The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



You certainly have my approval on the changes.


I like most of the changes, but there’s one I’d like to opine… The 6th.
As I commented here before, I’m really bad dealing with stats-based games and it makes me happy to see you’re considering changing this system. By “That way, the MC won’t automatically die if they fail a stat check” do you mean that if we fail a stat check, we’ll have a second chance to get throught the situation by a turn-based fight? Or that means we’ll depend on our stats to fight well in a turn-based fight? If it’s the first thing, I like the idea, but if it’s the second, It kinda worries me, to be honest. Turn-based combat is another thing I’m really bad playing (like, I barely play Pokémon because of this), so it would be two things I find really, really hard to deal in one. Of course, you’re not making a game for me, but also based on somethings I’ve read through my time here, most people don’t seem to take well turn-combats. I think. You’ve gotten plenty hearts on these ideas so I guess at least for people who’ve been here for a while, everything I said is not a problem then… lol

But a save feature is more than welcome, god(s)/cosmos bless you for this :yum:


I like the sound of all that!


I love that you decided to expand the game! It’s one of my favourites and I was so exited each time when you had another chapter for us to beta test. (Will you do that again? I mean, will we have the privilege to test the expansion?)

From all of the ideas you have for the new version, the one I like the best is the magic/Celeste angle. I think it has a great potential and I’m really interested in exploring it.

Personally I don’t agree here. On the contrary - if you space them out you’re facing a possibility to ‘mark’ the last ones you introduce as not so important characters as the first ones. I have noticed that in some games you meet the leading characters at the beginning and then some not so important ones, which are obviously added to fill in the 5 or 6 or 7 RO, but they’re never properly developed.
I’m not saying this is the case here, I love all of your characters, but some may see it this way.

Hmm, that’s the one thing I really don’t like - combat. I’ve got Hotshot for combat and I prefer to use my silver tongue to get away from trouble. So… no combat for me, please :slight_smile:

And last one that comes to mind - will you stick with the current title? Not that I mind, but for me this game will always be Villains :wink:


I guess it would be like a combination of both. For instance, let’s say the MC is trying to sneak out of a building and requires a high Cloak and Dagger score to escape. If their Cloak and Dagger score isn’t high enough, they will get caught. Rather than just being thrown in jail and ending the game though, it would lead to a turn based fight with the person that caught you.

Still, your stats would effect how well you fared in the fight too. For instance, a character with a high Knuckle Buster score would do better in a fist or melee fight. A character with a high Sleight of Hand score would be more accurate with a bow or a gun. A character with a high Artful Dodger score would be more likely to dodge attacks, ect. :blush:


Yes. :grin:

That’s true, but I’m planning on introducing them all quite early on. Like… You’d meet Hotshot, Swift and Viper in the first chapter, spend the second chapter getting used to the guild, and then meet one (or possibly two) of the other characters in the third chapter. (Not 100% sure how I’ll space them out, but I’m planning on the game having 30 chapters, and all six of the main ROs should be introduced by chapter 7 at the latest.)

Also, since there would be a whole chapter of the game dedicated to meeting these characters, your introduction to the character would be getting to know them individually, as opposed to the first three, that you meet all in one go. :blush:

Combat isn’t going to replace the original stats, it’s there more as a back-up, so if you tried to talk your way out of a situation, but your Silver Tongue score was too low, you’d have to fight your way out instead of automatically losing the game. If your Silver Tongue score was high, however, you’d get to avoid the combat all together. :grin:

I am planning on sticking with The Lawless Ones, yeah. I did a poll on what title was best and “The Lawless Ones” came out the most popular by far… I do still have a soft spot for “Villains”, but there are a lot of games and WIPs that have the word “Villain” in the title already.


That sounds really nice, ma chiena :wink:

OK, now I fully understand what you’ve meant, that’s a wise choice. Can’t wait for the expansion, you have no idea how exited I am reading your post after a shitty day at work.


I’m so sad I never actually saw this thread until just now AFTER it was closed. /crye


Can you give any more details to this?


But there’s going to be a brand new shiny thread soon! :grin:

Well… Let’s say the MC is betting on a coin toss and they bet on heads. Normally, they’ll have a 50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing. But let’s say that the MC has some kind of magical lucky charm in their pocket. In this case, they might have a 55% chance of winning and a 45% chance of losing.


Wow this is probably so not relevant anymore… but I was reading through and didn’t see this option suggested, so here we go: what if the tattoos were magic in that they have 2 modes, both require magic to be changed between - displays the image when they need to be identified, and hidden mode where the tattoo curls up into an innocuous blob of ink? Makes it more obviously magical.


But then… Wouldn’t the guards start to get suspicious of the innocuous blob of ink instead? :yum:


Depends on how big you want the ink spot to be, or where the ink spot is on the MC - it could be covered up.

Imagines an ink spot the size of a mole: overly concerned Guards immediately stop MC and carry them off to the hospital for a medical check up due to a black/multicoloured mole. :joy:


Hi guys! Something I’m having trouble with.

Basically, I’ve had a few people complain that they don’t really understand what certain skills mean (for instance, they’re not sure what the difference is between Cloak and Dagger and Artful Dodger) despite the fact that there is a page on the stats screen which explains what all of the different skills are. I think that maybe some people don’t really bother to look at the stats screen, and so they never see all the pages I’ve put together that explain everything.

I’m considering adding some optional pages in the game that explain more about things like stats, skills and currency, but I do worry that having these pages in the middle of the game will break immersion. I mean, the game would go:

  • Here is a long and tragic description of all the terrible injustices you’ve experienced in your life.
  • Here’s a page explaining how much the different currencies are worth. Be sure to check the stats screen to learn more.
  • Now back to your tragic backstory. :blush:

So… Yeah, I’m not sure whether to include these pages in the game, or just put them in the stats screen and just leave the player to discover them for themselves. What do you guys think?

  • Don’t include these pages in the game. Just keep them in the stats screen.
  • Include the pages in the game as well, to make sure that no one misses them.

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Wow 100% already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I believe that people can’t complain about something that is explained somewhere else. Just make sure to put a “Check out the explanations about the stats” on the game if there isn’t one already. When I played it, it was very clear to me.


Yey! Less work for me. :yum:


Love how made it say TLO good name for this


Hmmm, I wonder why is the The Lawless Ones not on the upcoming hosted game list even though the The Price of Freedom is on it. I thought this was completed before the Price of Freedom?

Also, this game kind of reminds me of Oliver Twist. And I’m so eager to know when is it coming out. :ghost:


If i am not mistaken, @Avery_Moore mention this fiction had been offer to be publish under CoG label instead of HG, so there are lots of editorial works to be done under the CoG label :slight_smile:


@Eric_knight actually, she decided to release it under HG and expand the game: