.


How I should build my stats in the demo? I really don’t understand what it has to do with my question.


You build your stats in the game and become strong enough to fight back.


It’s an underdog story


He better. If he tries again i will kill him this time.


I’m the only one who actually liked to see him in pain ? I go try to kill Khibhok when he attacked the village but honestly it’s just because Killian make a good distraction when I will be able to I let him die. Maybe I’m just a sadistic asshole


Broke his nose but if you love to see him suffer and he loves to see you suffer who’s the bad guy?

This reminds me of a story

I think it was Pete Townshend could have been entwhistle but one of the members of the Who were bullied mercilessly growing up. Then one day he realized he was tall enough to look his bully in the eye and he beat the ever loving shit out of him.


Yeah that mean we are both bad guys wich is fine by me I don’t identify myself as a good guy
And yeah to me Pete Townshend was right no matter how long it takes I will have revenge if someone hurt me for no reason he better be prepared i can’t people who bully other just because they think life is harsh with them. Life is a bitch she’ll fuck everyone up at different moment, we all go through hardship. You just can’t take the emotional overload on someone freely and hope to get away with it