The Lost Heir Guides


You need Lacey to tell you what they are at least that´s how it was for me


Good guy, knight, priest, cleric. There’s your roadmap.


Need quick advice:
I have 907 gold in LH1. I’m playing evil artificier (thats my goal). 200 gold and I will have Feather of Gibersomething. 700 gold and I can but a shield. I already bought all three tomes from merchant. So my question is: Buy a shield or save the many for LH2, and LH3 ?


Save the money. Using the shield is always the worst option, because you don’t raise your stats if you use it.


I forgot what were the requirements to become Dragon Rider. Any help ?


Good relationship with Tovor+60 in arcana, geography and history if I remember well.


Thanks for everything


is it possible to romance jess using this guide, by swapping all petra interactions with jess?


Is the Child’s Gender determinant to your own MC’s Gender? I’ve been getting a girl on my princess. Rip, wanted a boy


I think u choose the gender


I dont think so it may be doable though ill find out


i think the gender is random because i always play as a male, and i get bous or girls


I’ll take both your word for it, thanks you two.


I think i remember the problem i had with jess. I didnt have enough charisma atm so i couldnt romance her. U will have to fit the morality recruitment which isnt a biggie since u can get morality back pretty easily


Seem to be only getting girl on my cleric pthrough strange restarted 10 timed


who have you named as your royal consort, because i keep getting girls with jess and petra, and a boy with brinn


yea i can confirm that you can romance jess and do the same playthrough


Theo as bf, playing fem MC


i cant help you with fem MCs or theo/thea realtionships (sorry) but i think brinn/bran gives you a boy


Oh im sorry my bad, i was talking about the adopted child, might we have been on different topics?