The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Thank you!!! :heart:


Lol. That is a good point. Honestly, the majority of my beta-testers have given me some feedback and managed to find at least one error (particularly in the last chapter, which was practically drowning in coding bugs.)

That said, if a beta-tester plays the game and doesn’t find any errors or bugs, that’s a good thing really, because (hopefully) it means there aren’t any. :yum:


That’s great! There’s a typo that shows Hotshot being alive, even if he dies.


Wow if you still taking testers I’d definitely like to try the game as is so far, I really dug the demo


Sorry to add to the list, but could I get in on your next round of testers. Really looking forward to this one.


I would appreciate the opportunity to beta test this game


Sorry to add on even more, may I please beta test as well?


If any more people can play the beta could i please be a beta tester


If possible, i would like to beta test as well.


I’d love to beta test this game!


Could I beta test too please ? The demo really got me excited for the rest of the game.


I’d ask to beta test, but in all honesty it would just be me wanting to play through more than the demo gives me.

I would love to know how close you feel the game is to completion so I know when I may finally play the finished product.


Oh, can’t you two quit yer little slap fight for a couple o’ minutes? Yer gonna scare the kid ‘alf ta death," the first voice interrupts the boy and the girl as they squabble. "Besides, dun we ‘ave some questions to ask 'im before were start talkin’ ‘bout whether we’re gonna kill 'im or not?"
is he supossed to talk with some kind of accent


i wanna beta test too


May i have a first class window ticket on the 24/7 beta express please


Yes, that’s how writers give their characters accents through text.


thanks i just wasnt sure


She is entering this game into the competition (stickied to the top of the forum) which has a deadline of Jan. 31st.

After that, the judges and publishing team will determine when it gets released.

In the meantime, after the contest is over authors have the option of keeping the WiP threads open (or started) to continue to work on them if so desired.


Can I beta test the game please?


This is a very interesting interactive novel…

I can’t wait to turn the Villains into the Merry Band of Robin Hood