The "looking for a roleplay gaming group" thread


This thread is for anyone looking for a RPG gaming group. The original post is kept below.

not sure if this is allowed on here but just lock it if not.

I have just left my D&D group after about 5 months, after having issues with a different DM of a side campaign we where doing and so am looking for a new group to join.
I don’t want to DM, I prefer straight up playing.
Quick note I am looking to do in on the website roll20 and if you are interested just PM me.

Regards Lexlexx

Who wants to be a brave soul on play Traveller 5 with me
Choiceofgames based RPs NOW READY FOR PLAY! (link found within have fun! Lotsa room)

Dungeons and dragons right?
On a computer over PM or in real life or website?


Got my attention as heck. If this doesnt get closed I will stick around.m



Open Sesame! Sorry for closing this.

A wise mod said to me

I know we don’t allow roleplaying, but I don’t think there’s any harm in people talking about it, or organising groups on these forums. At the end of the day, we’re a community, and if you like and get along with people in that community - and wish to arrange to hang out more - it’s the only sure-fire way to do it.

It’s open again now if you want to answer @moonwalkerdragon’s very good questions.

Or if anyone wants to start another thread generic thread about where to find roleplay, as long as there’s no actually roleplaying in the thread, it’s all good.


I’ve always had an interest in potentially playing D&D. But I’ve never really deciphered where one would go to actually play it. The internet just comes up with MMO’s and MMORPG’s as opposed to the actual game. And I’m not really in a position to ask people in real life.


I know some people run online tabletop games. I’m not sure the specifics of that though. I was in one once that required me to download a programme. I think maps could be drawn so we could all see it, and there were dice and character sheets.

But I really, really dislike D&D.

Most of my online roleplaying has been done on MU*s but that’s such an ancient form of roleplaying nowawdays, and it’s different from tabletops.


Really, really dislike it? That sounds interesting.

And even so, I’ve never really found anything that I could go along with; as previously stated, most searches and websites come up with various MMO’s rather than the traditional form of playing, which is mainly what I’ve been searching for.

I’ve never really taken part in online roleplaying before; I don’t even know what it entails. But the traditional D&D playing with the dice and attributes the Dungeon Master and the winding story that you can literally shape in the moment of the game around your character and suggestions is something that I’ve wanted to take part in since I was a child. Never got around to it, though.


I absolutely love roleplaying. When I found it as a teen it was just amazing. It was all those imagination games I played as a kid, but for adults.

D&D never really captured my imagination though. It was always so rules heavy and the players would usually just roll their dice and fight things instead of actually playing. I did read a huge pile of Dragonlance novels though, and some of the Drizzt ones, and watched the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

My favourite was 7th Sea, which was a swashbuckly pirate game with magic. It was so much fun! And I liked Deadlands which was a weird Western game with magic and undead. And Shadowrun, which is cyberpunk future, with elves and dwarves, and magic and dragons! (Okay I really like games with magic.)

I used to tabletop a lot. I LARPed (Live Action Roleplay where you act out your characters) a fair bit too.

I’ve done various types of online roleplay, from forum roleplay and play by email games, to that online tabletop game using some programme. I’ve tried roleplay on MMORPGs and the likes of Second Life but it’s never quite so immersive for me as pure text games. I’ve done roleplay specific chat-sites, though I tend towards those that are more structured and have rules, as opposed to crazy free for alls some places are.

Most of my roleplay’s been done on MUSHes though. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of MUDs, MUSHes are similar. It’s a type of roleplay with an interface similar to those of text adventures, where you’ve just a screen and text. You build a character, and then you use commands to navigate around a pre-created world. You meet up with other people’s characters and interact with them as if you’re your character. And sometimes someone will run an adventure you can all take part in.

There’s nowhere near as many of these games as there used to be, and they’re a super-old, really niche sort of gaming.

I’ve had the most fun on these games though, with a small group of friends, when we all meet up at a certain time, and take turns about running adventures. One of my favourites involved a group of mages leaping from parallel dimension to parallel dimension, (akin to Sliders) searching for one of the character’s boyfriends who’d gone missing. We’d hunt him down in each dimension, realise it wasn’t the right one, bump into alternate selves, and then move onto the next world.

I love the interactivity of it all and how it’s several people telling a story together.

RPG Net used to be pretty good for finding roleplay. Not sure how they are now.


Hmm, I’ve never actually done any of that for a variety of circumstances. One of which may be the fact that I’ve never really looked. I don’t know the first place you’d find all of that type of roleplaying, either online or real life. Especially real life; finding a place where I could potentially LARP would probably be a quest of its own.

It’s largely my fault though; even if I held a desire to do such a thing, I’ve never found anything that would allow me to roleplay, nor have I searched for it. The only thing that comes close is CoG, and I found this place by complete accident.

I’m also rather the complete opposite of affable or approachable in real life; I doubt I’d help the sense of camaraderie much.

Sometimes I think I probably would have formed stronger bonds with roleplaying companions than people themselves; I’m certainly physically adept enough to be an efficient LARPer if I tried, I’m sure. Although I’m equally unsure how it all works, so I could be ignorant about such things.


I got into roleplaying via a friend at school, who invited me along to the local roleplay club.

Both universities in my city also had roleplaying clubs, where both students and non-students went. Plus there was a roleplaying convention once a year.

And I think sometimes people use the internet to advertise looking for games and stuff. I think all three of the roleplay groups have facebook pages now.

One of the things I loved about roleplaying was it allowed me to play as a character instead of being myself. I liked being able to hang out with other nerdy people but having something specific to do. I’m not very good at non-structured socialising. Also, I was rarely the least socially adept person in the room.


DND is more vanilla than white bread!! Ring of Fire is where it’s at!!

If you want some good roleplay that is!!


Always wanted to play D&D, I’ve only played a hashed up version in Basic at very late hours, when we weren’t suppose to lol, but we had fun until we were caught and our DS trashed our whole set.


I played DnD for 20 + years table top version then a few years online. Then got married and that all came to an end lol. The are some good programs online to play DnD you just have to look around.


Hello everyone!
Me and @Lexlexx were actually discussing this over in PM about getting a group of people together in a small group to talk about it. We haven’t worked out the kinks yet but we are getting there.
P.S thanks @FairyGodfeather, you are truly my favourite mod…don’t tell Rosewood that I said that.


Sure,I’m down for some D&D.

Little advice,though.Always,and I mean ALWAYS,play with your friends (or at least an acquaintance that you want to get more friendly with).Playing with strangers is no fun at all.


Rosemod sees everything.

Muhahahaha :imp:

Now for on-topicness, I’ve never played D&D, or even know how it works, but it does sound interesting. Right now I’m too caught up in a couple of RP’s and of course writing stuff for the IF Comp to do some more research right now.


I’m so glad this was re-openend!

I was pretty happy to see this post when it came out. I alway had roll20 openend in my browser but I never actualy got to join a group because I wasnt sure about playing d&d with peoples I dont know and possibly very early novice because I didnt want to end up wasting days of preparation because our DM never managed a game before or half the player are twelve and dont know what they are doing.

Since most of the CoG community seem to have an appreciation for roleplaying I feel more secure starting a game with peoples around here.

On the roleplay side I have been playing since I am 17 so thats 3 years now. I tried d&d, cyberpunk 2020 and DC superhero roleplay. The last one was a real blast to be honest. Being an immortal Demi-god who regenerated from ash was really awesome.

Here’s the two websites that we were thinking of using.

Here’s something that might help those who don’t know how to play this game online or in general.
I’ve been playing this game for 4 years offline, but unsure how the online one will work.


@moonwalkerdragon Are you DMing? What’s your style like? Story or fighty?


More of a Storytime than a fighting time to be truthful, but it’s dependent on who the other players are and what they’re like. Sometimes I need to be the badass Elf thief who is great at fighting if the other players prefer story than fighting, other times I’m the quiet Human Ranger if others like fighting more. One time a player had his Ork tearing off other players heads just to survive.
And No I’m not a DMing…whatever that is…Sorry I’m dumb sometimes, I said I’ve been playing it for 4 years, but I never said recent 4 years, I’ve been out the game for a while since I’ve been doing tests, tests and more tests at school and I’ve never found the time to play anymore sadly.