The Lost Heir Guides


Dude, you might as well look at the code for that. I mean, there is something like 20 classes by TL3, and this isn’t some AAA game. And come on, the first and second book are easy if you specialize your character (I literally did them by spamming blades/agility/charm).
As for the third, I agree it’s pretty tough but the game was released one week ago, give them some time and experience the game ^^


There’s at least 26 classes at my last count, though I may be missing a few. 13 in LH1, 8 in LH2, and 5 in LH3.


Also, wasn’t there a guide for a demon summoner run somewhere in the PM?


Does anyone have a guide to becoming a catalyst? I keep failing the endurance check :frowning:


Hey guys i have finished the game with these stats it can branch out to be a catalyst or rune warrior if you would like otherwise Danquo, the Demon King of Daria.

Humanity: 85%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muscles
    Health: 80%
    Squire Levels: 1
    Wizard Levels: 1
    Sage Levels: 1
    Knight Levels: 1
    Dragon Rider Levels: 1
    Dragon Knight Levels: 1

Good: 100% Evil: 0%
Agility: 78%
Charm: 93%
Endurance: 96%
Perception: 92%
Strength: 100%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 28%
Devices: 8%
Magic: 100%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 26%
Unarmed: 11%
Arcana: 99%
Geography: 82%
History: 95%
Nature: 70%
Religion: 61%
Brinn: 100%
Karla: 100%
Petra: 100%
Jess: 100%
Raquel: 83%
Axle: 93%
Syndie: 100%
Lord Vale: 72%
Archmage Cumari: 100%
Lord Tovor: 94%
YOUR MOUNT: a mighty dragon named Fluffy.
Mango, your monkey familiar.

Citizen Reputation: 100%
Citizen Fear: 5%


  • a blue star on the side of your neck
  • a dirty pouch on your well-worn belt containing 72 gold
  • a tarnished wedding ring on your finger
  • a torn spellbook
  • a dented sword on your belt
  • a dagger in your torn sleeve
  • a bow slung over your back

A tattered backpack containing:

  • a rope
  • a cracked lantern
  • a waterskin
  • flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • torn sleeping roll
  • a children’s book from Zusak’s quarters
  • the Grand Tournament Champion trophy

You are wearing:

  • your badly torn and ragged clothes
  • the Circlet of Daria rests upon your head
  • the Cape of Shadows over your back (+20 Bonus to Stealth)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around your neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Cloak of Spiders over your shoulders and down your back
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring (+3 Bonus to All)
  • the Boots of Travel on your feet
  • the Pendant of Life (+5 Bonus to Agility, Endurance, Perception, and Strength)
    Let me know if u want me to post a guide


  1. cast spell
    2)gender choice
    4)step around
    5)choose noble’s gender
    6)choose sexuality
    7)choose name
    8)practice fencing
    12)compound is in
    14)thank him
    15)oh you know
    16)doesn’t matter
    17)training yards
    19)teach to use sword
    21)doesn’t matter
    23)ask why
    24)how do you move silently
    26)is divine magic
    29)go to room
    30)doesn’t matter
    31)doesn’t matter
    32)doesn’t matter
    33)fire bolt
    39)sword play
    41)chose fletcher’s gender
    42)any luck?
    43)can you get out of work?
    44)i personally only grab the dagger
    45)walk out of town
    46)i didn’t romance her
    47)ready to practice
    48)magic dueling
    48)im starving
    49)have a few drinks
    50)order meal
    51)order drinks
    55)ask what do you know
    56)i wont use them
    57)say nothing
    58)hug the guy. After all, you owe him :grin:
    59)warrior’s gender. I don’t know why people make him female
    61)try to talk
    63)try to convince
    64)ask where are you from
    65)go to sleep
    66)don’t use stones
    67)spare sheep blanket
    68)charge in with sword
    69)conjure fire
    70)push him in
    71)don’t even try
    72)check out alone
    73)climb down
    76)defend with sword
    77)use magic to make glow
    78)kill it with :fire: :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. continue forward
    80)go to temple
    81)pray to good gods
    82)make never steal oath
    84)become a partner
    85)become apprentice wizard
    86)i wanted to talk to you too
    87)soul burner’s gender
    88)extend hand
    89)hug back
    90)come on petra
    91)kiss petra
    93)keep him
    94)name him
    96)work out
    97)chat with petra (im not going through the conversations just a heads up, sorry. Just don’t go in there tents.
    98)chat with theo
    99)chat with jess
    01)i still haven’t seen you
    02)conjure cloud
    03)attack with sword
    04)step in front of jess
    06)try to pry
    07)abandon the stone
    09)cast spell
    11)we can pay
    12)that’s why i need
    13)invite petra
    14)accept it with all it entails :wink:
    15)karla is a gd choice
    16)take the gem
    17)visit jowal
    18)how is your sister?
    19)buy history book, maps and grab the mage book by saying you will return it. (Don’t read it btw)
    20)talk with sir grady and train
    21)train with theo for jogging, jess for history
    22)talk with all of them each relationship should be high enough
    24)you are ready to go
    25)doesn’t matter
    26)doesn’t matter
    27)don’t worry theo
    28)examine shrine
    30)recall history
    31)say hold on
    33)attack with sword
    34)attack with ice
    35)search for traps
    36)take cloak
    37)ask karla
    38)short stop
    39)dance with petra
    40)i have a demon stone to sell
    41)if i had been
    42)i sent petra then theo so i can keep karla for a part in book 2
    43)get a room and drinks
    44)go to amphitheatre
    45)cast fire bolt
    46)don’t do anything or call for help (you are a strong independent prince(ss))
    47)cast magic
    49)jab with sword
    50)take a hit
    51)use grease spell
    52)use magic
    53)go to academy with jess
    54)wait for me to post part 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Sorry for the wait i was working this weekend and part two will most likey be out in no more than 2 days. I have school and work so that’s why lol. If you have any questions towards my guide or any improvements towards it please let me know.

Picking up from the academy
1)cast a spell
2)become a sage
3)push your way through
4)talk him into
5)promise me you wont use it
6)return book
7)tell truth
8)continue on your way
9)doesn’t matter
10)bills right
11)stop him
12)say don’t use a demon
13)go to tournament
14)borrow money
15)don’t buy anything. You can win without bow
16)rely on mounts skill
17)fight both at once
18)dialogue is different but aim towards good
19)cast divination
20)learn what you can
21)ask him to send one
22)say karla will (this is why i kept her instead of petra)
23)leave karla alone
24)attack with sword
25)take the kid
26)choose brinn/bran
27)put your arm around her
28)doesn’t matter
29)doesn’t matter
30)show ring
31)begin meeting
32)arch mage area
33)what can i do to assure vote
34)agree and sign
35)anything else?
36)just tell me
37)study the aura
38)call for arch mage
40)speak with lord vale
41)agree with him
42)discuss spending
43)keep same
44)inspect soldiers
45)spend a day
46)decide what to do with boy
47)he will now be known as axle
48)spend a day with axle
49)speak to tovor
50)discuss spending and keep the same
51)ask if he can teach any magic
52) ask what you can do to assure vote
53)spend 5 days on the book
54)go back to vale and inspect soldiers then spend your last day there
55)you are the true power
56)speak to bran and let them go
57)speak to vale
58)speak to tovor and keep spending the same
59)speak to arch mage
60)serve faithfully
61)take everything. You earned it
62)spy networks
63)our 1st target
64)i bring bran with me everywhere. Head to dwarfs
65)doesn’t matter
66)doesn’t matter
67)we will help
68)boldly walk up to the giant and kill it with a lightning bolt
69)work in the mines
70)make axle a page and give a small gift
71)elf queen
72)examine moss
73)stab with sword
74)doesn’t matter
75)doesn’t matter
76)speak about the tear
77)listen to stories
78)make petra a royal consort
79)go to halflings and help them
81)i know you are not a ghost
82)kill him and get it over with lol
83)know his plans
84)choose Raquel and buy her armour and train her
85)go to gnomes
86)speak to sneaky man
87)examine security
88)tornassa is so large
89)help him and set scaffolding on fire
90)go to half orcs
91)refuse to have hands binded
92)seek alliance
93)if you follow the law
94)try to talk
95)scold both boys
96)conflict between 2 people
97)give him the necklace then suggest for a reward
98)suggest the mages join
99)give pep talks
00)enter changing room
01)order flames to be put out
02)attack with sword
03)take axle
04)you have what you need
05)begin march
06)teach you soldiers
07)listen to both sides then explain
09)inspect the camp
10)show them what they are doing
11)pay for food
12)continue on
13)treat homeless guy with hospitality
14)snitch on him to the mages lol
15)ask if they know sherman and take the food
16)recruit anyone
17)go to the arcane tattooist
18)dive into water
19)kill with sword
20)talk to him or her and ask to get the group a tattoo
21)get the blue star
22)make report
23)use a halfling to use strike package
24)send a raid
25)charge to the front and use sword
26)use halflings
27)kill only soldiers
28)march on the city
29)charge quickly
30)cast spell to warp wood
31)order their surrender
32)i let him live
33)banish enemy soldiers
34)discuss strategy
35)tell troops no stealing etc
36)gather food
37)take healthiest people
38)talk to tovor
39)hunt food
40)become a dragon rider
41)he will now be named fluffy
42)buy horses and add to cavalry
43)use magic
44)visit small village with karla and be polite
45)visit farm
46)shake his hand
47)buy sheep
48)my conflict was petra and i grabbed an extra delay
49)build siege machines and focus them
50)send waves of attacker and participate yourself
51)go on foot
52)ride fluffy your dragon to grab the item
53)grab at the noise and kill with sword
54)buy food twice
55)ride fluffy
56)lead soldiers into breach
57)continue cautiously
58)shout never
59)kill selina with spell
60)attack red with sword
61)use magic
62)fight honorably
63)fight your way free
64)attack with sword
65)grit your teeth
66)cast spell
67)sign the surrender
68)any efforts are futile lol gd try though
69)wait til tomorrow for pt 3
I decided to just grind through it today and managed to get it done before i head to work. I did things a little differently in this guide than my original playthrough so your stats will probably be better than my original ending stats. Anyway ill have the rest up tomorrow so take care guys and i hope my guide is helpful so far. :grin:

Im just doing the important choices on this one so i can breeze by.And now for LH3
1)picking up from beating red. Mount fluffy
2)have fluffy clear
3)fight with swords
4)put him in sepulchre
5)legitamize nobility
6)loan 500 gold
7)we must strike back
8)take one person with you
9)take your squire
10)take road and prepare your own ambush
11)abandon ambush
12)tell them you are the king and say disband at once
13)leave the inn and use magic
14)listen at each door and say nicely
15)say i am the king i can protect you
16)come on that is a little steep then pay 200
17)i chose syndie over poppy but thats just me
18)sneak into
19)trick into tellling
20)take the gold
21)search bookshelf
22)ask discretely
23)go to class
24)find out where students hang out
25)go and sit with syndie than make small talk
26)go to card game and play fairly
27)eliminate poppy (personal choice)
28)concentrate with all your might
29)now that i know what to look for
30)can you get me a demon stone
31)ask ambrose to lower price and grab the book for 225
32)randomly search
33)brace yourself
34)run deeper into
35)touch door with vault stone
36)attack demons instead of poppy
37)use a sword
38)use belt of speed
39)actually im the king
40)"kill fluffy"
41)give runebag to syndie
42)say nothing
43)if he will take you
44)hire someone and give them a title
45)chose your final class i end up selling the book of fate for a profit of 25g lol
46)laugh and let your kid play
47)leave immediately
48)join wagoneers
49)give lacey the letter
50)ask her what kind of magic she does
51)show her boots
52)ask brinn if he knows how to dance
53)use magic on fire then say that all can be used for good or evilchill by the fire
54)call for fluffy
55)wiggle free
56)use dagger on flying demon
57)fight demons with fire
58)use gem
59)all three can be used for good or evil
60)have gaurds stand behind you
61)fine take your gold
62)say nothing
63)good to hear lord tovor
64)allow the tournament to take place
65)allow you and your squire to participate
66)this part is complete luck. Surprisingly i won again. What i use is archery then blades two times then magic two time
67)examine nursery
68)put on trial
69)give axle the title
70)examine boy and send him to the wizards
71)release fluffy
72)stand out in the open
73)charge the enemy with your sword
74)use magic
75)use roar
76)you cant help the people sorry
77)3 cheers for dura
78)crush imp with magic
79)cast spell to breath under water
80)reply honest
81)break bars
82)go for life crystal and kill them with magic
83)smash crystal
84)tell them who you are and ask to bring down your crew
85)say nothing
86)anchor by tree filled
87)bond creature as a familiar the name is mango :slight_smile:
88)have mango gather food
89)drop dagger
90)burn trap
91)use gem
92)jump out of the way
93)kill with lightning
95)fight with sword
96)trick birds
97)strike with sword
98)fight your way out with sword
99)use your knowledge
100)take ruby pendant
01)use belt of speed
02)let fluffy take you up the mountain
03)fight the monster
04)use boots of travel
05)kill with acid
06)dont remember what the choice exactly was bit it is the 1st one
07)make jess the court wizard
08)claim it to not be evil
09)creat the dragon knight order (my favorite decree) lol
10)give demon summoning to mages
11)tell of gnomes existence
12)let orcs in city
13)give out money
P.S. sorry if the order is a bit wack i lost some of my progress typing it and i had already progressed through it on the game. So im doing the decrees by memory
14)you should be in the demon realm now. Climb down
15)fight demon with sword
16)do you think lachlan would be pleased
17)defend yourself with sword
18)cast spell to throw demon off
19)smash window
20)sink poppy
21)cast a spell get into the air
22)throw laceys marble
23)run around him
24)use magic to secure escaoe
25)allow the summon
26)settle peacefully
27)thanks for the heads up
28)leave zusak
29)jump to side
30)wait for demo to appear
31)i gave jess my stone
32)have petra heal syndie
33)keep jess safe
34)pretend you dont see him
35)take hits
36)attack with sword
37)angle sword
38)chop him down
39)allow to be called
40)cast spell
41)give some last minute insight
42)dodge hit then search
43)cast spell as distraction
44)cast spell to throw stones back
45)cut demons apart one by one
46)push away from zusak
47)call for fluffy
And that is the end. Sorry if the guide is a little bit sloppy. Anyway that was my guide and u can be a catalyst or rune warrior if desired. If there are any questions lemme know. I will have a paladin guide up in maybe a week. Until then, take care :v:


I would like one if you don’t mind.


For all of those who have created a powerful build, leave your guides here for LH1, LH2 and LH3 respectively.

Unfortunately, guides takes a very long time to create for each class build. It took me three days to make the Thief/Ranger for just LH1. I had to rinse and repeat constantly, make notes, sometimes scrap everything and start over. It’s a very difficult task and sometimes we can’t always do it with the time we have. So people sharing their builds and a guide on how they achieved it will be much appreciated by everybody.

Thank you


Hey could you please post the guide?


Quick question, is there a ranger/thief one for the second part?:slight_smile: Would love to be well prepared for when I try playing both then the third all the way through and attempting to get the super cool crocodile:)


Please tell me how?!?


Ranger/Thief is for LH1


How do I get an invitation for the guides? Also, is hero ending the best ending? Thanks!


I think the guides are all in this thread. There’s some in the first post and a bunch more further down.


Ending wise It all depends on preference for me at least. My favorite one is probably the martyr because you end up being remembered as the one who sacrificed himself and his humanity to protect all he cares for.


Oh also does anyone know how you get the holy avenger


You have to be a Paladin to get the holy Avenger but you get it from the Grand tournament.


Oh thanks! Also why can i never win the grand tournament? I had magic, archery and blade at 100 and switched weapons for each fight. Still lost the third round.


Its all based on luck. I restarted at least 10 time to win and i wouldnt stop cuz i like to be a perfectionist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh! Now I will have to do that as well. By the way, do you know where I could find a good Paladin guide?


I cannot find one for Paladin. But thanks anyway. Also, is there a way to retain 100% human traits? And finally, I would appreciate recommendations for other good medieval/ fantasy games by choiceofgames. I have played The Great Tournament, Dragon’s Coice and of course The Lost Heir Triology. Currently playing Swamp Castle and Lords of Ashwick.