The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Lol. Which ending did you get? :grin:


Real fast how do you blur out


You highlight the text you want to blur, click the little cog button next to the smiley face, and then click “Blur Spoiler” :blush:


You are welcome :blush:
I guess in one more day my merry men/women will have to wave goodbye for at least few months , sad to see them leaving :worried:

hopefully Villains will be published in a near future so that i can purchase your novel and meet with Honey again :blush:


The ending made me almost cry actually. (Escape)


so i got the good chaotic ending where i turned down the guards offer and got executed but the worst part was Viper and Rouge aka the little girl watched them take me away


And thank you once again for letting me beta test it and telling me how to blur things out


I got the lawful neutral ending and almost cried myself. Well done!


Ah, that makes sense. Well I’ll be rooting for your story and keeping an eye out :+1:


Awww…I got that ending too once, the other time I got chaotic neutral, becoming a senile old man. I believe that is the “happiest” of the endings there is, even if it is very low-key and basically forces you to forsake your mc’s ambitions and most of their wealth. Oh, well at least the mc lives to 98 that way and most of it with HotShot in my case, who manages to make it all the way to 96.


Fixed it. Again, I am sorry about that!


Wow… Thanks @Avery_Moore, you really made me Robin Hood and my guild the merry men/women :smile: … I even got the Parent of the year award and be granted “Knighhood”, in fact i think i even get a better ending than Robin Hood… Robin Hood and his band never got the recognisation they fully deserve…

I never thought it was even remotely possible…but the villains had been knighted and truly elevated as the Champions for the causes of Good… thank you so much Avery :smile:

I love this interactive novel so much :smile:


In the chaotic good ending i think you should add our friends reaction to the mc being executed not just our ro and the kid


Me too, and I’m not that kind of person at all (I got the same ending as you).
Great job, @Avery_Moore !


Reading all these comments before I finished my playthrough

“Lol all these softies weeping their eyes out”

Never mind i just cried (Chaotic Neutral)


the ending i got chaotic good :’^) has left me a broken man


And… I think I’m done! Like, really done… Well, not actually done, got to fix a few spelling/grammar issues, but as far as the story goes… All done! I’ve put a couple of last edits in the game, I changed the opening choice (since apparently CoG don’t really like for their games to open with choosing the character’s name of gender. Weird that I never noticed that before.) And I’ve finally written a synopsis… Goes like this:

The age of magic is dying. The age of science has only begun. In Brass Haven, airships fly overhead, cybernetic body enhancements are becoming a fashion trend, and cogs, gears and sprockets make the world go round. But what was meant to be the land of opportunity turns out to be the most dangerous, corrupt and poverty-stricken slum in all the kingdom. Your only chance for survival… To join forces with the most notorious criminal guild in the city.

The Lawless Ones is a 250,000 word interactive steampunk adventure novel by Avery Moore, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fuelled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Fight beside thieves and villains in the ultimate struggle for survival. Pick pockets, rob houses, negotiate trades with rival guilds and even steal valuable new technology from the Monarch’s guard itself. Will you become the greatest criminal mastermind the kingdom has ever seen, or can you turn a guild of infamous outlaws into a force for good?

• Play as male, female, transgender or non-binary. Gay, straight, bi or asexual.
• Grow from a naive child, to a savvy and streetwise adult.
• Find friendship, rivalry or love with a thief, a con man, a fighter, a courtesan, an inventor and an assassin.
• Solve the mystery of a deadly creature that has been slaughtering the children of your organisation.
• Outwit, outrun, outmanoeuvre, outfight and outlive anyone who gets in your way.
• Choose from six different origin stories and discover six possible epilogues throughout the game.
• Terrorise the streets of Brass Haven, or use your influence to make the city a better place.


Hurray! I made people cry! That makes me so happy!!! … I think there might be something wrong with me. :yum:


Yey! Thank you! :heart:


Really? When I was writing it, I personally thought the Lawful Good ending was the saddest ending of all… But, if you’re happy, I’m happy. :yum: