The Lost Heir Guides


Well thanks to you and @Envy!! You both have provided very distinct guides for the game.


I can’t help you there. I never did Necromancy personally.


You need only one lvl.


Thanks, can make my char like I want then! :smile: ^^


Just a quick warning: if you follow the ranger walkthrough trying to kiss Petra after you reunite won’t get you any relationship points because she’ll think you’re with Thea.


Can someone tell me all the unique classes and how to get them?


Is there a guide for a Demon Summoner hybrid class? Any help would be very much appreciated.


If you follow the very first guide but for number 3)choose make the servants part by your very presence . You will get +10 will power. Then follow the guide to the letter, choose to use the demon stones but only summon the ice demon. You will not have enough power to control the other ones and you will take some penalty hits if you try. When you get back to town train with Jace to increase will power. Train with companions you might be able to summon the second demon but check stats at this point, you need 50 willpower and 70 for the other one and 80 for Tyborr which is not possible to get in the first book. Keep Tyborr if you want to get his story. I usually go the mountains with theo you get a +10 willpower in the second book. After that just keep choosing the choices that will increase willpower and demon summoning.


What are the choices that I need to take if I want to increase my willpower? I’m having difficulty increasing my willpower to make my MC control the demons.


I need help with TLH 3 the wanderer achievement


It’s nearly impossible as you have to lose the final battle in Brightwater. I don’t know how you can do it, but I think you need a low Win Factor. I don’t remember but I think it’s 100.


I have a character with a high final stat and can make a guide if requested… (feel free to ask)

Here is my end results…

Demon Traits:

Humanity: 50%
-glowing eyes
-unnaturally large, well-defined muscles

Specialized Training:

Priest Levels: 2
Guard Levels: 1
Necromancer Levels: 1
Vampire Lord Levels: 1


Good: 0%
Evil: 100%


Agility: 89%
Charm: 96%
Endurance: 100%
Perception: 100%
Strength: 100%
Willpower: 23%


Archery: 15%
Devices: 11%
Magic: 100%
Blades: 100%
Stealth 29%
Unarmed 5%


Arcana: 82%
Geography: 59%
History: 88% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Nature: 63%
Religion: 100%


Petra: 100%
Jess: 100%
Brinn: 100%
Karla: 100%
Shadow: 100% (Just what I named the Adopted child in LH2)
Syndie: 100%
Lord Vale: 75% (I didn’t try too hard to gain their favor may be able to do better than I did if you experiment)
Archmage Cumari: 100%
Lord Tovor: 62% (I didn’t try too hard to gain their favor may be able to do better than I did if you experiment)

( you can turn all followers into vampires, :wink: I did )

Your Mount:

  • An undead horse named Pestilence
  • Wraith, Your shade familiar (have not tried to find a LH3 Necro-familiar yet so i’ll look into it later)


Citizen Rep: 6% (you can do much better (60%+) if you are willing to sacrifice a little coin.)
Citizen Fear: 100% ( A Vampire Necromancer, fear comes with the territory. )


  • a white circle on your shoulder-blade


  • a dirty pouch on your well worn belt. (I had 1830+ gold by the time you give away your cash, if your going to spend it, army then the rest on mercs.)
  • a tarnished wedding ring on your finger.
  • a torn spell book.
  • a dented sword on your belt.
  • a Holy symbol secretly dedicated to the goddess Fear (custom evil goddess name) hanging around your neck.
  • a dagger in your torn sleeve
  • a bow slung over your shoulder

A tattered backpack containing:

  • a lock pick set
  • a rope
  • a cracked lantern
  • a water-skin
  • flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • flask of holy water
  • torn sleeping roll
  • thief harness
  • the Book of the Dead bound in human skin
  • a children’s book from Zusak’s quarters

You are wearing:

  • badly torn and ragged clothes
  • the Circlet of Daria rests on your head
  • the Cape of Shadows over your back (+20 bonus stealth)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature (+20 bonus nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Feather of Glibness (+20 bonus to Charm)
  • the Cloak of Spiders over your shoulders (random events it plays a part in climbing or evasion)
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist (in many events helps with dodging and attacking)
  • Your family signet ring (+3 all)
  • Boot of Travel on your feet (walk on air and water)
  • the Pendant of Life (+5 Bonus to Agility, Endurance, Perception, and Strength.

( I will be looking into how to avoid all the torn up clothes, also I have yet to beat the torny, the random factors have taken me through many fights but always falling short in the end due to a bad roll.)

Though all in all, this vampire necromancer isn’t just a push over magic user, fast, strong, powerful, things you would not expect in a spellweaver.

Lost Heir 1

  1. Command your army to advance (+3 Charm)
  2. (choose gender)
  3. A spellbook ( Arcana +10, Magic +20, and Gained Spellbook)
  4. Smile at the servants (Charm +10 and Good +1) (Avoid as much good as possible)
  5. Visit Petra or Peter (helps if your char is attracted to the gender in which P is)
  6. (Choose Straight or Bi depending on gender of character and attraction, you want to be attracted.)
  7. (name)
  8. Practice fencing (+10 blade)
  9. Lean over and kiss him or her (+5 Petra/Peter)
  10. Say Kindly (+3 Petra/Peter and Good +1)
  11. You don’t care for any of your studies… (Ag +10, En +10, Str +10)
  12. Say “Their compound is in Vernex…” (+3 Geography)
  13. Listen intently (+1 Arcana)
  14. Say, “thank you…” (Charm + 1)
  15. Say, “Oh, you know…” (sarcastic remark) (Charm +2)
  16. (choice is irrelevant)
  17. Visit training yards
  18. Speak to old knight
  19. Ask to be taught how to use sword (+5 Relation and Blades +3)
  20. Visit dungeon
  21. (irrelevant choice)
  22. Hello
  23. “why are you in here?”
  24. So how do you walk so silently? (stealth +3)
  25. Visit temple
  26. Is divine magic that much different… (+5 Relation, +3 Religion, +3 Magic)
  27. Visit the royal garden (Wait for the woman to leave (+3 Blades)
  28. Go to room
  29. (Irrelevant choice)
  30. (Irrelevant choice)
  31. (Irrelevant choice)
  32. Try to strike the man with a bolt of fire (Magic +3)
  33. Attempt to revive your dying parents (+2 nature) / [Alternative] Beg (Charm +2)
  34. “Excuse me!” (Charm +2)
  35. Run left
  36. Sir Grady
  37. You are thankful (+3 Relation and +3 Str)
  38. You studied Swordplay (Blades +30 and +5 Relation)
  39. A Priest
  40. You follow an evil deity
  41. (Irrelevant choice) (I just make my own Goddess) (Blades +5, Religion +20, Hist +10, Arcana +10, Magic +15, Gold +140, Gained Holy Symbol.)
  42. (Irrelevant choice, Karl or Karla does not matter.)
  43. Ask about the infinity arrow (+3 Rep)
  44. Can you get out of work early?
  45. Done shopping (You do not need anything.)
  46. “…saving my money”
  47. Walk out of Town (DO NOT, hold their hand or kiss them it will end in net Rep loss if you romance anyone, unless you plan on having them become the Red Archer. [Alt] or choose non attracted gender of Karl/Karla. Otherwise hit on waitress/waiter and gain +10 Charm )
  48. Ask, “Ready to practice?” (+3 Rep)
  49. Practice Sword-fighting (+3 Blades)
  50. I’m starving
  51. (Irrelevant choice.)
  52. Order a meal (+3 Rep)
  53. Talk for the rest of the night. (+10 Rep)
  54. Ask, what do you know about them? (Arcana +3)
  55. I wont use them (Good +1 and Grady Rep +3)
  56. (Irrelevant choice) (I just say nothing)
  57. Ask for money (-10 Rep, +30 Gold)
  58. (Gender of Theo is Irrelevant though attracted gender is easier to gain Rep)(I always make it Theo, a 300 lb bodybuilder chick doesn’t seem right.shivers)
  59. Struggle to see the board
  60. Threaten the boy (+2 Evil, and yes those 2 points will make all the difference.)
  61. Stand your ground
  62. Try to talk the boy into giving you the job. (+3 Charm)
  63. Introduce yourself (+3 Theo Rep)
  64. Cast Wards (+3 Magic)
  65. Try to steal (+3 Evil and Stealth)
  66. Ask, where are you from? (+3 Rep)
  67. Go to bed
  68. “No, I will respect…” (you don’t wan to use the stones)
  69. Stop Whining (+3 Evil, who knew being evil was such hard work? lol)
  70. Cast a blast of Fire (+3 Magic and Arcana)
  71. Conjure a fire (Magic +2)
  72. let theo finish it off
  73. Appear to pray for their souls (+3 Religion, +3 Evil, +5 Theo Rep)
  74. Don’t Even Try (no point in it)
  75. Call theo
  76. Search Theo
  77. Take it (+75 Gold and +3 Evil)
  78. Try to heal him with divine magic (+3 religion and +5 Theo, he never knew a thing.)
  79. Search the pit
  80. Open the door yourself
  81. Defend with magic (Magic +3)
  82. Cast a Spell to create a magical glow. (Magic +2)
  83. Attempt to kill it with a blast of fire. (Magic +3 and Gained Necklace of (Nature +20)
  84. Double-cross
  85. Broach the subject
  86. Say bluntly
  87. Dedicate the kill (Religion +3, Evil +30, Gold +250 and Theo +15)
  88. drop by the local temple
  89. Stand in the shadows (Religion and Evil +2) (No double dipping it doesn’t work)
  90. On your way
  91. Become a partner (+5 Rep, -190 gold)
  92. Work for the city guard (Gained Sword, Guard level, +10 Per, Blades, End, Str, Geo, and +40 gold.)
  93. “Yes, I wanted to talk to you too.” (+5 Theo Rep)
  94. (Gender is irrelevant though opposite is easier to gain favor, went with Jess. (recommended attracted gender)
  95. “Extend your hand and say, welcome, I’m (name)” (Jess Rep +3)
  96. Hug Back (Petra Rep +3)
  97. “Come on… helpful for the job.” (Petra Rep - 5, Jess Rep +5)
  98. It’s a long story (+3 Petra Rep)
  99. Secretly Curse the man (Gain Amulet)
  100. Destroy the Amulet (Arcana +10 and Lost Amulet)
  101. Leave
  102. I’d rather walk (Good +2, End +5)
  103. Chat with Petra
  104. Ask what happened to parents (+3 Rep)
  105. What did they do? (+3)
  106. Ask, why do you hate Jess
  107. I agree (+5)
  108. Pick Flowers (+5)
  109. Stop talking
  110. Chat with theo
  111. Remark
  112. Ask (+3)
  113. Ask in Private
  114. He was a terrible boss (+3)
  115. Stop Talking
  116. Chat with Jess
  117. Ask (+3)
  118. Ask, did you… (+3)
  119. Pick flowers (+5)
  120. Stop Talking
  121. Continue Traveling
  122. Say, I still haven’t seen you do any magic… (-5 Petra and -3 Jess)
  123. Whisper Jess (+5)
  124. Conjure a… (Magic +3)
  125. Take a sword (-35 Hp)
  126. Attack the closest guard with sword (blades +3)
  127. Step in front (+15 Jess) (Hp to 25 then +25 = 50)
  128. Attempt to heal Theo (Theo +3)
  129. Explain (Arcana +3)
  130. Try and…
  131. Abandon
  132. Help Theo
  133. Defend with Sword (+3 Blades)
  134. Leave (full health gained)
  135. We can pay ( Grady +5 and Good +1)
  136. That’s why I need the…
  137. Invite Jess (+10)
  138. Say Karl is a good choice (+3 Grady and Karl)
  139. Take the Gem (Gem of Seeing, +20 Per, and +230 Gold)
  140. Don’t Buy Anything
  141. Visit Jowal (By no means at all, do NOT ask how’s your sister it gives good rep and you are at the tipping point of 90% evil.)
  142. Look at merchandise (Buy history book and numerology book +10 Nature and Arcana)
  143. Leave cart
  144. Talk to companions
  145. Sir Grady (+10 Rep, Family Heirloom +3 all stats)
  146. Tell Sir… about life (+3 Rep)
  147. Can you train me more? (blades +10, Str +3, End +5, Agl +3, Grady +5)
  148. Speak to Petra
  149. How are you holding up? (+3)
  150. Ask her (+3)
  151. A vampire?
  152. And I will be at your side (+5)
  153. Stop Talking
  154. Speak to Jess
  155. Did you… (+3)
  156. Ask her (+3)
  157. Ask her, why
  158. Say, you should… (+5) ( Then Romance optional if you want your kid to maybe be a soulburner like Jess.)
  159. Lets Train together (with Jess)
  160. Lets study Hist… (Hist +10, Jess +3)
  161. Speak to Theo
  162. Ask (+3)
  163. Ask (+3)
  164. Ask
  165. Say, you should… (+5)
  166. Lets train
  167. Lets Jog (End +10 and Theo +3)
  168. Talk to Karla
  169. Say… (+3)
  170. Ask, So… (+5)
  171. Ask her, why did you… (+3)
  172. Stop Talking
  173. Stop talking to companions
  174. Leave
  175. You are ready (End +3, Theo -5, Grady +3)
  176. (Irrelevant choice)
  177. Don’t worry Theo… (-5 Theo, +5 Karl)
  178. Examine Shrine (+3 Religion)
  179. Fill plate with gold (Feather of Glibness: +20 Charm)
  180. Recall History (+3 Hist)
  181. Hold on
  182. Climb
  183. Call upon (Evil God)… (Petra -15, Religion +5, Evil +5, Jess +10)
  184. Search Platform (Devices +3)
  185. Command Skeletons
  186. Ask Karla… (Karla +3, Gained Cloak of Spiders)
  187. I have unregistered…
  188. Say, But if… (Charm +3)
  189. (choose first companion and then second companion who you want to become the Red (class))
  190. We have to keep…
  191. Sell (+250 G)
  192. Get a room at the inn.
  193. Take the room (-30G)
  194. Get Some!!!.. drinks
  195. Go to kitchen
  196. Poison
  197. Let them take you
  198. Shout
  199. Say nothing
  200. Create Blast of Electricity (+magic)
  201. Instinctively…
  202. Jab downwards (blades +3)
  203. Take a hit and move in close (hp -50)
  204. Cast grease spell (magic +3)
  205. Use magic to throw… (Magic +2, Gained Belt of Speed)
  206. Consider hiding in the wilderness
  207. Travel into the Wilderness.
  208. Take Petra with you…

(End of part 1 of Guide, LH1)

(Sorry, something has come up and it may take longer for part 2 and 3 to come out, again sorry for the inconvenience.)

Lost Heir 2

(will work on part 2s guide tomorrow, why it has been taking awhile just to get part 1 of guide out? I have been testing and found a better way to complete part 1, Though not yet sure how it will effect part 2 and 3 so will test later.) (happy experimenting till part 2 is out necromancers and vampires.)

The Lost Heir Trilogy

Sure, type down a guide, would be nice. ^^
Did you get the follower that got turned into Red raised as your undead servant also? :smiley:


Lol gotta be on the watch for this guide now. Pretty solid approach btw :+1:


I love you for this @Necromancer saves so much time :joy:


Merged threads and wikied the first post. Anyone should be able to edit the first post now to link things and clean them up.


Do you mind posting a guide to gain max willpower?


It’s already explained here:


One more thing that i didn’t mention about Willpower, since i thought it’s obvious and hard to avoid - you getting +5 Willpower in first game in Elmvale as long as you talked with your foster parent - either by just talk option or by practicing Demonsummoning with the help of your companions.


Any guide for LH3? I used Neo’s Druid/Bard build.

In fact, I’d like an effective guide for each class for each game.