The Lost Heir Guides

Could somepody pleas make or link me to evil priest or dark knight guide

Hmm. I’d suggest an assassin build with unarmed as your main and bow as your secondary. Maybe blades as a third specialty.

Purchasing legendary will help you reach stat requirments more easily.

I’d suggest Tornassa as the part 1 end destination, as the “trapped in a building by local law enforcement” is a distinctly Bourne story element.

There are a few interesting story opportunities if you stick with assassin class until ludd.

Another good option for Bourne like narrative is to send spys to ludd.

Can’t suggest much else without ruining certain story elements and taking far to long detailing significant choices.

If I want to become a vampire, what do I need to increase (stats) in order to max out my playthrough?? I mean, should I choose magic options? Dexterity??

First of all, Herę is a link for all class requirements at all stages of all three games:

Can you become Paladin of the Unnown?

I was wondering if it was possible to be a necromancer/vampire while being good, or do you necessarily need to be evil?

How do you get all of the endings?

How would you play as a han solo type character?