The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



I actually let Hotshot die mainly because I didn’t like him. Still kinda sucked when I found out about Honeys and Hostshots attraction to each other and romanced her, I felt like the rebound since he was gone. I always let him die even when I wasn’t romancing Honey. I’m sorry…

Vipers my main girl and don’t need Wildcard around. Not interested in no else but her, she’s superior to the others. Sorry


… So… Not a Valeria fan? :yum:


Can’t believe her, made me angry.


Kill her? :yum:


My love Viper would approve. I did what I to…

Just a typo

Playing this game again reminded me of how much I love the story and the characters. Very much looking forward to this being eventually released!

Undoubtedly pair of the flippin’ century! I ship this soooo much.

My fave RO is Valeria

Don’t hurt me


draws sword SHE BETRAYED US
I shall sail the Ship of Viper, who’s with me!


Hey im not sure if its too late to say but im confused with the way the game acts like asexual means that a person is not intrested in any way of boys/girls/ect not even romaticly witch is actually acesexual( i think) since asexuals still can date pepole


Ace is the shortened version of asexual. I think the term you’re thinking of is aro which is short for aromantic. While quite often asexual individuals also are aromantic because romantic attraction is heavily influenced by sexual attraction, there are some that do have a romantic attraction while lacking any sexual desire.

Also may be thinking about demisexual and demiromantic.

I’m supposed to be sleeping so I may have rambled and lost the point of my post somewhere but I hope what’s there helps a little.


Congrats now im confused on what i am


I would gladly have paid top end price-wise for this as is. By the sound of what the revamped version will be like: a little more character depth(though considering the variety of characters and origin stories I was surprised how well this was done already), added customization etc for me this will be one of the top I.F. games around. Oh and if I could get my hands on a little magic that would be grand :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and when it comes to romances, yes I have been through the Lawless One’s guys like Cheryl Cole is getting through husbands! I surprised myself by liking Gadget best! He’s sweet and the business of him having emotions but processing them in a logical way was super interesting to me. It was also kinda hot when he let his natural urges take hold a bit lol I would normally be a Hotshot or Wildcard gal all the way and while I did enjoy them, for me one was just a little too preachy and the other was a little too loose!. I enjoyed Kane too, y’know until he set me up to get killed…actually even after that, a little attempt on each other’s lives here and there can really spice things up. I don’t hold a grudge if you’re hot! Oh and the variety of options and inclusivity was fantastic btw!:heart:


My favorite female RO is Swift my favorite male RO is Wildcard.


I think you should mark that as a spoiler since you only know Swift is a girl if you have a good relationship i think


Yeah, that’s a good point. I should really have given the option for the player to be either a-sexual or a-romantic. I wish I had implemented this in the original, but I was incredibly rushed for time and cutting a lot of corners in order to get it ready for the CoG competition. Definitely something I’ll include with the update. :blush:


Yes! Thank you for reminding me! Sorry for the spoilers but… There will be magic!

Basically, there will be a scene in the game (Probably the first scene with the Undertakers) where it is discovered that the MC is incredibly lucky. This gets brought up with Celeste, who talks to the MC about it and discovers that the MC has an incredible talent for wriggling their way out of certain death situations. This is not luck. This is magic! :mage:

Now that Celeste knows the MC has an affinity for magic, she gives them the whole, “Yer a wizard, Harry” speech and takes the MC under her wing and teaches them how to use it. You will get to learn spells! It shall be glorious. :fireworks:


Yey! So glad to see Gadget getting some love. He is frikkin’ adorable, if I do say so myself. :grin:


SPOILERS!!! :fearful:

… Though to be fair, at this point, I think that Swift being a girl is as much a spoiler as Ned Stark’s death and Darth Vader being Luke Skywalker’s father. :yum:


Well, I only found out yesterday and rushed to do another playthrough. She is now my favorite RO.


Don’t forget Samus being a girl as well.