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as for the development of your daenerys character, like you said dragon rider is an obvious choice, I would also go with a magic/charm/perception (in addition to the 45 in geography and arcana needed for the dragon ride, plus the 75 relationship check with tovor) build to become catalyst (don’t know if you’ve already made the third game once, so I don’t want to spoil one the new classes, hence the spoiler veil). I think it one of the classes that suit daenerys best, since appart from the dragons her main and perhaps only strength is her ability to rally people around her… she is not a great fighter, not compared to other, and the diplomacy bonus is what suit her best in my opinion… as for the romance option the best is Theo indeed, the need for ally is something that drive daenerys (plus in my game, Theo is probably something like half droggoh and half daario now that I think about it) but in the second game, you would go with Bran, since your new “trusted” advisors would tell you that your people will accept more willingly Brann as royal consort, and Daenerys would probably go with that as well (Season 7 spoiler well maybe that bastard’s ass )


Okay, so, ive looked everywhere. Ive tried every combo i can find. How the H*LL do you frame shelly?!?!.


I believe perception, sneak and nature.


I wish that were the case. I played through the whole thing for the sole purpose of those stats, and nothing.


I’m pretty sure you have to listen in on his mumbling, sneak past him and poison him without killing the woman.


Yyyyyep. Did that too.


Many stealth to sneak past shelly. Many perception to listen to him. Many nature to Poison him.

EDIT: And by many, I mean over 60/70. Something like that.


whats the requirements for druidofdecay?


Check last posts in Lost Heir Trylogy forum. It kinda became Lost Heir FQA (or how to write that shortage that means “frequent questions and answers”).


do you have LH2 and LH3 done yet necro?


What line of skills do you think are best if you want to make Sansa charakter?


If you’re talking Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, Charm and History are good stats to build, also Geography & Perception. Not sure of combat skills, but Nature, Stealth, & Archery fit the character. Take Lady Emaline for the Assassin Class, then swap to Ranger at Level 2. You can get a Wolf Companion by going to the Norgan at the end of LH1, then taking a second Ranger Level there in LH2.


To make a character like Sansa from the books just always choose the worst possible choice. No skills required cause she has none.

That, or maybe clarify what kind of character you’re trying to create. Sansa is not a good role model.


Hey don’t diss people’s choices. I agree she may not be the most inspirational person, but there are worst people to portray (just imagine Bella Swann :shudder:). I agree Lost Heir would give her a better character, but remember playing as canon is not an option (staying a virgin will cost 7 Charm for example). Play how you want, good luck.


I don’t want to sidetrack this thread too much (and I just had an epiphany) but Sansa got her dad killed for starters.

Now for my epiphany! Make her a Demon Summoner! With all the crap she’s persevered through, Willpower might actually make sense as her central attribute and Demon Summoning aptly catches how rotten that character is.


Check this thread out, @jbdmcheek It should have all of the answers you’re looking for. :slight_smile:


I wrote a FAQ for The Lost Heir 1: The Fall of Daria that was in part inspired and aided by this thread. It has just been posted on GameFAQs today. If anyone is interested, click this link. I also plan to write FAQs with LPing for the other two games in the Lost Heir series- look for them to be released on GameFAQs in the next month or two. Thanks to all my contributors and fans, and to Lucid for the entertainment. Happy gaming, y’all.


I’m trying to play the game as a bard, with my player’s first item being the lute you can get at the beginning of the game, but im having trouble with the combat sections. i dont really care if my player goes for magic, blades, or any other combat option, i just want some advice on how to go about this.


I went for archery (cause of the archery artifact you get early on) then later mixed it with magic. You could try magic/blades too. You just have to get a weapon skill later on cause you can’t win fights with the lute alone, so it’s better to pick another class after Bard (like Ranger, Druid, Priestess etc) instead of advancing to Bard level 2/3.


Yeah, the lute is more for Charm and Agility, also boosting allies as a Bard. You won’t always have allies, and it’s sometimes hard to find the choices to boost them. I recommend Archery or Magic for Bards (Bards do get small Magic boosts now and then), but really any combat Stat can be mastered with the right training independent of Class Levels. I’ve played Blades Sages, Magic Monks, Unarmed Assassins… A lot of it is to sacrifice other Skills to get to an early high Stat, then let combat success do the rest.

My FAQ for LH2 is up on GameFAQs now, enjoy!