The Lost Heir Guides


Is there a way to get more treasures at The Heart? I only got the Demonblade and another one with Tyborr’s help.


Nope, one treasure besides the demon blade is all you can get and trying to get it without Tyborr’s help gets you injured.


Does anyone know how much willpower stat affects the storyline of you aren’t a demon summoner? Like how charisma can a bit?


Well you’ll experience some failed attempt at demon related choices, but you can compensate with other stats which will bring the same result.


I can try to make a artifact guide on how to get them and what their stats are but I don’t know if someone did that already because the forum has too many posts and I’m lazy :upside_down_face: . If no one did them then I’ll make one.


Well since no one replied then I guess I’ll do it then


Anyone know how to defeat Thuja with a wizard?


If you only have one high combat skill you’re probably in trouble with Thuja (and the game) but a good Magic only method can probably be found in my guide on GameFAQs- look back in the thread for the link. Probably some guides on artifacts in there too but if the Legacy Advantage DLC added new ones I got no idea since it’s still not available on iPhone. Good luck.


please do a part 2 and 3 guide for necromancer/vampire lord please


Forgot stats needed for alchemist. Any help?


Magic & Nature, can’t recall exact values.


Anyone know how you get the prestige class?


Which one? There’s 12 I think. Paladin, Dark Knight, Alchemist, Dragon Rider, others I can’t recall l, all with their own requirements and coolness.


Any way to become a vampire necromancer dragon rider? Would be a cool combo xD


I’m pretty sure you can, yeah. Be a vampire, get the Book of the Dead, take Dragon Rider in 2 and Necro in 3.


Thanks! Do you maybe also happen to know what stats I need for the dragon rider?


I’m not sure if you can still be a necromancer in 3 but maybe. Dragon Rider requires 60 Geography, Arcana, History, & 80 Tovor Relationship (find the cave).


You can’t be a necromancer in part 3, hence dragon and necromancy is mutually exclusive.


Awww, thanks tho for the answer. Guess I will have to do without commanding my undead army while flying on a dragon. :frowning:


Dragon Rider Vampire Lord is still possible though. :smiley: