The Lost Heir Guides


If you’ve been bitten by the vampire, you can just reach out and grab it.

Since you’re (technically) already dead, the ward doesn’t do shit to you.


Thanks! I have not played as a vampire yet.


This helped. Thank you!


Hey, is there a guide for The Lost Heir 3?


I didn’t include one yet because the builds I posted for 1 & 2 will allow you to do a lot in terms of trying classes in number 3. I’ll post a complete guide of the third one after the game has been out for a while.

I’ll do one for:

Dark Priest


have high agility and study for a mundane way to remove it


Thanks! I will try it out.


you have to allow yourself to be summoned, otherwise you`ll always get the puppet ending. If you want i can post a guide how to become the best demon summoner with 100 blade & magic.

Here’s the first part, I’m playing the phone version so some traits and skills might differ. Credits to Envy, i used his guide as blueprint for mine.

I also used this save to become a paladin in the second book, for anyone who want’s to try that out.

These should be your stats after the first book.

Health: 50%
Squire Levels: 1
Priest Levels: 1

Good: 25% Evil: 75%
Agility: 33%
Charm: 82%
Endurance: 46%
Perception: 40%
Strength: 61%
Willpower: 50%
Archery: 0%
Devices: 3%
Magic: 60%
Blades: 74%
Stealth: 6%
Unarmed: 0%
Arcana: 61%
Geography: 33%
History: 40%
Nature: 40%
Religion: 49%
Theo: 93%
Karl: 96%
Petra: 96%
Jess: 100%


  1. Cast a mighty spell.
  2. A spellbook.
  3. Force Servants…
  4. Visit Petra, the young noble girl
  5. Practice fencing
  6. Lean over and kiss her.
  7. Say kindly.
  8. You don‘t care…
  9. Make something up
  10. Listen intently.
  11. Okay, bye bye
  12. „Oh, you know…“
  13. Visit training yards, speak to the old knight. „Can you teach me how to use a sword?“
  14. Visit the dungeons. „Hello.“ „Why are you in here.“ „How do you walk so silently?“
  15. Visit the temple. „Is divine magic different?“
  16. Visit the garden. Wait for the woman to leave.
  17. Try to strike the man with a bolt of fire.
  18. Beg: „I can help you!“
  19. Push your way trough
  20. Run left and follow Sir Grady.
  21. You are thankful.
  22. You learned how to fight with a sword.
  23. A squire
  24. „Any luck with that infinity arrow?“
  25. „Can you get out of work?“
  26. Buy a sword and a dagger
  27. Walk out of town.
  28. „Ready to practice?“
  29. Practice sword fighting.
  30. Have some drinks. Order a meal. Order some more drinks
  31. Smile to the pretty server.
  32. Order drinks and flirt
  33. Suggest that Steffany come home with you.
  34. „What do you know about them?“
  35. „It might be my only chance“
  36. Hug the old woman.
  37. Struggle to see the Board.
  38. Try to talk.
  39. Introduce yourself.
  40. Try to convince the shepherds to be extra diligent.
  41. „Where are you from?“
  42. Try to steal from Master Jett.
  43. Yes, I will try to learn how to use the Demonstones.
  44. Summon only Xi‘atta
  45. Put the demonstones away
  46. Tell the girl to stop whining.(I prefer to romance Jess and get the Feather. If you don‘t and want to play as a totally good aligned heir, just make the good decisions. I become good in the second book.)
  47. Charge forward with your sword
  48. Conjure a fire.
  49. Attempt to push the troll into the fire…
  50. Don’t ever try.
  51. Check it out alone.
  52. Search the pit.
  53. Open the door.
  54. Defend yourself with your sword.
  55. Cast a spell to create a magical glow.
  56. Kill it with a blast of fire.
  57. Consider double-crossing master Jett.
  58. Say bluntly
  59. Become a partner.
  60. Become a priest.(If you played exactly like me and want to become good-aligned later, pick a good God but avoid any choices about your faith untill you‘re 50 good or higher. Otherwise your holy symbol will crumble and you will loose all level in priest.)
  61. Hold Xi‘atta and Zon‘ch but avoid Brahl.
  62. „Yes, I wanted to talk to you too.
  63. Extend your hand.
  64. Hug her back.
  65. Say, „Come on, Petra,…
  66. Interrup the question with a firm kiss.
  67. Bless the man and cast a spell
  68. Keep the amulet
  69. Accept the Mule
  70. You spend your evenings working out with Theo
  71. Chat with all of them and pick flowers but don‘t enter the tents, it‘s a trap.
  72. Say, „Easy, Petra. …“
  73. Jess, I lost my sleepingroll
  74. Conjure a noxious cloud.(still best option here)
  75. Take the sword from the fallen guard.
  76. Attack the closest guard with your sword…
  77. Step in front of Jess.
  78. Attempt to heal Theo.
  79. Explain to the others
  80. Try to pry the stone loose. Continue trying.
  81. Help Theo ransack the antechamber.
  82. Cast a spell
  83. Find the mounts…
  84. „We need a place to stay the night… We can pay.“
  85. „So that’s why I need the demonstone.“
  86. Invite Jess to join you(depends on your romance choice)
  87. „Karl is a good choice.“
  88. Take the gem as your share.
    88)Talk with all companions
  89. Train with Jess: Willpower and magic and ask Sir Grady for more training.
  90. Visit Jowal. „How’s your sister?“
  91. Buy book of maps and hystory book
  92. Leave Elmvale for Vernex
  93. Hurry back to the stores and sell lump, your mule.(It‘s important if you want the cloak of spiders, because you need the additional 3 endurance to get over 45)
  94. Done shopping
  95. „Don’t worry, Theo.“
  96. Examine the shrine.
  97. Fill the plate.(This item is the reason for the evil decisions untill now)
  98. Look into your Gem of Seeing.
  99. „Hold on, I want to see…“
  100. Climb the staircase.
  101. Attack them with your sword.
  102. Ask Petra.
  103. Search for traps.
  104. Take the Cloak.
  105. „Karl do you think you could knock it off with an arrow?“
  106. „A short stop shouldn’t slow us down.“
  107. „Would you like to dance?“ Pull Jess into the square…
  108. „I have an unregistered Demonstone.“
  109. „But if I‘d arrived sooner?“
  110. Send whomever you want,but remember that the second one you send becomes the Red. I choose Petra and Theo
  111. Go to the amphitheatre. Cast a bolt of fire at Zusak.
  112. Plunge your dagger into Thuja’s stomach.
  113. Instinctively push off the ground./Leap to the ceiling(in the mobile version)
  114. jab downwards with your sword.
  115. Take a hit and move in close.
  116. Cast a grease spell…
  117. Attack Thuja with your sword.
  118. Plunge your dagger into his back.
  119. I’m travelling to Tornassa with Karl, because the infinity arrow can help at the Tournament but you can go wherever you want.

Here’s the guide for The Lost Heir 2. As you will see i designed this guide so that it splits in Ludd into a demon summoner guide and a paladin guide. from there on you can decide wich one you prefer. Personally I liked both because you can discover some nice things as a demon summoner but personally I’m more of a warrior-type player. Anyway here are the stats:

Xillean, the Iron-willed demon summoner.
Health: 10%
Squire Levels: 1
Priest Levels: 1
Cleric Levels: 1
Knight Levels:1

Good: 94%
Evil: 06%

Agility: 38%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 76%
Perception: 56%
Strength: 82%
Willpower: 75%

Archery: 8%
Devices: 3%
Magic: 80%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 26%
Unarmed: 1%

Arcana: 100%
Geography: 33%
History: 46%
Nature: 44%
Religion: 78%

Theo: 93%
Karl: 89%
Petra: 96%
Jess: 100%
Bran: 79%
Raquel: 70%
Felix(the young boy): 80%

Citizen Reputation: 100%

Xillean, the Paladin of Auriel.
Health: 10%
Squire Levels: 1
Priest Levels: 1
Cleric Levels: 1
Knight Levels:1
Paladin Levels: 1

Good: 94%
Evil: 06%

Agility: 40%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 62%
Perception: 56%
Strength: 91%
Willpower: 65%

Archery: 10%
Devices: 3%
Magic: 82%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 26%
Unarmed: 1%

Arcana: 77%
Geography: 33%
History: 46%
Nature: 44%
Religion: 88%
Theo: 93%
Karl: 100%
Petra: 100%
Jess: 100%
Bran: 79%
Raquel: 70%
Felix(the young boy): 80%

Citizen Reputation: 100%

For the LH2, I will make this guide so that you can choose between becoming a demonsummoner or a paladin. Please notice that I am playing the mobil version of TLH and therefore there can be some diffrences in the values but overall these guides should work.

Picking up in Tornassa.

  1. You joined the local temple…
  2. You led a very militaristic sect of order.
  3. Cast a spell…
  4. Help Karl to make the Arrowhead himeself.
  5. Use your knowledge of magical items…
  6. You try to talk the old man into giving you the feather.
  7. Throw the strange amulet on the ground and walk away. (Like i mentioned in the guide for LH1, if you have a good God and try something with evil-alignment, your holy symbol will crumble and you will loose all level in Priest. Therefore i throw it away, but if you have good alignment here i recommend you to call upon your god. If you want you can change your God here to the unknown. Sry for the long note :D.)
  8. Enter the bar calmly
  9. Say, „What’s with all…“
  10. Sherman’s right.
  11. Stop him
  12. „Allow me to summon the demon for you“.
  13. Go to opal Cove…
  14. Ask to borrow the money from Karl
  15. NOTE: If you want to save the Infinity Arrow for later, visit the stores and buy a young timid riding horse. I didnt’t needed it later, but thats your choice.
  16. Use the Infinity Arrow
  17. Rely on your Mount’s skill.
  18. Attempt to fight both of them at once.
  19. Pray harder so the voices go away.
  20. Kiss Jess back.
  21. „What if it was you…?“
  22. Learn who the prison guards are and buy them drinks.
  23. Befriend them.
  24. Learn what you can about Bunta.
  25. Ask he man to send one of you to Bunta.
  26. I will
  27. You notice that the Feather of Glibness in your hat is glowing.
  28. Nod to karl and Jess.
  29. Clap your hands over both of Bunta’s ears at the same time.
  30. Draw your sword and attack Bunta.
  31. Take the Child with you.
  32. Think about histori cal…
  33. Begin meeting…
  34. Decide what to do with the child
  35. Spend a Day.
  36. Speak to Lord Vale
  37. Agree
  38. Ask what you can do to assure his vote.
  39. Inspect the soldiers.
  40. Spend 4 Days
  41. Speak to Archmage.
  42. Stay in Brightwater.
  43. Plan to meet Archmage…
  44. Speak to Lord Tovor
  45. Ask Tovor if he can teach you any magic.
  46. Discuss war spending.
  47. Promise you will cut military spending.
  48. Ask what you can do to assure his vote.
  49. Study the Books for 0 Days.
  50. Meet with eastern Lords for 9 Days
  51. „You are the true power…“.
  52. Be happy about your Circlet of Daria
  53. Speak to Bran.
  54. „Help them on their way.“
  55. Speak to General Vale.
  56. Speak to Lord Tovor.
  57. „We are cutting the war budget.“
  58. Give a Speech
  59. Tell the that you will serve fathfully and with their best intrest at heart.
  60. Speak to Archmage Cumari.
  61. Take evry piece of equipment you’re missing.
  62. Ask about spy networks.
  63. „My biggest worry is here in Brightwater.“
  64. Go to dwarf king…
  65. Doesn’t matter who you bring along, i will take Bran for the relationship.
  66. „Perhaps there is something I can do to help?“
  67. Boldly walk to the camp.
  68. „I mean you no harm.“
  69. This is dwarf land
  70. Perhaps you take a few sheep
  71. Let the giant gather the sheep.
  72. „The giant is gone.“
  73. …working in their mines.
  74. Send him to the Academy of Wizards
  75. Go to elf queen
  76. Climb a tree
  77. Slash the forest worm with your sword.
  78. Spend the days with elven spellweavers.
  79. The choices related to the „Royal Consort thing“ are up to you. I always make Jess or my other lover Royal Consort.
  80. Go to the Gnomes.
  81. Turn around and speak with the sneaky man.
  82. Examine the security of the warehouse.
  83. Beg the Gnomes to help you.
  84. „Perhaps I should take a look at the building site.“
  85. Set the scaffolding on fire with a spell.
  86. Here comes the squirechoice. I take Raquel, but thats up to you.
  87. Buy new armour…
  88. Train your squire.
  89. Go to the half-orcs
  90. Allow them to bind your wrists.
  91. „I seek an alliance.“
  92. „As long as your people follow the law…“
  93. Try to talk Gurstwin into letting the prisoners go free.
  94. Go to the halflings.
  95. „As a follower of Auriel, I will…“
  96. Call upon Auriel…
  97. Enter the home.
  98. „I know you aren’t a ghost.“
  99. Strike the coice with your sword.
  100. Listen to his story.
  101. Reach out but say nothing
  102. I’m afraid I can’t help you.
  103. You wish for your army to be more powerful than your enemy`s.
  104. Tell Naistalan that you have found Auriel’s Grief.
  105. Give the necklace to Naistlan.
  106. Graciously ask for nothing more.
  107. Suggest to Archmage…
  108. You give pep talks to the soldiers.
  109. Order the soldiers to get buckets…
  110. Cast a spell…
  111. Begin the march.
  112. Teach your soldiers how to take the maximum…
  113. Ask both what happened
  114. Try to explain the cultural differences to both sides.
  115. Consider how much a halfling should eat.
  116. Inspect the gnome camp.
  117. Tell the gnomes to show the rest of the army…
  118. Give the command to take the food, but…
  119. Take the food and speak to the Weapon Masters.
  120. „I have 300 gold…“
  121. Pay the man 400 gold.
  122. Tell the soldiers to put the man in irons.
  123. Summon your soldiers…
  124. Consult with the gnome engineers.
  125. Ask if they know Sherman and accept the food donation.
  126. Recruit anyone…
  127. „Do you know the location of any of these mysstics?“
  128. „Have the army continue without me;…“
  129. Use your Gem of Seeing…
  130. Drive your sword into the creature.
  131. „Are you Sophie?“
  132. „Can you give evryone in my army a magical tattoo?“
  133. „Yes, and I shall make it worth your while.“
  134. Tell her that you must leave immediately,…
  135. The blue star
  136. Send a raid against the city.
  137. Charge in he front.
  138. Attack with your sword.
  139. Allow the halflings…
  140. Command to attack only the enemy soldiers.
  141. Fly the flags of parley…
  142. Accept
  143. „You need to surrender…“
  144. „Even if you are right…“
  145. Agree to his terms.
  146. Deal with the surviving enemy soldiers.
  147. „Banish them for one year…“
  148. Discuss strategy…
  149. Decide what your army should do…
  150. „No stealing and no raping…“
  151. Gather food dound in Ludd.
  152. Consider recruiting…
  153. Recruit only those who are healthy enough.
  154. Consult Lord Tovor…
  155. „Start foraging and hunting for food…“
  156. NOTE: At this point I will split this guide, one for the Paladin and one for the Demonsummoner.

1.1) Demonsummoner
1.2) Focus all your time on learning to become a better demon summoner.
1.3) Summon demons from the…
1.4) „You can go now.“
1.5) Command the demon to stop.
1.6) Offer promissory notes in exchange for the horses.
1.7) Build up your cavalry.
1.8) Command your army to halt so you can visit the small village.
1.9) Go with Karl.
1.10) Be polite.
1.11) Visit the farm.
1.12) Let the woman approach.
1.13) „No, he died quickly.“
1.14) Tell your soldiers to stand down.
1.15) „Kratog, I’ll get you…“
1.16) Tell everyone what you will do.
1.17) Go with the tunnels.
1.18) Focus all of your troops efforts…
1.19) Send waves…
1.20) Participate
1.21) Join those on foot.
1.22) Cast a spell…
1.23) Draw your sword and fight…
1.24) Summon Gaa’bon
1.25) Grab the noise.
1.26) Cast a spell…
1.27) Buy food.
1.28) Make no more changes…
1.29) Be the first to climb through.
1.30) Push the cobblestone aside.
1.31) Summon Gaa’bon (he’s a really usefull demon)
1.32) Shout, „Never!“
1.33) Join the Battle.
1.34) Join with sword.
1.35) Attack the Red Warrior.
1.36) Cast a spell.
1.37) Use the distraction
1.38) Slash at Selina with your sword.
1.39) Attack Theo
1.40) Fight your way free
1.41) „I won’t kill you“
1.42) Cast a spell of healing.
1.43) NOTE: You loose here, but you can win this fight. I prefer this ending because I can finally embrace my dear Theo again ;D. If you want to win the fight you have to kill him.

2.2) Become a Paladin
2.3) Take the mighty stallion as your own
2.4) Offer promissory notes in exchange for the horses.
2.5) Build up your cavalry.
2.6) Command your army to halt so you can visit the small village.
2.7) Go with Karl.
2.8) Be polite.
2.9) Visit the farm.
2.10) Let the woman approach.
2.11) „No, he died quickly.“
2.12) Tell your soldiers to stand down.
2.13) „Kratog, I’ll get you…“
2.14) Tell everyone what you will do.
2.15) Go with the tunnels.
2.16) Focus all of your troops efforts…
2.17) Send waves…
2.18) Participate
2.19) Join those on foot.
2.20) Cast a spell…
2.21) Draw your sword and fight…
2.22) Tell the miners…
2.23) Grab the noise.
2.24) Cast a spell…
2.25) Buy food.
2.26) Make no more changes…
2.27) Ask the high priest…
2.28) Be the first to climb through.
2.29) Push the cobblestone aside.
2.30) Draw your sword…
2.31) Continue cautiously
2.32) Shout, „Never!“
2.33) Join the Battle.
2.34) Join with sword.
2.35) Attempt to lay your hands on Theo
2.36) Use the distraction…
2.37) Slash at Selina with your sword.
2.38) Strike Theo.
2.39) Fight honourably.
2.40) Fight your way free.
2.41) „I won’t kill you, Theo.“
2.42) Cast a spell of healing.
Like I said, i don’t like killing my friend, but you have to decide if it’s worth it. I mean you can free Tornassa and save many civillians.


So i have another guide it is pretty solid but i did not experiment with this as heavily as with the dragon knight. Lemme know if you want me to do the guide for my assassin. This branches in to be a shadow weaver or a berserker so here it is lol
P.S. im almost done with the paladin but the rng frustrated me thus i did the assassin :joy:
Dante, the Demon King of Daria

Humanity: 25%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • goat-like legs
  • sharp demon horns
  • sharp demon claws
    Health: 30%
    Assassin Levels: 1
    Wizard Levels: 1
    Druid Levels: 1
    Alchemist Levels: 1
    Shadow Weaver Levels: 1

Good: 100% Evil: 0%
Agility: 100%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 31%
Perception: 97%
Strength: 39%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 3%
Devices: 19%
Magic: 100%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 100%
Unarmed: 5%
Arcana: 69%
Geography: 39%
History: 74%
Nature: 100%
Religion: 39%
Gale: 100%
Bran: 89%
Theo: 100%
Karla: 100%
Axle: 93%
Syndie: 100%
Lord Vale: 83%
Archmage Cumari: 55%
Lord Tovor: 76%
YOUR MOUNT: a stubborn mule named Lump.
Shadow Dante, your Shadow familiar.

Citizen Reputation: 100%
Citizen Fear: 0%


  • a blue star on the side of your neck
  • a dirty pouch on your well-worn belt containing 26 gold
  • a tarnished wedding ring on your finger
  • a torn spellbook
  • a dented sword on your belt
  • a dagger in your torn sleeve
  • a bow slung over your back
  • a bandoleer filled with a few potions and many broken bottles

A tattered backpack containing:

  • a very thick book about Fate Manipulation
  • a rope
  • a cracked lantern
  • a waterskin
  • flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • torn sleeping roll
  • a thief harness for hands-free climbing
  • a letter from Lady Emaline, your foster mother
  • a children’s book from Zusak’s quarters

You are wearing:

  • your badly torn and ragged clothes
  • the Circlet of Daria rests upon your head
  • the Cape of Shadows over your back (+20 Bonus to Stealth)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around your neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Feather of Glibness in your hat (+20 Bonus to Charm)
  • the Cloak of Spiders over your shoulders and down your back
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring (+3 Bonus to All)
  • the Boots of Travel on your feet
  • the Pendant of Life (+5 Bonus to Agility, Endurance, Perception, and Strength)


I would really like to know the steps I need to take to get this character. Can you post a guide?


I have an idea on how to get most of them now, but what about Battle/Warmaster?


You can get that if General Vale offers to train you in Ludd. He offers it if you got sufficient skills and knowledge.


Thanks Bud. Now what about Tycoon?


In the start of the game some cook asks you for 500 gold investment. If you give it to him later he gives you 600 gold and you could keep investing and become a Tycoon at the time when you choose a class (you need 1000 gold at that point)


This is exactly the guide I was looking for, thank you. I hope you’re still gonna add Part 2 and 3.


I intend to, life’s kind of gotten in the way :sweat_smile: college can really suck if you let some classes fall behind.


After his first guide it gets pretty simple to make like minded decisions. If it’s evil, selfish and fearful then choose it. Necromancy. Vampirism. Go for it


Someone said they had jumped into the code and change stats around, how do you do that? Cause I’ve made at least 50 new saves in the last three days and only one was survivable.


Can you become a dragon knight with a focus on magic and blades? I start as a bard, while growing magic and blades.

I have played TLH1 many, MANY times, but I am trying to set myself up for 2 and 3. So far I end up maxing out Magic and Arcana, with everything else so low it always fails, preventing me from growing. I can get through the story, but only on a fix track.


I made a guide for a dragon knight but it was off starting as a knight not a bard. I had a focus on magic and blades though