The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Sorry edited it and no we can’t kill the sibling why would you want to do that anyway they didn’t do anything


you have to choose the third option which is framing him


My character will not be a good person, the sibling is between my MC and their father inheritance.


that’s the thing, the MC’s grandparents hate him, so even if he was the sole heir they’d probably give everything to his cousins or something


Do you need any specific stats for that?


like all of the revenge scenarios for different backgrounds you just have to choose the third option


So I’ve made a good start on the artwork. Just finished doing the outline for Hotshot and I’m really happy how it turned out. The arm especially. :grin:


His right and left hand do seem kind of disproportional


I was reading the spoilery post and came across something I didn’t motive before. The confrontation between Celeste and The Boss, can someone tell me why this happens? And can we side with Celeste?


Yes we can side with Celeste but it doesn’t end very well


Well, his right hand is further forward than the left one. :blush:


In the stats screen, under “Skills”.
All the text for “Cloak and Dagger” and “Silver Tongue” is in bold, not just the paragraph headings.

The demo is still called Villains, but I don’t know if the version you submitted is called that, though.


No, the version I submitted is called The Lawless Ones. I should really update the demo. And thanks for pointing that out. :grin:


Hmmm… the confrontation happens because apparently, Celeste was trying to dispose of the Boss by using MC’s help, she will then tried to dispose of MC in order to fully control the guild… as of why she did it…that is a bigger spoiler :wink:


she actually wanted to possess
the mc


Yeah… Shhhhhh, that is the Big secret :stuck_out_tongue: don’t let Urban knows it…Lol


Finished colouring the artwork for Hotshot. Think I’ll probably do Swift next. :blush:


Looking forward to Swift!


Are these going to be in the game?


Not sure yet. Depends on how stuff goes with the competition. Either way, it’d be cool if I could use my own artwork for the cover. :blush: