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oh i thought we were talking about the MCs legitimate kid (my bad😅), i think the kid you find in buntas dungeon matches your gender


I found a way to get the circlet of Daria by making minor tweaks to your guide

  1. go to the archmage and sign his papers
  2. help him with the staff by attempting to dispel the magic
  3. tell general vale that you will keep spending the same and spend 2 days inspecting the men
  4. tell tovor you will keep spending the same and ask him to teach you magic.Spend 4 days reading his book
  5. spend the last day inspecting Vales troops
    then continue on with your guide as written


Preciate is ill apply the changes soon


no problem dude
20 characters


Because I like strong girls.

I romanced Thea in several playthroughs, had baby girls and boys.


Just wanted to ask… Can I cheat with Lacey, or Poppy/Syndie in the Lost Heir? If so, what are the certain requirements for it?


who would you guys consider the best RO in this game


do you have a LH3 guide for this?


Have someone a better build than this one?


Byron, the Demon King of Daria.

Humanity: 50%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muscles
    Health: 100%
    Bard Levels: 1
    Druid Levels: 2
    Dragon Rider Levels: 1
    Rune Warrior Levels: 1

Good: 100% Evil: 0%
Agility: 100%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 100%
Perception: 100%
Strength: 100%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 23%
Devices: 13%
Magic: 100%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 100%
Unarmed: 5%
Arcana: 100%
Geography: 100%
History: 100%
Nature: 100%
Religion: 95%
Thea: 100%
Brinn: 100%
Karla: 100%
Gale: 100%
Harold: 100%
Syndie: 100%
Lord Vale: 97%
Archmage Cumari: 63%
Lord Tovor: 100%
YOUR MOUNT: a mighty dragon named Deathwing.
Fang, your wolf companion.


who did you romance in that game?


How did you get a dragon!?


Thea, in fact that build is heavily based on her.

In LH2, You need at least 70 reputation with Lord Tovor and 60 History, Geography and Arcana.


I can’t see to save poppy/pope no matter what I try. Is there a way to save him/her?


There are several ways to save the summoner.
If you have Petra, ask her to heal them.
If you have 80 Nature, you can heal them.
If the Prison Child is a Priest, ask them to heal Poppy.
If you have the Cure Potion from the Alchemist class you can heal them.
If you are a Priest/Cleric/Paladin you can heal them.
If you are a Vampire Lord and made your companions vampire, you can give them your blood to heal them.

The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors

Does this cover the escape from the planewalker final assignment?


Is willpower usefull only for demon summoners ?


I don’t think they can die there, at least I don’t remember it happening.

Yes, no other classes use willpower.


Warning: Spoilers ahead with The Lost Heir 1&2.

Is there any way to capture Selina alive? Or any other bad guys?

I just finished the siege of Tornessa and it’s driving me crazy how I can’t seem to be able to capture any of my opponents alive. I have so very many plentiful lots of things I would like to inflict on the antagonists, especially Selina, but I am always forced to kill them.

Why can’t I order my troops to capture them alive for once? It feels so unsatisfactory to go through so much pain and unjustice done to you to only get a meager revenge of killing your enemies painlessly in the end; too little, too short. I would have gladly chosen an option to capture them alive at expense of my soldiers.

I’m not asking the game to give you a convenient, contrived satisfaction button because I hate such things. However, the game prevents you from getting a proper revenge in a rather contrived way. In the first battle I had an overwhelming army and had the enemy duke barricading himself in an office with few bodyguards and yet my solders somehow had to kill him rather than capturing him which made me upset, more so with subsequent clean deaths of enemy characters despite circumstances making a capture very feasible.


@highsis You can hide spoilers by using [spoiler] [/spoiler] around the text you want to blur out, just for future reference. (:


(Spoilers of The Lost Heir 1 & 2 ahead!)

I just finished TLH2 and while I really love the game, I didn’t particularly like the ending. I guess almost everyone saw the Consortium’s betrayal in TLH1: Fall of Daria coming at the beginning. Why would a monarch let 50 armed warriors from a politically opposite faction in his castle in the first place? OK, I could let that pass since MC’s parents were kind-hearted and perhaps not that smart.

However, shouldn’t the MC have learned from there mistakes? Why would the MC ever allow honour guards to accompany that duke after the siege of Tornessa let alone not search them for weapons? Did the MC learn nothing from their parents’ death? When I was reading the sentence that honour guards accompanied the duke I saw this coming a mile away and I was muttering “don’t don’t dont…”.

I think this would have been a better way while keeping the same plots; the MC rescues the companion who was captured by Selina and was deemed dead(in my case it was Karla) after the siege of Tornessa, finishes his revenge by killing Selina, and Zusak is on the run; when everything seems to have settled, all of sudden your companion who was secretly under the influence of Zusak who was hiding in the city(you thought you saved your companion by killing Selina but it was a disguise, since Selina wasn’t the one in control) turns on you and steal the demonstone of that giant demon. If things unfolded this way at least I wouldn’t have thought that the MC is rather foolish because it would have been very difficult to predict if your rescued companion acts normal until your guards are down…

I have a mixed feeling about TLH2. The war sequence was fantastic but the ending was a let down for me. I still really enjoyed the game.