The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Whoops! Well, we all have our moments. :sweat_smile:


The description for Sleight Of Hand says:
“A master of Sleight of Hand will be able to pick pockets and locks as well as perform skilful card and magic tricks.”

Wildcard scam is a magic trick.
I think instead of the MC getting 10 sprockets they should 15, because they are skilled at running the scam.

Excited to see the artwork of The Boss. :grinning:


Yeah, he should be loads of fun to draw. I’m contemplating how to make him look as creepy as possible. :grin:


So, it only took an entire month, but the Monk Origin story is finally done. Yahoo! Wolf Origin, here I come! :grin:


In chapter 3.
In the choice: “I’ll go with Viper and Gadget. Who knows what treasures we’ll find in the break in?”

“Now keep quite,” Viper insists



In chapter 3.

One thing that will never fade though, is that ${Tattoo} tattoo that rests just over your collarbone.



Wow i love all these updates cant wait for the finished product one opinion i would like to add tho, please dont add any kind of rng to this game any cog i play with random luck really annoys me. Maybe thats just me but i feel a stat check is the best way to see if the mc can do something or not


Well, I’m not really sure about whether I want to add Luck to the game or not, but if I did, it would only be a small factor in the game.

I mean, it wouldn’t be a case of, if the player had a medium skilled stat, then they’d have a 50% chance of succeeding and a 50% chance of failure. It’d be more like 15% chance of failure, 70% chance of success and 15% chance of critical hit.

As for luck… Well, let’s say the player had a high luck stat. What that would do is move the percentages around a bit, so that it would be 10% chance of failure, 70% chance of success and 20% chance of a critical hit.

(Just to be clear, these aren’t actually guidelines for what I’m planning to do in the game. Combat and luck are things that I haven’t even started writing yet. In the end, I might decide that it’s all too complicated and throw the whole idea out of the window.) :yum:


Are we going to find out Ma’am’s real name in the updated wolf origin?

Really looking forward to playing the updated version BTW. :grin:


Nah, I think she’s always going to be Ma’am. That’s something I quite like about the Wolf Origin character is that, at least at the beginning, they seem names and labels very differently. Like, the one cub that’s mentioned is always called “Cub”, but also, all of the other cubs in the pack are also called “Cub”. As far as the MC is concerned, they don’t need names to differentiate them, so why bother coming up with names for them?

As for the old lady, she probably would’ve told the MC her name at some point, but the MC probably wouldn’t even remember it because they wouldn’t think of it as important information. But, she’s the kind of person who really values manners, so she would consistently remind the MC to say, “Yes, Ma’am,” “Please, Ma’am,” Thank you, Ma’am." Which is why, as far as the MC is concerned, the lady is “Ma’am”. :yum:


In the wolf story will we have reappearance of THE CUB later in story? Btw any ideas when your game will be out no offense but I am just too damn excited for this particular release.


Wait the game is being rewritten completely? I thought it was done?


The Wolf MC will meet Cub again.


You are serious right? Please tell me you are serious!!?


… Maybe :blush:

Absolutely none I’m afraid. (One of my other games is already completed and submitted to Hosted Games and I still have no idea when that game will be out, so… Yeah, couldn’t even hazard a guess.) :yum:


It was. I completed the game and submitted it to the CoG competition, but I had to really rush it to have the game ready for the deadline, and there are lots of things that I had to leave out and lots of other things I would like to have changed, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have time. Now that the competition is over, I’m going back and making a tonne of changes. :blush:


I won’t lie I have played all of your current wips and loved them all. Especially the unique plots of them all , you have a creative bone you know. Waiting for these release is killing me.



“Sorry Ma’am," you say humbly. “I forgot my manners again."

In the Wolf MC’s dialogue, instead of having just the above option, the responses could be:

“Sorry Ma’am," you say humbly. “I forgot my manners again.”

“Sorry,” you say, just to placate her.

“Whatever,” you mutter.

“Why are manners important?” You ask her.

“I try to run away from the new alpha, but he’s a great deal faster and catches up to me.”

The above option is confusingly written. It’s is written as if the MC is going to leave the pack entirely, whereas the MC actually tries to avoid the alpha until he ignores them.

I suggest changing it to:

I try to avoid the new alpha, but he’s a great deal faster and catches up to me.


Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I didn’t make it clear. :blush:

… But, I really do feel bad with you catching all these bugs when I’m in the middle of a massive re-write. After the update is done, half of the bugs you’re catching are going to be gone anyway. :yum:


In chapter 3, when The Boss collects his money, giving him 10 Sprockets gives him a relationship increase. Telling him that you haven’t got any Sprockets gives him a relationship decrease.

But giving him 5 Sprockets doesn’t give The Boss a relationship increase. I think his relationship should increase by 5 points.