The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



@Avery_Moore I would like to be a beta tester for your game, if you have spaces left.


Aw yeah :sunglasses: looking forward to it!


Yes! :blush:

I do. :grin:

Did I give you permission to speak? Back to work! :yum:


Thank you! I’ll go fix it now. :grin:


Am i too late to join the beta tester?


@Avery_Moore Any chance you’re still looking for beta testers? I’d love to be one of you are :slight_smile:


I would like to be a beta tester too :heart_eyes:


Am I to late to beta test


I would also LOVE to be a beta tester


How long is the story going to be


Yikes! I think they’re breeding! :scream:

Thank you guys so much! I’ll send you all the links to the game.

15 chapters. :grin:


@Avery_Moore Hey! Still chance to join the beta? If so, where should we report our thoughts, here?


Yes and no :yum:

Would be great if you could beta-test, but I’d prefer it if any bugs/errors were sent to me in PMs, to avoid spoilers.


@Avery_Moore oh! Great great, thanks for the heads up! Will send my thoughts that way asap :stuck_out_tongue:


Honey definitely will be my Maid Marion :smile: So swift will be the one who announce my marriage with Honey ? :smile: … Hotshot and Wildcard yeh !!! my loyal buddies :smile: wait, what about Viper ?? :confused:


@Avery_Moore just curious, is there still the possibility of me being able to beta test this game? I’ve seen the demo and it looks pretty cool :+1:

Villain: The Catalyst [Updated - 06/02/18 - New Chapter]

I nicknamed MC “Moral” because I thought it could be ironic.


What is everyone’s favorite background?


Mine is Noble… same as Robin Hood :smile:

i had tried the Noble and Monk background, but i felt Noble background is more interesting …i even help the main character’s father in his poem writing and gain achievement "Good son all the way ", or something like that… :smile: , i don’t even understand why the step mother want to kill my main character…Lol


The MC was competition for her kid’s inheritance.

My favorites are the Aristocrat and Criminal backgrounds.