The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



One thing I’ve been specifically asked to change is the part where, in the origin stories, the protagonist is given the option of helping someone, and in exchange they’re given 50 gears. But I’ve been advised that there should be some kind of reward, even if the player fails at helping. I feel very reluctant to give the game a structure like this, because it feels like… What’s the point? What’s the point in helping if you still get the reward when you don’t help? And what’s the point of having stats if the result is the same regardless of whether the stat is high or low?

That’s not what I said at all.


i still think in the long term may be more selling, take into note that cog are more quality checked too, thats some point in favor.

(by the way if the dryads only has 1k is mainly because there is not many people that like riddles?.. im pretty sure your other 2 games are going to sell good , i have to say that i did try the demo of that game and was not really my thing, then i tried the Price of freedom and was amazed, the lawless ones just blew my already good impression of you as an author :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I vote for option 3. I’d rather you took the time to improve the game, and make it the best it can be.


I think I must’ve misunderstood. What the notes specifically said is; “66: wrong answer. There needs to be upside to this.” and “66: wrong/passive answer. There needs to be an upside.” Which I took to mean that the protagonist should receive a reward regardless of whether they help or not.


In the end it’s your choice but i vote for option 3 as well, if you think some things can be improved IMO you should work on it, get some feedback, etc…
It will take more time but i think it’s worth it, from a game development stand point.


Well… i personally think that it was the appeal of the games/products which contribute to the sales, not necessary the brand or label of its release :slight_smile: and i don’t think there is “easy” sales …

Like you mention, the difference between CoG and HG is their “essence” of presentation , which has its own pros and cons , now i get the picture on why we can receive unceremonial “death” in Tin Star and Zombie Exodus …Lol :smile:

As for the quality of editing , hmmmm… yes, it seems CoG will receive professional help ( that is a massive advantage)… while HG depends on the author’s personal fans’ assistance , sometimes the enthusiastic and passionate fans may drive the final product to the next level , but that is not a guarantee since it depends on how deep your fans are willing to help :slight_smile: But i suppose HG will give you more freedom to express your own vision … there should be no absolute pros and cons for both paths :wink:


Got the outline work for Viper done. Not really as happy with this one as I was with the other two. Something seems slightly off about it, but I can’t quite tell what it is… Maybe her head is too big? I’m not sure, but I’ll try to figure it out. :confused:


I always imagine Viper is with a pony-tail :slight_smile:


Why a pony-tail? :yum:


Well… i imagine Viper in the image of Lara Croff :blush:
Viper is as deadly as the Tomb Raider… :wink:


Not sure if her appearance was described, but I imagined her with the same hairstyle you drew.


Lol! Now I’m picturing Viper as the original Polygon Lara, with pyramid boobs and everything. :grin:

I did describe her as having a graduated bob, but that was really early in the game, so I’m impressed you remembered. :blush:


Finished coulouring Viper. Still not quite as happy with her as I am with the other two, but I guess it’s just easier for me to draw people from the front. :blush:


0/10 Not enough polygons.


Viper looks great! Looking forward to seeing Wildcard!


Spelling error found in the slavery background.

What’s more, you also had to learn the be evasive



Thank you! I appreciate it. I’ll go fix that now. :blush:


Took a quick break from drawing characters to draw the Rhapsodian currency of Copper Cogs, Gold Gears and Silver Sprockets. Not sure where in the game I’ll use this picture, but it was fun to draw, and I’m sure I’ll find a use for it. :blush:



Maybe you could put the picture in “About Stats”, in the “Wealth” section.


I definitely will, but I think that a lot of people don’t really check the stats section, so it would be good to include them in the game somewhere too. :blush: