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Can someone tell me what happens if I research what the potion from the nobleman did to me? Also, is it possible to romance Lacey? And finally, if my pc is single, Brinn comes onto him at the river. What can I do to avoid getting intimate with her without taking the relatiinship penalty?

  • You’ll unlock Berserker class (try to unleash it when you’re seeking half-orcs alliance at LH2. They’ll love it).
  • Never tried it myself, but from what I’ve heard you could only have a one night stand with Lacey.
  • I dont’ know the answer (I never played without having an RO).


For me to be a Catalyst is to become a Town Guard twice then do some wizard job. Need to go to Jess’ subquest too (LH 1, after escaping Thuja’s, then run to the Academy, grab Jess along btw, and especially, make her to read the book. Ow, have I mention that you need to make her your consort too?

Hope this’ll help ^^


You don’t.

You just need a high relationship with her. Which you probably already have, since she told you about her personal quest.


I see… thanks for correcting me, Mate ^^

Btw could you help me getting the elemental archer and the Blademaster?

Never figure how to become those 2.



Elemental Archer: Have 80-90 Archery and 40 magic and ask Archmage Cumari to enchant your bow

Blademaster: In Ludd look for the best swordsman and have them train you and when Edgarddo comes be polite and have him train you


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Okay… Well, this’ll be a bit tricky huh…

What about Shadow Weaver? Is it where I need to pick “Shadow Magic” option on LH3?


Yeah just looking to get a invite to the private guide thing i heard about if it’s a actual thing just curious if theirs more then 1 animal companion


The guide’s been made public…

You’re right on it…


Oh damn! You are the writer right? I have actually already finished Life of a Wizard. I liked it very much, but not as much as the Lost Heir Triology. But I have to say, of all the choice of games I have played, yours are the best. And has the most replayability value as well. I hope you release another fantasy book soon.

Also, is there anyway to retain more than 85% humanity? That’s the best I have managed with Dragon Knight. Tried with Druid, Rune Warrior, Paladin, Alchemist and Arcane Tattooist as well, but none of them could do better than Dragon Knight.


Any good demon summoner guides?


I have knowledge of how to be the best demon summoner, but cannot win. I always end with the puppet ending.


For anyone who wants a Bard build which gets all the magical items in Lost Heir 1.

  1. Command your army to advance. Charm +3

  2. A lock pick set. Devices +20, Agility +10 and Lockpick Set

  3. Gracefully dodge the servants. Agility +10

  4. Practice Archery with Petra. Archery +10

  5. You don’t care for studies, preferring something physical. Agility +10, Endurance +10, Strength +10

  6. Thank you Harmond. Charm +1

  7. The usual, fighting dragons, etc. Charm +2

  8. Visit the knight, teach me to use a bow. Archery +3, Grady +5

  9. Dungeons, visit thief, Why don’t you pick this lock? Devices +3, Amos +5

  10. Temple, divine magic vs. normal magic. Religion +3, Magic +3, Geri +5

  11. Royal guardian, picking some flowers Nature +5, Emaline +5

  12. Dodge the blow. Agility +3,

  13. Beg, I can help you. Charm +2
    Attempt to revive parents. Nature +2

  14. Say Excuse Me. Charm +2

  15. Run toward Amos, Follow Amos

  16. Get +3 Charm automatic

  17. Studied thief skills. Devices +15, Stealth +15, Amos +5

  18. A bard in the tavern. Blades +5, Archery +5, Charm +15, Arcana +10, Agility +15, History +10, Gain a Lute, Gold +140, Amos +10

  19. Buy a Bow (40 Gold), Buy a Lantern (15 Gold)

  20. Practice Archery with Karla +5

  21. Get out lute, and make some money +50 Gold

  22. Talk boy into job. Charm +3

  23. Convince shepherds to be diligent. Charm +2

  24. Try to steal. Evil +3, Stealth +3 (no money)

  25. Fire arrows at the troll. Archery +3
    a. Build fire

  26. Pick up branch, set on fire. Agility +3

  27. Open the box for Thea. Devices +3, Thea +5. Tell truth or lie, get Gloves of Archery

  28. Call Thea. Climb down the pit.
    a. Search the pit.
    b. Tell Thea to open door, and support with arrows Archery +3

  29. Use lantern. Attempt to sidestep Kobold. Gain Necklace of Nature. Agility +3, +20 Nature

  30. Double-cross Master Jett. Gain Evil +30, Gold +250, Thea +15

  31. Become a partner (120 gold)

  32. Play all the inns. Gold +5, Arcana +6, History +5, Magic +5

  33. Accept the commission
    a. Write a rude song about Falthion. Gold +50

  34. Leave without buying anything else

  35. Be sure to walk. The choice is “Thank you for thinkingo f me, but I’d rather walk.” Endurance +5

  36. Draw your bow and attack from a distance. Archery +3

  37. Draw your bow and fire. Archery +3

  38. Duck the fire Agility +3

  39. Shoot one of the guards with your bow and arrow. Archery +3.
    a. All the guards are dead. Gold +62

  40. Help Thea ransack the antechamber

  41. Take the gem as your share. Gain Gem of Seeing. Gold +230 as well for ransacking the ruin.

  42. Don’t buy anything at all. Talk to Amos. If you weren’t a jerk, he will give you the Signet Ring (+3 to everything)
    a. Can you train me some more? +5 Stealth, Charm +5, Devices +5, Perception +3, Agility +5

  43. Perform at the Full Cup Inn. Charm +7, Gold +100

  44. Visit Jowal the Peddler. Ask him how his sister is. Charm +3, Good +1
    a. Buy Magical Shield 700 Gold

  45. Come back at night to rob Jowal’s cart.
    a. Lie, “Yes of course I do.” Charm +3
    b. Try to climb onto the roof. Agility +3
    c. Use the lantern
    d. Pick the lock
    e. Give up and return to room. Gain Stealth +5, Gold +60

  46. Get a job.
    a. Hunt the area around Elmvale. Nature +10, Archery +10, Gold +100
    b. Get a job cutting wood. Strength +5, Endurance +5, Nature +3, Gold +40

  47. You’re ready to go. Gain Endurance +3, Thea -5.

  48. Examine the shrine. Fill it overflowing with gold if you wish. Gain Feather of Glibness (+20 Charm), -200 Gold

  49. Look at Gem of Seeing.
    a. See what’s down the corridor
    b. Climb staircase
    c. Ask Petra to do in the Undead, otherwise use your lute.
    d. Search platform for traps. +3 Devices

  50. Take the cloak. You get hit with darts, but your endurance allows you endure it.

  51. Attempt to shoot the cloak off. Archery +3, Gain Cloak of Spiders.

  52. If you want, you could have your lover steal rings at the village. If you hold the lover close, you get a Charm +3

  53. Unregistered Demonstone to sell. Then pick “But if I had arrive a few weeks ago…” Charm +3

  54. Pick party to split up.

  55. Go to aphitheatre.
    a. Draw bow and attempt to kill. Archery +3

Battle with Thuja:
56. a. Step back and fire arrow. Archery +3
b. Push off ground, leap upward
c. Fire arrows at Thuja. Archery +3 (If you have a dagger, it would be better to stab downward)
d. Fire an arrow at the guard

  1. Take a hit and move in close
    a. Try to unbuckle Thuja’s belt
    b. Attack Thuja with sword.

  2. Gain Belt of Speed!


sorry for a weird question but at the start of book one after you escape the castle what choices do you need to choose to get the wizard/mage class

the only ones i seem to get are squire/priest/thief/hunter/guard/scribe/thug but i’m pretty sure if you pick certain choices that you can get to start with choosing wizard/mage as your starting skill right?


If you are talking about the first class choice in Elmvale with your adopted parent, you can’t start as a wizard/mage. The closest you might get is if you picked Bard with Amos as your foster parent.

What you can do, though, is lay the groundwork to become a mage’s apprentice in Ludd (after the sheep quest)

Basically, you need 40 Arcana to get it. Down below I will list the choices which will give you Arcana, though they will also give you other stats.

So at the game you start with an Arcana of 20 as bare minimum.

  1. Item Choice
    So, at the start of the game, when you pick your item of choice. For this, the best choice is the spellbook will give you +10 Arcana.

However, the holy symbol can work in a pinch, giving you Arcana +5.

  1. Servant Choice
    Then you come across a bunch of servants, and a choice here can be beneficial. Choose: You watch the patterns of traffic and step smoothly into the flow. You are very smart.
    This will give you an Arcana of +5

  2. Childhood Friend
    Whether you go with Gale or Petra, there is a choice here that will increase Arcana. Pick read stories of magic and mythical monsters to get Arcana +10.

  3. Class Studies
    Basically you get a choice of what other stuff occupied your time. If you choose: Your academic studies are your favorite, you get: Arcana +10

  4. When Harmond talks, there will be a choice to “listen intently.” This will give you a +1 Arcana

  5. Foster Parent
    When you are with your Foster parent, you get a choice of a field to study. The language may be a little different, but if you pick “You studied magic” this gives Arcana +5.

  6. First class/career choice
    After you study things, you basically get your first class/career.
    If you pick the Bard (only available on Amos) you get an Arcana of +10

If you pick priestess/priest, that class will also give an Arcana of +10

If you pick scribe, that will give you Arcana of +15.

So basically figure out what combination of the above will give you an Arcana of 40.


Hello! I’m new here. Just got around to finishing the third installment of the game – I played about 3-4 times and kept getting the Puppet ending x__x I plan to go back with the guides now.

I was, however, wondering if there was a Part 2 or Part 3 guide for the assassin route? :smiley: I’ve already saved what to do for the first part and looked through the thread for the next additions, but didn’t wanna start the second one until I checked if there was a guide or not!


Is there a way to purify the archmage staff without being a Priest?