The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



I enjoyed both the Aristocrat and Monk backgrounds.

The former I play like a Count of Monte Cristo style revenge romp. Just emotionally colder and more vicious. The latter is more like being this highly skilled and capable outsider who has fallen to earth and now aims to make the best of it. Like a Martian Manhunter thing.


At first my favorite background was the Aristocrat, but after countless playthroughs it became close second after the Criminal ( I think it suits my MC best when going after Wildcard, which I can’t stop myself from doing every time :smiling_imp: )


Mine definitely has to be Criminal. Strangely, it felt the most warm and compassionate compared to the others.


So… Chapter 14 is done! I’ve got to say though, I’m feeling really disappointed it. I’ve spent pretty much the whole game building up to this chapter, only for me to realize that I already used up all my good ideas in previous chapters, meaning that this one ended up feeling like a massive let down. :disappointed_relieved:

That said though, the fact that it’s over and I still have 11 more days left to go before the deadline means that it’s more than likely I’ll actually get the game finished and submitted in time, so… Yey! :yum:


Uhh… the Sheriff of Nottingham? :yum:


Uh… Sorry to say, @ProGameGeo, but the game in the link you shared is a completely different game. (Apparently there’s a lot of games/WIPs involving villains)

I’d say yes, you can beta test my game if you’d like, but I’m not sure if you actually wanted to beta-test my game, or the one in the link. (If it’s the other one, I’m afraid I can’t really help you with that, since I didn’t write it.) :yum:


Do you have plan for a sequel ?


That should be the Boss right? Lol :smile:

as for Celeste , i would think she is Morgana if Merlin somehow banish her into your universe :wink: Celeste had the charm of good and Evil like the fable Morgana :smile:


Do we get to kill the leeche(i think)


No, I’m planning on wrapping the story up with the epilogues, though another game set in the same universe is not completely out of the question. :blush:


That’s actually a really good comparison. Now I think about it, the characters are kind of similar… Minus the brother rape. :yum:


… Maaaaaaybe :grin:


@Avery_Moore that was my bad lol, I meant that I wanted to test your game if possible :slight_smile:


Quick use some good ideas the others in this thread contributed, maybe put Hotshot in tights or something as a distraction tactic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Favourite background is probably slave for me, the very journey from nobody to nightmare (who can seem like a well-bred gentleman now) is always very satisfying.
Second would be the peasant, yeah it’s cliche and the journey is not quite as rewarding as it is for the former slave but it is a decent second, can almost feel like Breaking Bad in some places, given the peasant’s aptitude for tinkering, the mild-mannered village boy who was destined for an unremarkable life in all respects turns crime lord.


I don’t know if I’m late or not but can I beta test this game too ?


I would like to beta test villains


I want to beta test plz


Holy Crap, that was an amazing ending!


Even though we could see it kind of coming? Besides the real endings are still to come with the epilogue chapter, right now I’d say the mc’s position, not to mention their physical and mental well-being are actually fairly precarious from what I can gather at the exact point in the story.


Honey… Rejected me :cry: I’m crushed.

So, as it we’re heading to the last days until the deadline, I suppose this will be one of my last (or THE last) commentary about the game:
I love it. I’m proud I beta-tested it. Great characters and great story, choices and background. I really needed motivation to start to draw again and your game gave me it.
However, I have played this last update and… I just can’t finish the game. Since the beginning I’ve been dying all the time due being slave to stats and not quite understanding what would rise in my stats if I picked some answer. :sweat_smile: it was very frustrating and tiring to restart the game at almost every gameplay, even with the checkpoints, especially assuming that they won’t be there on the final product (?). Still talking about stats, ironicaly I didn’t feel that I had much freedom despite the amount of choices. As I said, almost everything I did was thinking desperatelly about the stats so I wouldn’t die again. It really made the game more immersive, as our MC isn’t free either, but it wasn’t very pleasant.
In other words, I liked everything except the gameplay style. As my boyfriend joked when I talked to him about the game, it was like the “Dark Souls of text games”, haha. It’s not easy and I’d say next to impossible to play if you have a busy routine. I’d suggest an easy mode option, maybe? So people that can’t deal with stats very well (noobs like myself :stuck_out_tongue:) could also enjoy this amazing world.
I hope I can finish it someday. I was very close to its end, but then I guess I picked a wrong choice (it wasn’t linked to stats this time), another thing that got me mad.

I’m surprised by the few typos and coding errors I found, I was expecting more of them xD you did very well, I can see your dedication and love.