The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



There’s actually a section in the stats screen with a detailed explanation of all of the different stats and what they all mean. :yum:


You can win money at the inn, in chapter 5, and you can also get money in other ways. (If you want to buy all the books, I’d advice getting a high approval with The Boss, who’ll give you 3 gears right before the carnival if you have over 15 approval with him.)


Ahh! Spoilers! :scream:


What @Le_Uyen said… Also, that wasn’t chapter 1. The story of Trixie doesn’t appear until the end of chapter 3. :blush:



Thanks for this amazing story…i really love it, it has lots of unpredictable outcome …I have a pleasant surprise of finding out Swift’s secret… and the suspense is awesome towards the end. :slight_smile:

the interaction with Honey is touching … i just can’t resist to read through it again

If you are planning a sequel …Valeria seems suitable for a return like Prodigal ,

btw…i think we don’t need too much money to buy everything , we just need to choose our skill and divide it wisely…i remember only receive limited gold gear , luckily i save it to buy that final “item” in the end (which i decided not going to spoil it here)

and well… i emphasis on persuasion and Hero alignment all the way :wink:

I don’t think that’s a good idea… because it will take away the sense of “Real life situation” when readers constantly check on stats to review their “achievement” , if a person really interested in certain Romance Option, maybe he/she should try to understand their Romance Option more in order to know their feelings? well…that’s just my opinion… :slight_smile:


Whaaaaat how can u do this :sob::sob:


I see you said there’s only a few days left to beta test but if it’s still possible to sign up, I’d definitely be interested in that


Well this has been an amazing game, the stats are a bit tricky at first but it’s quite easy to master two of them which is more than enough, I can’t wait to see the epilogue :smiley:


Yeah, I know that :slight_smile: But it’s easier for me if I can check them out at the same time I’m reading the text. Also I’m writing down some notes in my different playthroughs, depending on what I’m after at the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guys, quick tell me who’s your favorite RO and why. (I’m just curious)
For me, it definitely Gadget, i love his personality and the love confession scene work just perfect for my heart. Why waste time to just confess your love when you can confess and fix a robot at the same time /wink/ also the kiss is kinda unexpected but i found it very satisfactory.


I had planed for my mc to romance Swift but he did a sweet polly oliver on me


Favorite female RO is Swift and favorite male RO is Wildcard.


Viper all the way. I admire her ruthlessness and her burglary skills.


Viper is also fun. :grin:


You might want to blur that spoiler about Swift…


Unfortunately don’t know how to do that… Could you tell me?


Damn…has anyone else played through to the end and got an ending?


When you’re commenting click the cog looking button after the smiley face, on the options it should say blur spoilers

@ElvesForTheWin You can’t kill Celeste?


I just feel really stupid because i shot the Boss instead of the right option which i know now


@ElvesForTheWin Yes you can kill celeste. When you get the option to shoot something choose the most insane one that you see.