The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



So far the only ending I have gotten has been the Lawful Neutral.

What happens in the other endings?


I left a brief description of all the endings in this comment here. :blush:


Fascinating endings! Haven’t figured out the others yet.


Damn it, Hotshot, put a shirt on! You’ll catch cold!


But he’s boxing! :yum:


@Avery_Moore sorry but I only get on here on my phone and it always skips to the middle of the thread and i didn’t see that testing was closed. I only saw people asking to be testers.


It’s fine. I genuinely do appreciate you offering, it is really kind to take so much time to read through someone’s story. Really sorry if I came across as ungrateful before. I was only joking. :yum:


Think I’m actually going to take a break from doing the artwork for a little while, to work on something else. (I don’t think the judging is going to be finished till around June, so that gives me plenty of time.) :blush:


I’m impatiently waiting for your next project, as I had a great time beta testing for this one! This will be about Beardius Maximus (the hairy gladiator), right? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the one! :grin:


Dang. I was hoping to see Swift!


Swift will be here soon! (Might work on my new project and the artwork for TLO at the same time.) :grin:


Swift is my favorite RO!


Bug, when going on a job with Swift and Wildcard, and choosing to make toys.
The bolded text and stats screen both say I gained 30 Silver sprockets, but Swift says I gained 10 Silver sprockets:

"Wow, Outlaw, ya got enough cogs ta make up ten whole sprockets there!


Could I become involved in the beta testing?


The game already submitted:


Might be a good idea to have a mod close this thread since the game has been submitted for publication already and… Well, people are still asking about beta testing even if the title of this topic is already clear enough. You could always make a new thread when it is released or something like that.


Thanks for that. I’ll go fix it. :blush:


I’m quite happy to keep it open for now. I still plan on uploading artwork onto the page (once I get back to it anyway.) :yum:


Haven’t been following for sometime,so can we overthrow the boss now?