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But then they die. Beat him yourself, they live and you get the Belt of Speed.


Wait it wasn’t Thuja it was the fat guy in LH2. There was this scene where you have to save one of your friends and if you have less than 30 endurance and strength you get captured on purpose. He thought you’ll be his sex slave or something but you beat him hard and killed him, it was a pretty epic scene.


Yeah that’s Bunta. That scene is awesome too. Especially for Karl/a. :wink:


Yeah sadly I couldn’t get this scene on my newer saves cause I had to get higher strength/endurance to not fail in LH3


There are ways to get the scene even with high strength & endurance, you know. Just have the Feather of Glibness or be a Druid. Or let Karl/a have their big moment. But there are lots of other great ways to take out Bunta too. My personal favorite is the spider familiar or the Ki Strike.


You can still get into this Bunta’s place and kill him by going stealthy or just kill the guards but it isn’t as satisfying as the one where you actually play like a toy and kill him. It’s harder when you kill the guards too, you’d need higher stat checks. And you need low strength not high, Bunta likes young fragile people and not strong ones with muscles.


Starting the second game and was wondering if there was any continuation of Demon Summoning Guide or perhaps willpower needed to summon the various demons


Full guide to Bunta killing, Demon Summoning, and all other LH2 matters on GameFAQs written by me. Might be hard to navigate at first- I have it in an alternate plotting format to mask story spoilers somewhat- but many answers there. FAQs for LH 1 & 3 also up.


how do you improve willpower with the guide of yours i want to be demon summoner and necromancer


Read the guides for specifics, mostly take the Willpower bonuses in the first game and practice Magic, Religion, and Evil whenever you can. The latter stats are required for Necromancy. Good luck.


thank you for the info


how do i take willpower bonuses in the first game after all he guides do not say much to this stats on guide are 23% willpower not good for me.


There are three points where you can get bonuses. First, choose to part servants as a child by your very presence. Second, train with Jace/Jess in the winter. Third, be sure to talk to your mentor in the winter before you practice Summoning. All other bonuses are automatic when you practice Summoning. Good luck.

Oh yeah, and choose to learn to use the Demon Stones. Otherwise Willpower will be irrelevant.


the most badass walkthrough dragon knights for the win


Lmao yea man the dragon knight is really cool


So much good info. But the one I’m not finding is the final result of Soulburner. Anyone have the walkthroughs to script that?


how to have a one-night stand with lana the mermaid


Don’t invite your companions down. Then you can have the chance for a one-night stand.


Is there any way to become a Vampire Assassin?


Easily. Just be an assassin, and then become a vampire.