The LCPANES Terminal - Other Interactive Fiction


Hey guys, I recently found this psychological/escape text-based interactive novel, and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d leave it here for you guys to check out too! :smiley:

"You wake up in a cell with a mattress, a desk piled with coded papers and books, and a computer terminal with access to three other hidden occupants of the dungeon. The choices you make will determine who escapes, who dies, and who is trapped forever. But be careful… Not everyone is who they seem.
The game is written in Java and can either be downloaded or played in the browser here. Please contact me either through the comments or at if you have any problems running the game.
This is a short project inspired by the likes of Adventure, Myst, those ‘escape the room’ flash games, and also MSpaint Adventures. The game is probably an hour long at most depending on your reading speed, though there are nine possible endings. Note that this is cross between a visual novel, adventure game, and text RPG. If you don’t like reading too much, you probably won’t enjoy this. The only gameplay is through choices you must make as the player. For instance:
“You can examine the (w)all mirror, the ©abinet, the (m)edicine chest, the ©abinet, the (d)rain, the (s)ink and shower, the (t)oilet, or head (b)ack the the main room.”

Have fun in your attempt to escape…!"
all credit to the creator:

The game: