The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



I played this game like 30 times and still can’t get enough


I’m curious, who did you sent to the gallows? Or it is randomly chosen?


Probably didn’t get it across very well, but the Lawful Good and Chaotic Good options both leave a lasting impact on the city. with the Lawful Good ending, you work with the Monarch to make changes to the city. In the Chaotic Good ending, changes are eventually made as a result of a rebellion against the Monarch and the Monarch’s guard. (Though, unfortunately, the MC is not around to witness them.)


… This is actually, pretty much exactly right. :yum:


It’s predetermined in the game. Though it can be one of three people, depending on whether or not the character who was originally intended to die is dead already, or if they’re the MC’s love interest.


Sorry, I didn’t understand the explanation of who is chosen.


Well, there’s three character’s that can be executed in the Lawful Good ending. Let’s call them… Huey, Duey and Louie. Huey is the one that’s supposed to die… But let’s say that Huey already died earlier in the game. Obviously, he can’t die twice, so instead, Duey is executed. But, in this epilogue, it’s scripted that the MC managed to beg a plea bargain for their lover… So, let’s say, Huey is dead already and Duey is the MC’s lover. Neither of them can be executed, so it’s Louie that dies instead. :yum:


Ok I understand now. Can you tell me who are they? I don’t mind the spoiler.



Hotshot is executed by default. If Hotshot is already dead (or the MC’s lover) then Viper dies. If Hotshot is already dead and Viper is the MC’s lover (or vice-versa) then it’s Swift.


Why’d you change the title? :thinking:

It’s not that I hate the new one but “Villains” just sounded better…


IIRC it had to do with various other titles being called villain/villains/etc. it was to avoid confusion


all of those spoiler!! :heart_eyes: can’t wait to play it XD


Like @MeltingPenguins said, there are a lot of games and WIPs with the word “Villains” in the title. “Grand Academy for Future Villains”, “The Valley of Villains” and “Villain: The Catalyst” to name a few.

Also, I was always a bit uncertain about the title, and I took a poll on different potential titles for the game, and “The Lawless Ones” was voted the most popular by far. :blush:


… You know, it’s weird, I’ve had like 5 people ask me if they could beta-test the game since I put this notice up. :yum:


How many people complain their coffee is hot despite being told their coffee is hot?


Oh dear… Kind of a massive worry now. I’ve just recently been reading through the Announcing the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels and discovered that games are supposed to be submitted in American English… My game is in British English. That’s going to completely destroy my score on “Prose Styling” :confounded:


Lawful Neutral is my favorite!


British is better anyway :smiley:


I can’t take it seriously now that you’ve referenced Donald Duck. :smiley:


Don’t worry, even if you don’t win the contest you already have a large fan base, your game will be a success.
And I’m sure your game being this popular will give you a bonus in the scores.