The Lost Heir Guides


I don’t think there is a way to remain 100% human actually, since becoming a demon is part of the main plot.


It is impossible to retain 100 humanity because the start of the demon realm give you red eyes. As for the paladin guide im gonna see if i can make a paladin with good stats after i finish my dragon knight guide.


Life of a wizard is also a good game


This is a complete guide to the first installment of Lost Heir! In this one our young protagonist starts out evil and eventually starts to transition into a fearless good aligned rune warrior or a dragon rider/knight!

This set of choices will allow you to romance Jess, gather 5 of the major artifacts in the game, and lay the ground work for a Rune Warrior/Dragon Rider/Knight build in the second and third installments. I’ll finish the Lost Heir Part 2 walk through later tonight but this one will leave you sitting pretty.

  1. Cast a mighty spell.
  2. A spellbook.
    3.Force the servants to part by your very presence.
    4.Visit Petra/Peter
    5.*For Jess - pick attraction to women or bi.
    6.Practice Fencing
    7.Kiss her/him.
    8.Say Kindly, "You’re smart."
    9.Your academic studies are your favorite.
  3. Their compound is in Vernex.
  4. Listen intently as your tutor lectures you.
  5. Say, “Thank you, Harmond.”
  6. Say, “Oh, you know, the usual.”
  7. Sit quietly and respectfully.
  8. Visit the Training yard.
  9. Speak to the old knight.
  10. Ask “can you teach me to use a sword”
  11. Visit the dungeons.
  12. Lie.
  13. “Hello.”
  14. "Say, “Guard, have this man whipped!”
  15. Visit the temple.
  16. "Ask, "Is divine agic that much different?"
    24.Visit the royal garden.
  17. Ask inanely.
  18. Try to strike the man with a bolt of fire.
  19. Ask the woman “What do you mean?”
  20. Push your way through the guard.
  21. Run left.
  22. Follow Sir Grady.
  23. You studied magic.
  24. A squire, to become a knight, like Sir Grady.
  25. Visit Karl.
  26. Any luck?
  27. Can you get out of work?
  28. buy weapons
  29. Buy dagger.
  30. Walk out of town.
  31. Ask, Ready to practice?"
  32. Practice magical duelling.
  33. I’m starving.
  34. Have only one drink.
  35. Order a meal.
  36. Order some drinks.
  37. Smile to the pretty server.
  38. Order drinks and flirt with the server.
  39. Suggest that Steffany come home.
  40. Yes, I know what they are.
  41. I won’t use them unless I have no other choice.
    51.Hug the old man.
  42. The owner of the voice is the largest man.
  43. Struggle to see the board.
  44. Try to talk the boy.
  45. Cast wards.
  46. Try to steal.
  47. Yes, I will try.
  48. Summon Xi’atta and Zon’ch.
  49. Return stones.
  50. Tell the girl to stop whining like a baby.
  51. Cast a blast of fire at the monster.
  52. Ignore Theo(a) and attempt to immobilize the troll with magic.
  53. Check it out alone.
  54. Search the pit.
  55. Open the door.
  56. Defend with magic.
  57. Cast a spell.
  58. Attempt to kill it with a blast of fire.
  59. Continue forward.
  60. Sure, but i’d like to drop by the temple.
  61. Stand in the shadows.
  62. Become a partner.
  63. Work in the library as a sage.
  64. Summon Xi’atta. Break will.
  65. Yes, I wanted to talk to you too. (both male)
  66. a pale woman
  67. extend your hand.
  68. Hug her back.
  69. Come on Petra!
  70. It’s a long story!
  71. Shout “I’ll take him!”
  72. Keep the horse.
  73. You spend your evenings with Theo.
  74. Chat with Petra.
  75. Pick flower for Petra *after conversation - she rejects it - Walk away.
  76. Jess conversation *pick a flower for her - Do not enter tent.
  77. Easy, Petra, Bloodwasp
  78. Conjure a noxious cloud.
  79. Fireball.
  80. Search tents/guards.
  81. Explain the statue.
  82. Examine the stone.
  83. Summon the demon.
  84. Pry the stone.
  85. Keep prying.
  86. Help Theo ransack.
  87. Invite Jess.
  88. Karl is a good choice.
  89. Take the gem.
  90. Visit Jowel.
  91. Ask How is your sister?
  92. Buy history/geo text.
  93. stop looking
  94. Talk to your companions.
  95. Talk to everyone.
  96. Train with Theo (jogging) /Sir Grady/Job: Cutting wood.
  97. Consumate relationship.
  98. Look in demon bag.
  99. Study alone. - Summon Xi’atta, Zon’ch. End it.
  100. Leave Elmvale.
  101. Hail Travel.
  102. The big vote?
  103. Say what you know about the map.
  104. Examine the shrine.
  105. Fill the plate with gold.
  106. Look at your gem of seeing (recall history)
  107. Hold on.
  108. Climb.
  109. Cast a spell and throw ice bolts.
  110. Seach the platform.
  111. Take the cloak.
  112. Ask Karl, “Karl do you think you could knock it off?”
  113. “A short stop shouldn’t slow us down”
  114. "Ask Jess, “Would you like to dance?”
  115. “Pull Jess into the square and hold her close.”
  116. “I have unregistered”
  117. “But if I had arrived a few weeks ago”
  118. Send Petra.
  119. Send Karl.
  120. Let’s go to the amphitheatre.
  121. Cast a bolt.
  122. Shout.
  123. Remain silent.
  124. Create a blast of electricity.
  125. Instinctively.
  126. Stab downwards with your dagger.
  127. attempt to cast a wide-spread.
  128. study the belt and try to find a way to deactivate it.
  129. Attack Thuja with your sword.
  130. Consider travelling east to the academy.
  131. Take Jess.

The End of Part 1.

Part 2!

  1. Attack with sword
  2. Work as bodyguard
  3. Attempt dispel
  4. Talk master into it.
    5.Will you use it?
  5. Summon demons
  6. Continue dating Jess.
  7. Enter bar calmly
  8. What’s with the demons?
  9. Bills right.
  10. Help Sherman
  11. Offer to cut yourself.
  12. Get a room.
  13. Go opal cave.
  14. Allow Jess to pay.
  15. Buy sword.
  16. Rely on mount
  17. Fight both
  18. They were captured
  19. Learn who the prison guards
  20. Befriend
  21. Brick
  22. Fire
  23. Electric bolt out to Theo.
    27.take the child
    28.consider how other countries
  24. Decide what to do with child
    30.spend a day setting up room
  25. Speak to archmage
  26. Travel to tower
    33.Ask "What can I do to assure?"
    34.Agree and sign the document.
  27. Ask “Is there anything else I can do?”
  28. "Just tell me what it is."
    37.Attempt to dispel it - knowing it will take 2 days
  29. Call for the Arch Mage.
  30. Return to Brightwater.
  31. Speak to Lord Vale.
  32. Agree with him.
  33. Discuss war spending.
  34. Promise Lord Vale that you will keep military spending the same.
  35. Ask Lord Vale what else you can do.
  36. Inspect the solider.
  37. Spend 2 day inspecting
  38. Speak to Lord Vale.
  39. Spend some time training with the soldier.
  40. Speak to someone else.
  41. Speak to Lord Tovor.
    51.Can you teach me magic?
  42. Discuss war spending.
  43. Tell Lord Tovor you will keep military spending the same.
  44. Ask what else you can do.
  45. Study the books.
  46. Study 3 days.
  47. Spend time with eastern Lords.
  48. 2 days with lord.
  49. Selina murdered.
  50. Give speech to citizens of Daria.
  51. You tell them you will serve them faithfully.
  52. Speak to Jess about legalizing Soulburning.
  53. Speak to Bran.
  54. Help them on their way.
  55. Speak to General Vale.
  56. What do you suggest?
  57. Speak to Lord Tovor.
  58. We are leaving the war spending the same.
  59. Speak to Archmage.
  60. You refer to the demi-humans?
  61. Their aide would be most beneficial.
  62. Ask General Vale and Captain Bran about spy
  63. My biggest worry is here at BrightWater.
  64. Go to Gnomes.
  65. Take Jess
  66. Turn around and speak to the sneaky man.
  67. You walk next to Snarflan
  68. Tornassa is so large.
  69. Perhaps I should look at the site.
  70. Listen to what Jess has to say.
  71. Make Vyan a royal page.
  72. Give Samuel a small gift.
  73. Go to the halflings.
  74. Bring Bran
  75. I seek an alliance.
  76. I am not a priest but I will try.
  77. Whose home?
  78. Inspect the home.
  79. Enter the home.
  80. I know you’re not a ghost.
  81. Strike with your sword.
  82. Listen to his story.
  83. Reach out, but say nothing.
  84. i’m afraid i can’t help.
  85. You wish to be stronger than Alexander.
  86. I will ask Jess to be my royal consort.
  87. Go to dwarf king.
  88. Bring Bran with you.
  89. I am here to speak to your king.
  90. I am Prince/Princess
  91. Perhaps there is something I can do?
  92. Boldly walk to the camp.
  93. Attack with your sword.
  94. Working in their mines.
  95. Give up the 200 but do not train your squire. You need the + blade.
  96. Go to the Queen.
  97. Bring Theo with you.
  98. Examine the moss.
  99. Step aside and slash the forest worm with your sword.
  100. I seek and alliance.
  101. How do you know our problems?
  102. Anything I can help you with?
  103. Give back tear after questions.
  104. Spend the days listening to the elders telling their stories.
  105. Go to the orcs.
  106. Bring Bran
  107. Take me to your chieftain
  108. Put your hands by your side and refuse binding
  109. Say I seek an alliance.
  110. As long as your people follow the law, I will allow them in my kingdom.
  111. I can not kill them until a fair trial.
  112. Listen to their side of the story.
  113. Try to talk Gurstwin into letting them go free.
  114. Summon a few demons.
  115. Scold the other boy.
  116. karl, you should have chased down the culprit.
  117. Give the necklace to Naistalan.
  118. Graciously.
  119. Suggest.
  120. You give pep talks to the solider.
  121. Suggest that the two of you go for a walk on the bridge.
  122. Order the soliders to put out with buckets.
  123. Draw your sword and attack.
  124. Take child with you.
  125. Stop by the markets one last time.
  126. Visit temple.
  127. Buy holy symbol.
  128. Buy Auriel
    139: Begin march
  129. Teach your soldiers how to take the maximum amount of wood from the trees without hurting them.
  130. Ask Orc/Dwarf what happened.
  131. Explain cultural differences.
  132. Consider how much a halfing should eat.
  133. Inspect the gnome camp.
  134. Tell the gnomes to show.
  135. Tell the general to not take any food without paying
  136. Speak to the weapon masters.
  137. Hire them.
  138. tell your soldiers to put the man in irons.
  139. Summon your soldiers.
  140. Consult with the gnome engineers.
  141. Ask for Sherman
  142. Take the food.
  143. Recruit.
  144. Do you know the location of mystics?
  145. Have the army continue.
  146. Yes, go on without me.
  147. Dive into the water.
  148. Drive your sword into the creature.
  149. I am Blank of Daria.
  150. Can you give my friends a magical tat?
  151. A blue star.
  152. Continue building defenses.
  153. send a raid against the city.
  154. Charge to the front
  155. Attack with your sword
  156. Allow your halfling
  157. Command your army to attack only the enemy.
  158. Fly flags of parley
  159. Accept the terms as is.
  160. Force him to surrender.
  161. Deny his terms.
  162. leave Ludd and return.
  163. Command entire army forward.
  164. Approach the city cautiously.
  165. Cast a fireball at Duke Eddan
  166. Help your troops batter down the door
  167. Attack the commander with your sword.
  168. Deal with enemy soldier
  169. “I am unifying daria.”
  170. Decide what to do on victory night.
  171. Give night off, no raping.
  172. Gather food
  173. Discuss strategy with Vale
  174. Consider recruiting
  175. Take only the healthy.
  176. Consult Lord Tovor
  177. Start foraging for food.
  178. Try to find the dragons cave that Lord Tovor learned
  179. Accept
  180. Accept.
  181. offer promissory notes.
  182. use horses for cavalry.
  183. use magic
  184. Ask what happened
  185. Command to halt
  186. Go with karl
  187. Be respectful.
  188. Go to the farm.
  189. Shake hand.
  190. Buy sheep.
  191. Have the man whipped.
  192. You will go under the walls.
  193. Build of defenses.
  194. Raid for Food.
  195. Focus all effort on tunnel.
  196. Send waves of attackers.
  197. participate.
  198. Join on foot.
  199. Accept delay
  200. Reach out and grab
  201. Drive dagger
  202. make no more changes
  203. Be the first one through
  204. Push the stone aside.
  205. Cast a spell
  206. Go around, knowing you will take heavy
  207. NEVER
  208. Try to kill Selina.
  209. Cast a spell.
  210. Attack the red Priestess.
  211. Cast a spell
  212. fight one on one.
  213. Fight your way free
  214. Set her on fire.
  215. Cast a spell that turns the blade backwards.
  216. Win.


Nice guide :upside_down_face:
Now I can go make another save to mess around in Part 3 with haha. Never tried having 5 kinds of specialized training before.


Thanks everyone who responded. And I will eagerly wait for the Paladin guide.


For a paladin, in game 1, take a level in squire with Grady, take a level in cleric and be close with Peter/Petra. In the second game you can attain paladin with proper align


Yea it seems to be a fairly easy concept so im gonna go nearly the same route i would if i was going through as a dragon knight with small changes


I am confused about the first few steps. I am actually trying to collect the perception gem, the nature necklace etc as well. But if I take squire and priest, I have a really hard time beating the guards outside the ruins.


I just got to that part myself i got both necklace and gem. You wont be able to conjure necklace but you can still use your magic to push them after you ransack and keep the gem.


You need 60% magic skill to succeed in using magic against them, if I remember correctly.


Nah for me it was 50 magic to make the cloud i guess i had enough doe to push em.


My memory has failed me :joy:

I probably got it mixed up with one of the other stat checks.


oh cool… Could you post the first few steps you took? Just the ones that deal with skills will be fine. Also, how does one become a cleric from a priest?


Yeah 50 is the minimum needed at that part. However, you need two spells to kill them all. The cloud only kills like 3 I think, leaving some alive. You need to follow up with another spell, but I think even then, 1 lives and gets away. That’s assuming you don’t have a magic using extra class like druid. I used the clouds to kill some then followed up with a druid spell which used grass to kill the rest of them no problem. No survivors. When I didn’t have a druid class, and used 2 regular spells, like cloud and another spell. I think one got away. If you have enough blades, 50 minimum too I think, you can kill them all as well, been awhile since I used blades on them.


Thanks! Also, does anyone know how to get the silver armor from the citizens? I got it once, but don’t remember how or even in which part.


I wouldnt bother with fateheaven samurai was really good though. Also there is a series called heroes rise. I would check that one out its one of my favorites.


@Thinley_Pertin I recommend Community College Hero and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. They’re both great games.

Also, I know this might sound contradictory, but please refrain from going off topic with posts lile these. I’m sure there are other threads for recommendations, but this one is for The Lost Heir only.


IIRC you will get it by choosing/leveling up knight class after taking over Ludd in LH2.


@Thinley_Pertin Perhaps you can ask for similar games over here: The Lost Heir Trilogy

That’s the regular chat for Lost Heir, instead of the Guide thread. I understand why you posted here, since you are looking for games similar to it, such as Life of a Wizard. :slight_smile: