The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



@Nael Actually it’s not that hard to manage the stats. I would recommend to focus to only three stats. And leave zero points for the others. You only need one stats to reach 30 points so in recent update, you wont die. I can pm you how to raise certain stats or relationship if you want?
Also for honey to not reject you, you need to have at least 50 relationship points with her/any RO


There was a time in the game where we had 3 options. I had stats in none of them, by chance.
Also, as I said I wasn’t quite sure of which of my stats would raise if I picked some option (I found it particularly hard to difference between artful dodger, sleight of hand and cloak and dagger).
In the end I managed to reach 30 at a certain stats, but, as I said, I guess I picked a wrong option at that scene with Celeste

Yeah, I guessed it but was hoping that 40-45 would be enough. So I was prepared to get rejected but it hurted anyway :cry:


Hh yeah, i got a little problem with that, but nothing i couldn’t handle. i tended to stick with Cloak and Dagger and sleigh of hand on almost every gameplay. (It’s incredibly useful)
For me, i differentiate them like this :
Artful dodger : good at running (using your feet)
Sleigh of hand : good at everything that require steady hand (open some locks, cheating while playing card, shot people with pistol)
Cloak and dagger : basically ninja


Well, actually I don’t think there’s a time when you can die because you’re lacking all of the skills. You die because you’re not choosing your best skill at the moment. Even in the chapter with Valeria and Kane, if you’re not good enough at the required skill you could ask one of them to help you.
I played this game a lot and I didn’t die at all ( I’m excluding the achievement hunting deaths). Yeah, at first the stats are a little tricky, but I did something similar to @shiaya - I wrote them down with an explanation what they mean and with the name of the person associated with that stat. For example:
artful dodger - good at running - Swift
I don’t know if it will work for you @Nael , but when I wrote something down it’s the easiest way to remember it and I rarely need the paper/file anymore. I hope you can finish Villains and you get Honey :wink: , because the game is amazing and my only complaint is it’s coming to an end :cry:


I did that. But then there was the chapter with Bones, where you had 3 options and all the three depended on your skills only, you didn’t have help. The options were to shoot, to run, and I don’t remember the third one, but I think it had something to do with strenght. My silver tongue at 20 didn’t have any use, while my artful dodger and (sleight of hand?) were at 15 and the 3rd I’m sure it was zero or five. The solution I found was to buy all the books in that Festival chapter, so I could rise them more and faster if I needed, but then when I played it again I just didn’t have money somehow. Don’t know if I picked something different or wasn’t lucky (you can win some money at the festival if I’m not mistaken, right?). Then, when I noticed that my skills weren’t enough, I died, then replayed and had to pick options that really didn’t suit my mc for the sake of my stats.
Anyway, next days will be somewhat busy so I’ll have even less time to play anyway. But, well, I’m glad I seem to be the only one that had these issues lol stats games just aren’t my thing.


It’s tinkerer, I think. It’s in chapter 12, if I recall correctly and by then there’s plenty of options to raise your stats. The books are very helpful :slight_smile:

You can win money at the tavern, the festival is only for spending :smiley: . Also you can get more money if you have a good relationship with the Boss or with Bones.

Don’t say that, it takes a little practice to master the stat thing. I wasn’t good at first too and I hated stats, but after playing 7kpp (that’s what I call a lot of stats) for like hundred times I don’t find them hard any more.


I died so often on the bulletproof vest mission it started to feel like Groundhog Day. It took me like 6 attempts and when i finally got through my fav character died


If you don’t want your favorite character to die, you just have to save them yourself or send the other group to save them. The person you decide to save last is the one who dies.


How do you play till chapter 14? Cause in my case the game ends in chapter 1 when I found out about Trixie’s vacant room.


Is it too late to sign up for beta testing? I would like to.


The rest are in beta testing


ohh…ok. Thank you for replying! Now I get it


You can ask to be a beta tester if you want


Hey, I just discovered that the game is also open for beta testing? I would be interested! :slight_smile:


Thanks, yeah I know that now but it was just a shame after all my hard work / throwing myself at an electric fence multiple time


Well… This last chapter is proving really tough for me to write. So far I’ve written 2 of the possible six epilogues, and they’re giving me a really bad case of the feels.

Spoiler: If you guys were hoping for a super, happy ending, then… Stop hoping. The endings are all bittersweet at best, and heartbreaking at worst. :sob:


Oh wow, thank you guys so much! Will send you all the link (but just a fair warning, I plan on entering the game into the COG comp, so there’s only a few more days left for beta-testing) :grin:


Aww…my poor mc and Hotshot and the kid too of course. :cry:


I don’t know. I’d like to keep them, but I guess that depends on the CoG staff, and whether they’re okay with the game having checkpoints.

If you’re talking about the choice I think you’re talking about, there’s only one right choice. It’s not dependent on stats, it’s just something that you need to think carefully about… And depending on who’s side you choose at the end, there’s a very important clue to help you determine which choice is the right choice.


Yep. Same for all the other characters… Maybe I should add a stats notice for that. :blush: