The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



I mean is it gonna be on dashingdon again?


And are all the MCs several days walk from the city?


In chapter 2.

if you want to cut him down when he’s half alive and barely concious



I’d beta test it if you’re still taking offers I’ll just play the public demo if not :slight_smile:


Yes :blush:

No, some are closer than others. For instances, the forest where the Wolf Origin MC lives is just on the outskirts of the city, so it’d take them less than a day to get there. The slave MC, on the other hand, is in a completely different country, so the journey would probably be more than a month.

I am, and thank you, but the update isn’t ready for beta testing yet. I haven’t even finished the prologue.

Thank you! :grin:


No problem I’ll be here when you’re ready :slight_smile:


I love the uniwue story and flavorful writing! Can’t wait to see this game develope. Would I be able to beta test?


In the wolf intro we can growl upon waking up and then immediately launch into an eloquent explanation into the circumstances behind our condition. Perhaps pantomime or more simplistic responses might be a nice addition.


Hey where can you play the full game?


he’s rewriting the game.




Not to sound rude but isn’t it like the 100th time? Okay I obviously don’t see it and I don’t know how the author might think about it so probably he is right to do that. I’d just like to point out that sometimes it happens that you don’t need to spend more time on something bc it’s already good enough… Tho as a fellow arrist (kinda, I only draw but when it comes to writing even the essays back in school caused me problems and no it wasn’t bc of the facts ratcher than the how the heck am I supposed to write a page about something I can sum up in 3 sentences) I get it when the artist can never actually feel perfectly satisfied with their work.

Edit: But if the rewriting includes @Jeruspi’s idea then it’s a good thing. I always found that change in the wolf background MC too quick. Just bc they stumbled in city/town whatever it is they wont suddenly act all civilised I think.


I like to imagine the feral MC going through the game mute except for growls then in the end whether it’s Magical compulsion or just for fun finally speak and the characters are flabbergasted why we didn’t talk before. “Didn’t want to”


I think that would make the feral MCs journey a whole different path and that definitely would mean a lot more work for the author. What I imagine is that the feral MC learned some stuff about social interactions from the old lady and the others in the band? could gice them more tips about it once they joined and maybe that way the feral MCs transformation to a more city dweller could work. But we definitely need more of those reacting out of instincts choices like where the MC growled on the kid trying to approach them.


Sure, the prologue will be in a public demo once it’s updated, so anyone can beta. :blush:

That’s a good point, and i will take that into consideration in the update. Still, I do also have to be careful with how much of the game I make specific to the MC’s origin story. Basically, whenever I write a part of the game specific to the MC’s origin, it takes six times as long as it would’ve otherwise, so if I make too much of the game origin specific, it’ll just never get done. :yum:

Actually, she is, but otherwise yes. :yum:


So… Before when I said the pace was going to slow down for awhile… Yeah, turns out I’m pretty much going to have to take a whole month off. Between my two jobs, I’m actually working 23 days straight. (My last day off was on the 7th, and my next day off isn’t until the 31st.) I’m not saying for certain that I won’t get any writing done, but recently I’ve found that even on days where I’m working shorter shifts, I’m too tired to concentrate on writing, so I figured that instead of trying to force myself, I should just wait until I finally have a day off and then get some writing done then. :persevere:


Most of us understand and will not abandon you and your games :slight_smile:


In the wolf origin story.

Oh, I suppose you’ve never used them before," Ma’am realizes.


I do have other things to do with my day besides civilizing feral children.


In chapter 3, when helping Wildcard with his scam, should having a high Sleight Of Hand give a boost to the number of Sprockets the MC gets?

Are you using British or American English?


@Avery_Moore spelled those words right, it’s just the American way of spelling them rather than the UK. :relaxed:


No, but if you try to pick pockets and you have a low Sleight of Hand score, you don’t get any at all. (This might change in the update though.)

British, but apparently I can’t spell. :yum: