The Lost Heir Guides


Whether what is set before or after.


whether life of a wizard is set before or after the events of the lost heir :slight_smile:


I’d appreciate it if someone could point me to an alchemist guide, ‘soulddrainer/ taker’ (if thats a thing-- I have a vague memeory of seeing it in a stat check near the end of TLH3) and someone with multiple prestige classes? I can never seem to get more than 3 stats really high.
Thanks in advance guys.


hey guise. when you go to the demon’s realm in LH3. do you have to end up as the demon king? or you can be human?


You will always be the demon-king, with at least the red eyes and another mutation.


Has anyone successful done the Rune Warrior build. I have tried several times unsuccessfully.

Trying to balance the blades and magic perks of TLH1 leaves me losing some battles. Which can be annoying. Specially if you are trying to buy the shield.

Thank you.


It’s a sword you get from being a rank 2 dark knight.

2 at max without cheating, 1 from 2 and 1 from 3.


How do you become a druid of decay?


I did, this is my build:

[details=Summary]Byron, the Demon King of Daria.

Humanity: 85%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muscles
    Health: 100%
    Bard Levels: 1
    Druid Levels: 2
    Dragon Rider Levels: 1
    Rune Warrior Levels: 1

Good: 100% Evil: 0%
Agility: 100%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 100%
Perception: 100%
Strength: 100%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 23%
Devices: 13%
Magic: 100%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 100%
Unarmed: 7%
Arcana: 100%
Geography: 100%
History: 93%
Nature: 100%
Religion: 93%
Thea: 100%
Gale: 100%
Karla: 100%
Brinn: 100%
Harold: 100%
Syndie: 100%
Lord Vale: 97%
Archmage Cumari: 63%
Lord Tovor: 100%
YOUR MOUNT: a mighty dragon named Deathwing.
Fang, your wolf companion.[/details]

This might be the problem, and you don’t need the shield.

You need 3 lvl in Druid and to be Evil.


In my dragon knight guide earlier in the thread it could be branched out to be a rune warrior instead


Thank you both. You helped greatly.

Im trying to try out all the different main ending classes to see how they are incorporated in the story (favorite so far is vampire/necromancer, most don’t do evil though).


ok, so this is my dragon rider, and at the same time a vampire lord character. just tell me if you guys want me to make a guide out of it.

Akeela, the Demon King of Daria.

Humanity: 30%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muscles
  • a whip-like demon tail
    Health: 60%
    Squire Levels: 1
    Wizard Levels: 1
    Sage Levels: 1
    Knight Levels: 1
    Dragon Rider Levels: 1
    Vampire Lord Levels: 1

Good: 0% Evil: 100%
Agility: 100%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 100%
Perception: 97%
Strength: 100%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 18%
Devices: 8%
Magic: 100%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 32%
Unarmed: 7%
Arcana: 93%
Geography: 87%
History: 89%
Nature: 82%
Religion: 63%
Petra: 100%
Brinn: 100%
Theo: 100%
Jess: 100%
Lucio: 100%
Pope: 100%
Lord Vale: 83%
Archmage Cumari: 100%
Lord Tovor: 100%
YOUR MOUNT: a mighty dragon named Calamity.
Meeko, your monkey familiar.

Citizen Reputation: 100%
Citizen Fear: 95%


  • a blue star on the side of your neck
  • a dirty pouch on your well-worn belt containing 508 gold
  • a tarnished wedding ring on your finger
  • a torn spellbook
  • a glowing, rune-covered Enchanted Sword on your belt (+15 Bonus to Blades)
  • a holy symbol secretly dedicated to the god Noct hangs around your neck
  • Lacey’s Glass Marble in your pocket
  • a dagger in your torn sleeve
  • a bow slung over your back

A tattered backpack containing:

  • a very thick book about Fate Manipulation
  • a rope
  • a cracked lantern
  • a waterskin
  • flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • torn sleeping roll
  • a children’s book from Zusak’s quarters
  • the Grand Tournament Champion trophy

You are wearing:

  • your badly torn and ragged clothes
  • the Circlet of Daria rests upon your head
  • the Cape of Shadows over your back (+20 Bonus to Stealth)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around your neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Feather of Glibness in your hat (+20 Bonus to Charm)
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring (+3 Bonus to All)
  • the Boots of Travel on your feet


I would be glad if you´d make one. I can never get that damn dragon no matter what I do. Of course that is when you´ll have the time


If it isn’t too much trouble, could you make one? I’ve been trying to get vampire Lord as well as dragon rider.


For becoming vampire you need to go with Peter and volunteer to be a bait so that he bites you (while Peter kills him), then you need Necromancy book in order to become a vampire lord and do the ritual


You don’t need the Necromancy book.


Is there knight/Dark knight guide somewere ?


Is there a Luck Mage guide?


Make evil, selfish, bad decisions. Help the vampire issue. let yourself get bit then develop it more later


Currently, I have a problem. I’m planning to create Dark knight, and normal knight, but I don’t know on which secound perk focus more: archery, or magic. Also if choose Petra/Peter or Gill/Gale as my childhood friend. With Both magic and archery are needed skills. With Gale I could romance to boost friendship, and them broke easly with only 5 points lost, and with Petra I can’t do that, but Petra gives me better bonuses to skills. Anybody help please?