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Well I did to her/his quest and im also married to her so that covers the cataclyst part oh how do I get the hero ending when I played the first time I got the martyr ending

Hero Ending- Take down Zusak and K’Girr, then escape the fortress safely.

Is it possible in LH3 to get the “Love Is In The Air” achievement, AND raise the Red?

Yes, it should be. Just be sure you are romancing someone besides Jess or Poppy/Syndel and Jess isn’t the Red. If all your party members are alive they must be romancing someone to get the achievement. If they’re not with you, Theo is with Durga, Karla with the half elf cleric whose name I can’t spell, Jess is with Pope/Syndi, Bran with Lacey, Gale with the bandit leader, and Petra with the rude merchant. Keep your friends’ lovers happy & alive! Whoever went Red won’t be awake at the time of the wedding even if you’re raising them so they don’t count.

Hey there @Necromancer . Did you happen to write down your guide for the rest of this build somewhere. It’s fucking OP and I’d love to play it out into the sequels.

Griffin is found at the Academy along with the Owlbear and one other.

Just wondering if anyone can help me figure out if being a “good” necromancer is a thing…? I know you need 70 evil to become one but I’m pretty sure you can switch back to good fairly quickly from what I remember. If not thanks anyways.

Probably should have mentioned that my current classes are priest, wizard and wizard.


Is Shadow Magic worth pursuing and what am I able to do as a Shadow Weaver ?

You can absolutely become a necromancer and then switch back to good. Remember that Necromancer 2 requires 90 evil, though, so you might want to hold off on redemption until you’ve gone down the dark path.

Also, as a priest, consider whether your deity will approve of either the necessary evil or of the part where you switch to good.

How to i get the book?

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Any advices for creating princess Fiona from Shrek?


Practice unarmed combat, and romance Theo.


Any way to become Knight & Dragon Knight at the same time? I know Squire and dragon rider are a requirement and Is afraid I will get too many class level ups to achieve my goal.

Edit, who becomes the Red enemy, who was once your companion? First or second you choose?

The one you have less relationship between those 2

Becoming a Knight has nothing to do with leveling (in fact, leveling Squire past 1 is useless). You have to win a tournament, which is easy as cake.

The easy path to Dragon Knight is Squire1/Sage2/Knight1/Dragon Rider1/Dragon Knight1

Yeah, but I thought you could only have 5 levels total

You have five “level ups,” but Knight doesn’t count as a level-up because it’s gained from a tournament.

How would I play as a jason bourne type character?

Could I get others wizard familiars besides the start 3 ones from location?