The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Peasants can burp the alphabet? Even if we get a pet companion that peasant is seriously OP!
I mean having a wolf in burping competition doesn’t help I wanna be like booger!
Older reference I know :shushing_face:


This was so good I can’t wait to play the full thing during release!


Ah, that’s a shame, seems like it would make for a very interesting relationship in more ways than one


True, but as much as I’ve considered it, I can’t seriously picture Celeste being interested in the MC in that way… Though I may have her lead them on a bit more, just to make the poor player squirm a bit, before it finally hits them like a sledge hammer that they’re not getting any. :yum:


Okay, so I thought I’d give you guys a little update. I’ve been really busy, getting lots of overtime for awhile, but this week I’ve had three days off, so I’ve finally been able to get a decent amount of writing done.

Basically, where I’ve decided to make a lot of changes to the game, I’ll have the problem of updating part of the game, then realizing there’s something else I need to change, then having to go back and do it all again, so the only part of the game I’ve done so far that I’d consider 100% finished is the Aristocrat origin. (But since I’ve already partially updated most of the other origin stories, it hopefully won’t take too long to finish them too.)

The update includes artwork, choosing the MC’s appearance, personality stats, and also the player will always have a choice over what the MC says. I’ve also added “Quests” to the stats page, which isn’t very helpful during the prologue, but should hopefully come in useful later on in the game, where the player will have several different quests active at a time, and may need to remind themselves what needs doing.

To give you guys an idea of why this is taking so long… The Aristocrat Orin story alone is over 10,000 words. So, once it’s completed, the prologue will probably be over 60,000 words. So… Yeah. :yum:


Oh I am definitely looking forward to this!


so it isn’t considered complete? Also it is never explained how the mc got clothes in the wolf route.


Nope, I am updating the whole thing… And the old woman gave them the clothes. :blush:


Are the chaotic and lawful “good” endings still downers for our mc’s?


In the stats screen, in “Knowledge and Lore” and “Rhapsodia”.

Rhapsodia is a cluster of various ethnicities and cultures who have travelled the bowl to colonize it.


Despite it’s incredible growth,



So you might want to remove completed from the topic’s title.


I’m still working on the prologues, haven’t even started thinking about changing any of the endings yet. :yum:


Thank you! :grin:


Well, no, 'cos the original game is complete. Once the prologue is done, I’ll start a new topic for the remake. :yum:


Colonize is the correct spelling isn’t it?


It’s the amercian spelling, but Avery Moore is using british english.


Yay! It’ll be even better. Particularly if it’s going to feature more cute HotShot scenes. :blush:


So… The good news is, I’ve completed the Peasant Origin since my last update. Bad news is, my last update was 12 days ago, so that’s making very slow progress… Luckily though, I do have 3 days off this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to get the next origin story done quicker. :grin:


So will the wolf origin be updated.


Yeah, they all will. :blush: