The Lost Heir Guides


Do you mind if you post the guide?


I may have to give up bard then. It was convenient to distract starving citizens with a happy jingle. Do you have to be a knight to get the dragon? will attempt to find out


No, you can be a Dragon Rider without being a Knight. But you can only become a Dragon Knight, if you are a Knight.


If you scroll up the posts you will find it on this thread you will find it


Thank you. I did see the part about becoming a dragon knight, but wasn’t sure about getting a dragon. never got the choice


The seer option isn’t available at the start of lost Heir 2.


Lol apologies its the sage i dunno why i put seer :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone know how to get the artificer prestige class? Do you just have to get all the artifacts?


75 device, 75 magic, constructed the infinite arrow with Karl/a at beginning of part 2.


Thank you very much, I’ll go ahead and try it


Do we know how to get the achievements on:
Reviving an all
Ignoring warnings
The Wanderer
The Ghost
And The villain?


@RedDawg On how to get ignoring warnings achievement you should jump into the veil during your fight with K’girr and on the villain achievement you should have 100 magic and try to save K’girr when he is about to fall from the falling fortress


I always wonder whether it’s set before or after the events of The Lost Heir


I think in order for you to get the wanderer achievement you need to have 0 humanity by the time you come back from the demon world


That’s the monster ending, wanderer is getting killed by KGirr in the demon realm


No, the Wanderer is having less than 100 army force.


Ohh haha must have mixed up the two :sweat_smile:


Im just wandering assuming the MC become a Vampire Lord and then become a demon would the MC still have the thirst for blood ?


Oh right ghost is death by KGirr after you made it mortal, wanderer is if your army win factor is less than 100.


I’m gonna have to look for the part with the veil because I think I missed that. But thanks for telling me how to get these things (wether I go and do them or not)