The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



That’s fine, nobody needs to support me. You support me just by reading the games. :blush:

In fact, I wish really wish I’d spent more time putting patreon together. I think I was just toying around with it and didn’t realize that you can’t really update it later so much as make a new one from scratch. Will get to work making a proper one where Hotshot’s head is actually in the banner ASAP. :yum:


Yikes! Never spotted that before. Sorry, will try to figure out what’s wrong with it. :thinking:


That was so good. The ending had me tearing up :cry:

There’s one thing I would like to add. I romanced Viper and got the good ending where you die of old age at the farm after you get visited by your grandkid, and Viper is also dead by then from old age :cry: :cry: :cry: . But moving on to the main point: I don’t know if this was due to old age or if it happens only with this romance (maybe it’s a bug), but my character referred to Viper as “Viper” when asking for her, instead of her real name, Aina, which kinda stood out to me. I think it would feel more personal if we used her real name, consider we spent our entire life with her.

But anyways, thank you for writing such an awesome story!


It happens in other routes too, with that ending. I romanced Swift and she passed away as well.

@Avery_Moore I just played the game, and damn, it gave all the feels. I love how well you managed to put a distinct personality to all the characters. Also, those plot twists!

I achieved all the endings and romanced all the characters (Honey will always have my heart <3), and honestly, the lawful evil one was the saddest for me, even though in another game, it would have been the happiest. Also, just to clarify, do we die in the chaotic good ending (‘Revolution’)? I thought the MC was gonna let out some kind rebel yell right until the last line. It was the best ending for me, regardless.

Kudos to you, this was an amazing ride. Looking forward to the re-written version, I can only imagine how good that’s gonna be. Take all my money!


Wait I thought this was already submitted? Or was it the other WIP? I am so confused.


I wasn’t talking about the ROs death at the end, but about the name the player character uses when referring to them at the epilogue.


Thanks! That’s my favourite ending. :blush:

Looking back, I think it might have been intentional. The MC is starting to get a bit forgetful at that point, so they referred to the lover as the name that they knew that character by in childhood… Not 100% sure though. Definitely need to go back and read everything again.


You do die in the rebel ending, but you die knowing that your death has sparked a rebellion that could possibly change the entire kingdom… And that’s a pretty good death for me. :yum:

There’s so much I’m thinking of adding! Lots and lots of minor characters and side quests and choices regarding the MC’s appearance. One thing I really want to focus more on is the main character’s relationships with one another.

Here’s something that would be cool to know! Do you guys ship any of the characters that you’re not romantically interested in? Here’s how I see it myself:

Hotshot x Honey: Yes. Absolutely. Infact, it’s implied in the game that the two at least had romantic feelings for each other, if nothing else.

Hotshot x Swift: .… Maaaaaybe. I personally see Swift as having a massive crush on Hotshot, but Hotshot just sees Swift as a little brother. Suppose it could work, though.

Hotshot x Viper: Nope. Never. Might be some physical attraction between the two, but their personalities are polar opposites. I think Hotshot is the most “moral” of the group, and he wouldn’t get involved with someone who might try to bring his morals down.

Hotshot x Wildcard: Same as with Viper. The two don’t really get along that well anyway.

Swift x Honey: Not in a million years. They love each other to pieces but they’re definitely more like siblings than lovers. In fact, I think Swift sees Honey as more of a maternal figure.

Swift x Viper: … This I could see happening, and I think it could get quite dark. Swift’s the youngest of the group and easily influenced, and I think it could turn into a rather abusive relationship. Not violent at all, but very controlling and manipulative on Viper’s part.

Swift x Wildcard: These two would be absolutely perfect for each other! … Until Wildcard slept with someone else and broke poor little Swift’s heart.

Viper x Honey: No. Don’t think either character could be less romantically interested in the other.

Viper x Wildcard: I’m really not sure. I mean, their personalities would merge well, but i think they’d both want to be the ones who’s “Wearing the pants in the relationship” so they’d be a massive power struggle the whole time.

Gadget x Anyone: Really can’t see Gadget with anyone other than the MC. I think in my head I kind of see him as a-sexual.

Would be cool to know how you guys see it. :grin:

… But I’m getting carried away. Going to focus on getting Innocence Lost out first, then get back to Lawless Ones. :blush:

Edit: Fuck! I completely forgot…

Honey x Wildcard: Yes, this could definitely work. They’re both extremely flirtatious and I can easily see them being physically attracted to each other. Also, both would be up for the idea of an “open relationship”. Only problem comes with the moral conflict. Honey’s definitely one of the more moral characters (possibly even more than Hotshot), and she’s going to be shaking her head at a lot of the stuff that Wildcard does to get ahead.


It was submitted to the CoG competition, but it didn’t win. :blush:


Well it won my heart…or tears…



I personally think Hotshot x Honey is the best pairing out of those. Their personalities match and it’s obvious that they care for each other. Honestly, I’d have a little trouble imagining Hotshot with anybody, from the beginning to the end he was kind of the big brother of the entire group. But, these two would work out well, even if it’s a little predictable.

This would be an interesting one. Lots of potential for both a thrilling romance, and development of both characters. I feel like it would be like one of those old couples that fight over every little thing, but would also take a bullet for each other.


I honestly hate when ROs get put together when they aren’t romanced, it makes it seem like this romance is the canon one and my romancing them is just getting in the way of that, like I’ll always think about being the second option. Yeah it’s realistic, but I don’t really play these games for realism got enough of that in real life. Also a jealous ass.

This is why I always left him to the monster.

Guess I’ll have to leave Wildcard to him as well. Vipers my girl.

Also…Vipers better than Honey. There I said it.


If you think this version needs to be rewritten I can only imagine how amazing the new version will be. Quick question, do we need no be a heartless monster to romance Viper? I’m team Honey but I’m curious about Vi.


Can you please put the save system in the version of The Lawless Ones you shared?


I like Viper 'cos…killing and stuff.

No Team Swiift here?


Me, I’m 110% Team Swift My bff and only one i want to romance


LMAO! So you want them both, and no one else can have them? :yum:

That’s something else I really want to add, the possibility of romancing more than one of the main 6 MCs at the same time… But of course, all of their reactions are going to be different. Some might start a massive fight over you, some might choose to step aside so that their friend can be happy, and some might not even care. I think Wildcard inparticular would be like, “Oh, we’re in an open relationship? Thank science and magic for that, I’ve got three women hiding under the bed right now. It’s okay girls, you can come out now! … You too Roberto.” :yum:


Uhh… No, there’s other ways of getting Viper to like you. :blush:


Will do as soon as I’m finished with Innocence Lost. Remind me if I forget. :blush:


I am! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yippie! :grin: