The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



I’m actually getting withdrawals, this is pretty much the only game so far I’ve actually been looking forward to (because CCH3 is being drafted and Max Gladstone hasn’t made anything new).

Pls release me from this torment. ;_;


I can’t help but grin.


It was completed and submitted to the CoG contest, but now that the contest is over, I’ve decided to do some more work I want to do on it before I submit it to HG.


Hi everyone! Sorry for disappearing for awhile, I’ve been really, really busy!

Anyways, here’s the plan… I’m actually going to take a little break from writing. Basically, I’ve been offered a new job (which I’ll be working in addition to my old job, both part time.) Normally, I’ll only be working 4 days a week, leaving me a full 3 days for writing, but because I’m just starting my new job, there’s lots and lots of training involved, which means that I’m working almost every day for the next couple of weeks. After my training is finished though, I should go back to working 4 days a week, and have lots of time for writing.

Right now, I’m only about half way through re-writing the first chapter, (but keep in mind… It is a really, REALLY long chapter (why, oh why did I decide to do 6 different origin stories?)) I’m thinking, by the time it’s finished, the first chapter should be about 50,000 on it’s own… So yeah, could be awhile, but I’ll keep you guys updated. :blush:


how it going Avery Moore


Very slowly. I have gotten back to writing again, but I’m still working lots of over time, which means I’m only writing about a paragraph a day. :persevere:


As good as it already is so far. I wouldn’t mind waiting years to read this. Especially to get that sweet revenge. Best of luck to you, Avery!


Please take your time … most importantly please consider an opportunity to save everyone even if i sided with the monarch , or a chance to escape if i against him :wink:


In Viper’s bio.

She seems to lack any kind of moral conscious



In return however, you had to endure her persistent attempts to civilize you

You said you were using British English, so the bolded word should be: civilise


So about the people the mc meets where you get to choose the mc sexual orientation…do you have any plans to change their story for the mc to end up with one of them? :disappointed:


Thank you. (20 chars) :grin:


Not really. I might change their story a bit, haven’t really thought much about it yet, but generally the point of those characters is to teach the MC an important lesson about betrayal, and that they need to be very careful who they trust because literally anyone can turn around and stab the in the back.


Will you grow older as the story goes on or do you stay 12 all the way through? And if you do grow older does that mean celeste is a RO?

Loved everything so far, can’t wait for more goodness :slight_smile:

EDIT: apparently I’m blind and didn’t notice the 2nd sentence in the summary


Spelling error in “About Stats”, in the “Skills” section.

Artful Dogdger determines your speed and ability to escape trouble


In Celeste’s history.

This creature sustains it’s youth


once the body it inhabits has grown to old,


it ensures it’s own immortality


In Kane’s history.

Kane accidentally summoned a ball of flames so powerful that it killed several of the people in it’s



Yes and no. You do grow older, but Celeste never becomes an RO… Despite many, many people asking. :yum:


Thank you @Bugreporter! Don’t know why, but I get can’t seem to leave the apostrophe out of “its” :yum:


Could there be an option for the MC from the wolf orgin to meet Cub again, and have him be a companion during fights?


Yes and no. The wolf MC does meet Cub again, but he doesn’t become a companion.


Dang. That would have been fun!


True, but it would’ve been a ridiculous advantage to anyone playing a wolf origin character, and incredibly unfair to anybody playing with any other origin. Imagine the comment section;

“Hey guys! Did you know that if you pick the wolf origin story, you get a frickin’ pet wolf that’ll be your companion throughout the rest of the game and rip out the throats of anyone who tries to start a fight with you?” :grin:

“… Yeah, well… My peasant character can burp the alphabet.” :disappointed_relieved: