The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



That’s a matter of personal opinion… a wrong opinion, but a personal opinion nonetheless. :stuck_out_tongue:


… Yeah, I guess this is both the up and the downside rolled into one. With the Chaotic Good ending, the rebellion has the potential to dramatically change the city and the way it’s run. Pretty much since the city was built, it was the taxes from the poor and hardworking citizens of the lower city that paid for the upkeep and lavish lifestyles of the upper city. With the Lawful Good ending, this never changes, but life for the people in the lower city is made slightly better. With the Chaotic Good ending, there’s a possibility that things might drastically change, for the better of the lower city… But then there’s also a possibility that the whole rebellion will turn into a Les Mis style failure, where all the rebels waste too much time with dramatic musical numbers, and get brutally slaughtered. Unfortunately, since the MC is dead, they never get to find out. :disappointed:


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My mc given his background will always believe freedom is the upside. Besides given just how widespread the rebellious sentiment seems to be I don’t think the genie will be so easily put back into its bottle.
If they really do slaughter a very widespread and actively resisting rebellion there’s a good chance they might render the city and their lifestyles unsustainable anyway, so that will lead to some very drastic changes. There’s of course also the possibility of a Stalin-esque dictator arising out of the rebellion who is every bit as bad as the Monarch ever was. Between those extremes is a scala of possibilities that do seem like they would make life in the lower city at least better then it is now, some more than others of course.
But, as you say, unlike with the Lawful Good ending the people at the very least will get the freedom to find out what fundamental change might be like, which you can never get with the “take it or leave it” token reforms of the lawful good ending.
A genuine peace process with genuine compromises, tribunals, truth and reconcilliation and everything would likely have been the best and least risky process, but given the Monarch’s government attitudes that was never going to be in the cards and therefore the revolution is probably the next best thing.

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I would also like to beta test the game.


The beta test is closed cause the game is complete


congrats for the completion :tada::tada::tada:looking forward to play the game!


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Thank you so much for offering, but…

What @Le_Uyen said… And I’m really confused now. Right at the top of the post, it says:

… It’s in big, bold text aswell, but I’ve still had about ten people PMing me, asking to beta test… Maybe I should make the writing bigger? :yum:


Awh! Thank you Blob! :sparkling_heart:


Avery, you should maybe put a beta test closed note on the topic title.


Thats a good idea! Thanks @Carson_Lindsey :grin:


I’m disappointed that the game will only be released after June. Too much time to await :cry:.


Think of it this way it could be next year…


Oh no, way longer than that! I think June is just when the winners will be announced. It’ll probably be a few months after that before the games are released. :yum:


Could someone tell me what happens to Carlotta? Can the MC get his revenge on her?


Yes the mc can poison her in chapter 8


Wouldn’t it be better to put it in spoiler?

Can we kill our sibling too?


I can’t find a way to get revenge on Master Jin (shadow monks) what do I do and what stats do I need?