The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



@BABYCRY hi, welcome to the forum! Asking for the release date is against forum rules since it puts stress on the author



I should have checked the forum rules

Thank you


Well, it’s not exactly complete. I completed the game and submitted it to the COG competition. Now that the competition has been judged, I want to make some pretty major edits to it before I publish it. :blush:


Oh, really? I didn’t know that. (Personally, I find that being asked for a release date is more frustrating, not so much because it’s stressful but because, obviously, the authors have no way of knowing. Even after the game has been submitted, they have no idea how long it’s going to be before the game is acually published.) :yum:


If you need help to test there edits, I would gladly help you.


Awesome! Thank you! I’m still working on artwork right now, but when I’ve started writing again, I’ll let everyone know. :blush:


Any artwork of Honey?


Not yet. Working on background art right now, but Honey will probably be next. :blush:


Definitely looking forward to buying this when it releases.


@Avery_Moore can you tell us what title the Noble MC’s family has? Are they barons or another type of title?


I never actually decided on that. I should think about it. :yum:


That is something I have wondered about.


can,t wait see all your hard work


Oh… I love Noble Titles, the Highest ranks after King should be Duke, Marquis , Earl, Baron etc :slight_smile:


Does it really matter in this game? For the (former) noble mc that life is gone for good, no other mc can even earn a noble title (except for one very specific ending and even then that title is the very lowest one you can have and hardly significant at all. IMHO it’s more of an insult by the point the mc can “earn” it as well as being 30 pieces of silver, but then I’m not a great fan of that particular ending.). Unless of course this is all being changed in the revision. If it is I hope former slave mc’s will be able to get a bit more fulfilling revenge too.


Hmmm… yeah you are right ,

unless for one of the ending, the King grants MC his/her family title for helping him pacify (is that the right word?) the city


Might’ve gone a bit overboard on the letters, (especially since the cover art is already really over-cluttered) but they look cool, so I’m happy. :grin:


Nice work! I like it!


Looks awesome! Really looking forward to when it’s released!



FINALLY finished the cover art, so now I can get back to writing! So, I’ve been taking the time I spent doing cover art to consider what I want to do with the game and what changes I want to make.

Firstly, I’ve decided that I do want to publish the title under the Hosted Games label after all, because I think it would be too complicated to turn it into a CoG, and also the majority of changes I want to make to the game would make it deviate even more from the CoG format.

Second, since the game is based in a world of “science and magic”, I want to focus a lot more on the “magic” side of the world. During the early stages of writing the game, someone asked me if there would be any opportunity for the MC to learn to use magic, and I initially said no, since I wasn’t really sure how to go about it, and I didn’t really have time to think about it, since I was in a rush to get the game finished for the comp. Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I think that giving the MC the ability to use magic is a really good idea, and also it would explain why Celeste decided to take the MC under her wing.

Third, I’m thinking of making the game a bit more open world, having certain places that the MC can visit, and people that the MC can talk to, including shops where the MC can buy useful things, such as gifts for friends and stuff to improve their stats, possibly even adding things like weapons, armour to the game.

Fourth, I’m considering changing the game so that the MC never says anything without the player’s direction, that way the player would always get to choose what the MC says, so they’d never say anything that might be considered out of character.

Fifth, I’m thinking of adding side quests that the MC doesn’t have to do, that way the MC can skip parts that they don’t find interesting and just stick to the main story, or go around exploring every possible aspect that the game has to offer.

Sixth, I’m planning on adding health and mana stats, and possibly a turn-based combat system. That way, the MC won’t automatically die if they fail a stat check, and there will be a limit on how much magic they can use.

Seventh, just a little idea, but I’d like to add a stat for luck, where the MC will have a slightly higher or lower chance of dodging attacks, achieving critical hits, winning card games, ect.

Eight, going to let the player choose the MC’s appearance, since I know a lot of people like that.

Ninth, I think I’ll include a save point at the end of every chapter. Personally, I’m one of those people who, if I make a mistake in the game, I have to go back to the last save point and start over, so in CoG/HGs, where there are no save points, this usually means starting the game over from the beginning… Which can get REALLY frustrating. So yeah, starting again from the beginning of the chapter, as opposed to the beginning of the game would be considerably less annoying. :yum:

Tenth, might include some images in the game. (Would definitely like to do this, but the artwork can take a long time, so… We’ll see.)

Eleventh, nearly forgot a really important one! Basically, I think that perhaps the MC meets too many characters right at the beginning of the game, so I think I’m going to space them out a bit more, so that Hotshot, Swift and Viper will all be members of the guild at the beginning of the game, whereas Honey, Wildcard and Gadget will join a little later, possibly setting aside an entire chapter just to introduce them as new characters.

I’m sure there’s a lot of other ideas I’ve had, but I can’t think of them right now. Will come back and add to the list if I think of anything important.

So, what I’m planning on doing now is getting hard at work on re-writing the game and create a new thread for the updated version. (I realize you’re not really supposed to have two threads about the same game, but since this thread is about an essentially completed game, and the other will be about a completely re-written version, I think a new thread would be justified.) I’m planning for the updated version of the game to be considerably longer than the original (possibly up to twice as long), and since there’s no deadline I don’t have to rush to get the game finished by, I think I’ll be a lot happier with the result. :blush:

Please let me know what you guts think of the changes, and if there’s any ideas you like, or don’t and why. :grin: