The Lost Heir Guides


I don’t make a guide for my stats because it would mean making everything equal to what I did, that build requires a lot of min/max to achieve.
A good example would be romancing Thea to achieve the same stats, because the build is very centered on her and she isn’t a very popular RO.


She seems like she’d be interesting for one of my playthroughs, I’ll have to try sometime.


Don’t know if you can go Dragon Rider from that build easily. You need 60 Geography, History, Arcana and you’ve already missed quite a few points of all three that can’t be made up easily in game 2. But check the guides, chart your build for your goals, maybe you can find something. Not all the Artifacts are worth the cost IMO, all can be made up for lacking with various stats. Good luck.


I was. Ended up doing a build that was Bard Wizard, Demon Summoner, Siren that I’m running right now, about to go into the Grand Tourney. I’ve never finished the game before so I’m curious to see how it goes. Stretching for that 100 charm for Siren was a pain. It was that or Luck Mage, that’d be fun to do later. I had enough History and Arcana but not enough Geography, I assume you’d have to be a ranger or something to get it? What about Artificer, what’s that take? i was like 3 nature points shy of Arcane Tattooist too.

Edit PS: Without spoilers. Is it possible to actually do much with Tyborr? I managed to summon him once, and he basically called me an idiot, and then the 80 WP goal changed to 90wp, so I’m guessing it’s kinda story-locked, since it’s a moving goalpost, and WP seems fairly hard to get game-wise. (The opening option, training with Jess, and then just sometimes when you work with the Stones).


Geography I usually get through Ranger, yeah. Sage or Guard also award bonuses. Or you can just get +10 in the beginning from Harmond’s academics, +10 from Jowal’s book, and then get the rest in the first half of LH2 from Elven Elders, considering how other countries changed rulership, and Auriel’s Grief telling you about Zusak’s plans. That has all worked for me in the past.

Artificer takes 75 Devices, 75 Magic, and the Infinity Arrow. I checked it off my list by playing a Thief whose favorite possession as a child was a Spellbook. Mentor Amos, Gale & two Thief Levels handled the Devices; two Wizard Levels and the Staff of the ArchMagi plus Spellbook as prized possession & passing checks handled the Magic. To get the Infinity Arrow you need a good relationship with Karl and mid-range Stats in Agility/Perception, Arcana/Nature/Magic, and Stealth/Charm. 50 Gold can compensate for each Stat. My build took care of the Stats no problem and I did well enough with Karl as my buddy with no Romancing (so I could Charm the server and get their bonus, natch).

Tyborr only helps you out three times in LH3’s later Acts- Summon him in the treasure room when prompted for the Achievement Unlikely Ally, the only time when Stats won’t help you in Tyborr’s place. No spoilers, but the only Demon you really need high Willpower for is Brahl, and high Stats can get you through every combat where he helps- usually at lower levels. You’re also potentially screwed going for high Willpower because only one Demon is useful against the Final Boss (not Tyborr). You’ll be fine not Summoning Demons or doing it for story purposes and little else. Mainly concentrate on good combat Stats and staying alive.


I was just curious how viable it was. So what are an actual list and requirements for all the classes? I don’t think I’ve seen a full one. Also, what all mounts are available and/or familiars? I’ve seen a LOT of CoG games with some serious replay-ability, but this one is the highest besides Zombie Exodous: Safe Haven (which I am eagerly awaiting part 2 of). Having a blast experiencing different play troughs, romances and options. It’s so much it makes my head spin. The only downside is I quit and re-started a bunch early on because of getting captured/losing to Thluja in LH1, before I realized it was largely story-driven. (I feel like you basically need the Spider Cloak to win against him though).


I take back what I said earlier- three Demons are useful against the Final Boss and Tyborr is one, it’s just only 1 is useful in the final stage of the fight.

I have listed all the Class requirements in my Guides on GameFAQs, so I’ll direct you that way. Same place for all the Mounts & Familiars, there’s way too many to list here. I did that with Thuja too. :slight_smile: You can beat him without the Cloak of Spiders, but I usually get it anyway, I just don’t always use it. A Dagger is the above-all must have for that fight IMO- plenty of other ways to use high Stats throughout the battle. Strength, Agility, Magic, Blades, Unarmed, Archery, Stealth, Willpower, special Options for various Classes- everything you’d expect has its chance to shine. The Final Boss of LH2 is the hardest for me to win IMO- because I usually don’t want to win. You probably know why.


Yup. I didn’t “win” either this run, for that reason. I can do it, I’ve done it. I was disappointed in the result, and re-played to “lose”. (and no It doesn’t make me angry, it’s actually great storytelling, making the player make those choices, Slammed! has a similar choice, and it’s brilliant). I need to try a monk/unarmed build. wonder what would pair good with it if I didn’t go streight unarmed? Bard? Theif? Assassin?


Recommendations- Druid or Wizard for Magical Avatar type Monk, Thief or Assassin for Ninja type. Can’t be a Monk/Bard because they involve different Mentors and it’s usually not wise to get both Blades and Unarmed because they’re both short range attacks.

I need to play Slammed! now. :wink:


Good point, I was thinking of the magic-side of bard, but yeah Wizard or Druid, maybe Ranger would do that pretty well…do some Kwai-Chang-Kane kinda wandering wilderness BS. Maybe use Thea for the RO…hmm. That or Gale. As for Slammed! Yes. I was a wrestling fan as a child of the 80s (many of us were) and it calls back to so much of that. I’m not a huge wrestling fan NOW, but I’m aware of the general stuff and have friends who are, so there’s a lot of fun there. Even if you’re not though, the game is just well written and very good. Heroes Rise of course and Vesus are both great, but Zach Sergei is amazing.


If you have not figured out how to get enough gold to fill the shrine yet, the trick is to first go wood cutting and then hunting. The nature bonus u get from wood cutting will help u to clear the nature check on the hunting job and give u 100 gold.
Also, the squire/ranger guide in this thread is ideal for a very powerful good Dragon Knight/Rider build. I finished the game with 85% humanity, which is the maximum possible humanity.


I am curious as to what all the legendary mounts, artifacts and animal companions are. It would be good to know before a playthrough


The ones i recall are

-The Dragon for Dragon Riders and Dragon
-The Divine horse for Paladins
-The Undead horse for Necromancers
-Some sort of worm and a crocodile( I think) for


There was some shadow tiger or something for Arcane Tattooer level 2
Ranger had several animal companions too (if you got it to level 2+) and the wizard also had some from what I remember


So many… For Mounts, we have Lump the Mule, 6 types of horses (7 if you count the upgraded tourney horse), undead DreadHorse, celestial steed for Paladin and Hellbeast for Dark Knight, Dragon, Giant Forest Worm and Dire Crocodile for Druids/Rangers, Mythorr the Demon Steed for Demon Masters. I’ll let someone else list the many artifacts and familiars, or you can just check FAQs or play.


Did you have any FAQs in mind when you said that? I don’t mind reading them, in fact if I can get answers I would be more then happy to read them XD


My FAQs in GameFAQs (shameless plug). The boards here also mention a lot. Sorry I don’t have time to list it all.


No shame needed, since I asked and yeah, no problem. I found your FAQs and the artifacts are listed within the achievement section


Winning against Thuja can usually be done with good planning (and preferably Agility) even if you don’t have the spider cloak. If you can keep yourself from getting hurt much early, you can move in, take the hit, and get his belt off. Without the belt, Thuja is helpless.


Another thing is if your character has weak strength/endurance you can actually get captured on purpose and the friend you bring would easily defeat him