The Lost Heir Guides


oh I didn’t know you have an FAQ.
By the way another thing is that you must get all body stats to a high level (strength, agility, endurance etc) or you’d keep failing in the third game. My first character only had like 20 strength/endurance and ended the third game with only 10% humanity, then my character with high stats ended with 85%. For some reason the third game has really weird stat checks, you need things like agility to cast spells


Yeah, they had to do something to make it harder in game 3. ::slight_smile: The way I look at it, you just need a little Humanity to survive so it’s not that big a deal to lose it as long as you don’t lose it all. You want as many high Stats as you can get, then play to your strengths. There are many ways to win- that you do is less important than how.


You’d become really ugly with low humanity though, and you’d be almost a monster. Some demon parts like wings or eyes can look cool, but things like goat legs, spiked body, demon skin, hunchback. slime body etc are pretty nasty. Not to mention 10% was really close to losing the game altogether, just 1 mistake would have been the end.


Well it’s just a game, does it matter how ugly you get? The Monster Ending was pretty cool imo. And some Demon Traits have hidden advantages. But yeah, it’s also satisfying to win with 85 Humanity (15 is the minimum you must lose).


Can anyone make a guide for Urban’s


Can someone here make a guide for Dragon Rider/Vampire Lord with high stats just like Urban’s? Thank you.


@BlackPillow Can you please make a guide if your Dragon Rider/Vampire Lord? A lot of thanks if you will! Your stats are commended. :smile:


Let it be known I now have guides for all three games up on GameFAQs. See link in previous post. Enjoy and thx to everyone here for the game help when it was needed. My intentions are to supplement of course, not supplant. ;D

EDIT- Here’s a link to all the guides if needed- here Enjoy!


Hey, I saw your guide and it is very helpful for those who are new to the game tho it’s a very long one since it emphasize all choices (and attributes gained from every choice you choose) as well as characters that can be followed by starters. Your guide is well versed, thanks and good job!


You can’t actually follow the “all magical items–Bard build” guide as it’s written. I’ve made each choice required, and come up 18 gold short for buying the magical shield. Can buy it after attempting to rob Jowal’s cart, but then come up short to fill the plate and gain the feather. Can almost manage it skipping the lantern, but then don’t have enough Arcana to create light, and thus miss the Necklace. There’s no way to get all 3 items that I can see.


I followed it as written and got all the items- maybe you missed something? I suggest you try again and good luck.


seriously, I’ve tried it 3 times, picking exactly what he suggested, this is via stream, not mobile, I can try it on mobile later if need be…


Well, I did the math on the Gold (which I think is the deciding factor) and it worked out. Was it wrong somewhere? It also worked when I did it on mobile a few months back, I have the character saved for LH2 and 3 (female Bard named Alicia). I’m not sure where you’re having trouble.


Just figured it out. I missed the “get out the lute” option at the bar with Karla for 50 gold, I didn’t see it I don’t think when I had more than one drink, or I just missed it. It showed up with only one drink for sure…that’s likely it.


Yeah, you need to pick to play the Lute instead of drinking. If you have any drinks, the Option never comes up again. :frowning:


I THINK you can have one. I believe I did. Presumably otherwise you’re too smashed to play well, although that could be funny too…


[checks script] Yeah, the Options are as follows-

  • have a few drinks
  • have only one drink
  • have no drinks
    {if class=bard} -Get out your Lute and make some money.

Picking any of them advances the scene and voids the others, although you get more Options to have more drinks later the Option to play your Lute does not come up again. Yep, I see where you were having trouble now.


Also, I’ve only got 112 gold left after buying the shield and hunting the area around Elmville, I’m about 88 gold short to fill the plate, but I only got a small amount of gold for hunting, not what’s listed here, perhaps I should’ve cut wood instead? And yes, one drink still allows you to play.


The Guide has you doing both cutting wood and hunting. The third thing you do is training with Amos- max number of things you can do is three. If you trained with someone else you locked out a task window. The Bard assignment and anything you can do with Jowal are free activities, so you probably trained with a companion other than Amos.


I don’t think I did. but I’ll check

Yup, evidently I did, or just forgot to do the last one. Wonder what it takes to go dragon rider from here? Where would be the best exile area to go to?