The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



An excellent idea! :grinning:


Yeah… In Choice of Rebels, i lead my band of rebels who never committed any robbery or raiding at all , i rely on charm and charisma to persuade people into donating food, money and mules…

Perhaps here, i can learn from Honey to increase my persuasion skill in order to persuade people into donating money as well ? :smile:


knocks on door

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Robin Hood? Just 50 doubloons a day can keep one of his merry men satisfied for an hour.


Hilarious! I love that one!


Can I have a beta test please


Precisely :smile:

It is not like my merry men and women aren’t doing anything constructive , we are offering protection against other villains, monsters and corrupted authorities , the street can’t be safer without us :wink:


Do you plan to dress the (cute) guys in tights too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm… i am hoping they will dress something like “Arrow” or the uniform of the League of Assassin , with hood of course… suitable for both guys and ladies , it is kind of cool , Arrow is actually a futuristic Robin Hood …to be honest … What do you think ? :wink:


I’ve already said it before my mc is more likely to prefer dressing somewhat like that cutie Vergil from DMC once he has the money to do so and the space for at least a clothes chest to store an actual wardrobe.


Oops. I’ll try and find that.

… Also, AHH! Spoilers! :astonished:


All yes, and thank you guys so much! I’ll send you guys the link to the game right after I update it. :grin:


So… I think my hands might just fall off from typing so much, but I’m really happy for managing to get so much work done in 12 days. Was hoping it’d only be 10 days, but then this did end up being the second longest chapter in the game at over 22,000 words. So… Definitely need to pick up the pace, and also make sure the next two chapters are shorter, but it looks like I should be able to get the game finished before the competition deadline. Yay! :grin:

Also, I’m sure all my beta-testers will be pleased to know that in chapter 13, the MC finally gets the chance to confess their love to one of the six main NPCs. More yay! Hugs and cookies for everyone! :cookie::cookie::cookie:


Well, you could always just play through the game and just point out any mistakes that you find along the way. :grin:

What @Eiwynn said. :yum:


Yes. I was going for Cockney. :blush:


Yey! I can see it now!

MC: So I’m Robin, of course. Honey, you can be Maid Marion. Hotshot, you’re Little John, and Wildcard is Will Scarlet. Any questions?

Swift: Do I have to be Friar Tuck?

MC: Yes. Yes, you do. :yum:


I think Hotshot would look better in tights. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, you could always just play through the game and just point out any mistakes that you find along the way. :grin:

I’d love the opportunity to do just that. :grin:
(so in other words, could I beta test this game?)


Well in that case…

Please allow me to be your willing slave Tester Extraordinaire™

I will point out mistakes with extreme prejudice utilizing the power known as Reading™ in order to Mark, Identify, and Point out (MIP™), as per my duty as your willing slave Tester Extraordinaire™ should I be chosen for this great honor.

And should I not, I shall certainly wait patiently like a good slave child for this to be finished so that I can play.


Its when you’re in the gambling den. And I apologize about the spoiler.


Ooh, great to know :grin: here I go, Honey…